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  1. You'd be a fool to write this forecast off and it does seem concerning... but as they say, in weather, nothing is certain ! That's the beauty of it ❤️ That said... I'd rather a front loaded winter than a back loaded one for sure!
  2. Foggy but not especially so here this morning... seen worse ! Also temperature holding up around +2 over the fens so no frost either. Still... nice to see a bit of fog after what seems like years of wet and wild Nov/Dec's!
  3. It feels like I'm in the perfect position today at last just finished with a brief but terrential downpour. Looks like plenty on the horizon! Sun now out and feels steaming hot. Today has made up for the past 4 days without a doubt! Could be a great days storms for EA
  4. As others have picked up on the initial storms were really intense and those who saw these were lucky, but the atmosphere can only take so much before it becomes a post storm mess of mist and low cloud, with storms now only picking up scraps of energy albeit the moisture content is still high. We are really relying on cloud breaks now to 'stoke the fire' ... or narrow convergence lines. All eyes on the satellite for cloud breaks!!
  5. We need this low cloud crud to burn off to get the storms going.... I'm hopefully there's more of a chance for breaks today than yesterday. If that happens then happy days. If not it's going to be another day of isolated events... but today's set up is certainly more in favour of EA than yesterday.
  6. How is it that ely has been in the gloomy cool gloop all day and approx 8 miles west And south they’ve Had heavy rain and lightning for hours?! Damn, my luck lol
  7. What about in the gap between your blue and red box? That's where I am!! No mans land 😂 On a serious note, the earlier elevated storm moved through - we had a lovely show, and the sun is now trying to make a showing. I believe anyone from the lower part of your blue box, through no mans land, and within the red zone, may have a zone of 'pop up' storms forming later especially if heating gets going. Cloud cover may well be the key today for further development
  8. Unlikely, draw a line from the wash to South Wales and this is the zone for convective activity today.
  9. Just coming out of a very rumbly storm here north of Cambridge! Constant rumbles and flashes. Went from cool grey murk to heavy storm in minutes. Not a bad one at all in my books! Now we just need to tempt the sun out and I reckon we'll be in for some tasty beasts later today with any luck A good start.
  10. Day has just turned to night here in Longstanton, Cambs 😲 suspecting we could be slammed imminently by a nice storm! About time
  11. Hope you're right as us in EA haven't had any storms so far during this hot spell! I reckon your chart won't be far off the mark today, with a 'zone' of storms forming this morning then another belt popping up later this afternoon/evening. I'm conscious the CAPE values, although decent, won't quite be matching yesterdays though as we are off to an extremely murky start here in Cambs with low level mist and cloud - I suspect some of the juiciest storms of this hot phase may well have already occurred yesterday. It remains to be seen as and when this misty murk burns off and how it affect
  12. Tend to agree with this! Best chance appears to be tomorrow for EA/Eastern England. It is by no means a given that these parts will see a storm at all during this hot phase, but we shall see. Good to see the other vids and pics though 🙂
  13. Do not rely on TV based weather apps or forecasts when it comes to showers or storms full stop !!! Damn why do people even use them on here still 😂 Back to topic, I still have the suspicion elevated storms will be firing up from a line between West East Anglia & NW England later today. Although atmospherically it doesn't seem as primed today albeit the cape is good, not all the ingredients are in line. Hoping with pressure lowering slightly over the coming days this will be helping things along somewhat. Had some light showers earlier from this mornings activity near Cambridge but it
  14. Rain approaching north of Cambridge - I'm looking at the cloud bases out my window and they are extremely elevated and looking likely to fizzle. Thereafter I'm not anticipating an active day of storms in EA today but definitely the potential for some isolated storms this evening/tonight. Looks like opportunities increase Wednesday and Thursday slightly. Another warm and sticky one for sure!
  15. Nice bit of convection heading for me as I speak just North of Cambridge. No lightning picking up yet though. It's good to see some organised initiation in this zone though, will be interesting to watch over the next few hours. May well fizzle of course... but who knows
  16. Another extremely hot and muggy night - a few more of those to come I suspect! Nice to see a bit of organised if elevated convection around our area this morning, looking good for some downpours today and a bit of lightning hopefully... nice to see
  17. Well ely itself seemed to dodge the storms but I quickly drove about 5 miles west and caught an epic downpour which whizzed through. Plenty of thunder too. As suspected earlier though the charts were correct it was very hit and miss, Small downpours that seemed to go as soon as they had arrived. Never mind!! Sheffield storm looked epic though.
  18. Radar coming to life south of Cambridge now heading north. Headed straight for me ? looking good for some early action! I better get my stuff ready for chasing fast!
  19. I just drove through that shower near ely on my way back home - a few small spots, nothing much more. Signs things are brewing though I hope - at least we know the atmosphere is capable of producing a shower!! ? Now prepping my stuff to get out chasing later out and about between ely and kings Lynn, Ps please can we treat each other with a bit of respect on here - there are a couple that love to look down at their fellow posters like they are ‘superior moderators’, or gods. It gets on my wick!!
  20. Some very beefy development firing up just North of Cambridge - towers really going up fast. Promising signs to say the least - won't be long before these get going I suspect
  21. I'm liking the comments here today ? we seemed to do well with the last set of convergence storms, I won't believe my luck if the same happens today! My home seems to be right in the forecast charts firing line for this afternoons 'pop up' storms but I really do think it'll be hit and miss. Think I'll be out in the car later doing some fen storm chasing!! Fingers crossed I can make use of the pano roof
  22. Certainly some good ingredients in place, but be weary - there are two definitions for exciting - definition 1 - an exciting day to be weather watching / definition 2 - exciting to be expecting a storm later. Definition 1 is definitely the rule for today!! Do not expect a storm later or you will be likely disappointed. Best option - radar watch and get in your car!! Expect things to be quiet until 2-3pm, maybe later... until isolated initiation takes off. Best chance of a storm is probably this evening if any cells grow big enough.
  23. Some light rain here earlier but nothing much of note, but by heck it is muggy! Checking all the charts and stats for later it's looking very much on a knife edge later for this regions storms, the potential is certainly there though... my gut feel is initiation will start kicking off late afternoon but how sporadic the storms will be and where gets them remains open to question. Suspect best chance the further West/North you are of the region (Beds/Cambs/Norfolk/Linc). We shall see.
  24. One epic convergence line of storms heading right at me again - repeat of yesterday!! Constant rumbles at the moment. Looking good - will you keep updated. Really sounds epic here right now - awaiting the arrival fingers crossed
  25. Get yourself West of Thetford... that's where most of the action will be at least until later I suspect!
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