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  1. Those big beasts in the North certainly look like they hold a punch or too...without doubt there is hail in these (and perhaps severe wind gusts or tornadoes?). Wouldn't be surprised at all if there are reports of funnels or weak tornadoes later, maybe even the odd 'moderate' tornado, seems like favourable conditions. If anyone has any reports or pictures from those Northern most storms it would be interesting to see them! I've got some hefty showers today near Cambridge - they don't look much on radar but they certainly pack a punch!
  2. Considering the heat and potential today I guess that’s quite a disappointing outcome so far. The meto seemed to have an idea that this would happen though as their forecast for this region was very tamed with only isolated risk of a storm but mainly dry - and so it’s proved, so fair play to them on this occasion, although further east to me I’m sure they got the opposite! Still chance of some storms later if the other precipitation band peps up... much later though.
  3. Within the City that wouldn't surprise me, I'm on the outskirts. I should have clarified - looks as though the July record has been broken, but not the all time record. Temps now cooling off a touch as we head into the evening...
  4. Current temp hovering around 33-34, doesn't look to me as though the record has been broken... that said I'm sure the beeb/media will find some 'unofficial' reading that makes them think it has...for headline purposes.
  5. There is more of a risk with heat stroke today than any storm I assure you. We aren't the American Mid-West, so although we will get some decent storms, being realistic, any severe events will be very isolated affairs, so warning people not to go near any storms as they could be more severe than usual is massively OTT, rant over!! Just a few hours to go before we really see the fun and games in the Midlands/North, then further South from 7pm onwards. Capping is having a big affect in the South so far.... our hopes rest on when this finally gives way (this evening). Still worth radar watching though
  6. I'm following this guy, good info, but be cautious he seems a little over-dramatic at times, refer's to most storms as 'Severe'... reminds me of that Reed Rimmer over in America!! Anyway, I would be pleased if his cries of moderate tornadoes and large hail come off! That would be very nice. But apart from isolated events - widespread large hail has never really occured in the UK so it's unlikely to be widespread in nature, but never the less a low risk
  7. Whilst the charts are remaining cautious (esp precipitation wise)... the ingredients seem to be there in abundance (more or less) today, with scattered cumulous already building. Its most definitely going to be an interesting day... I'm optimistic us in EA may well catch something decent especially tonight. I would rather a daytime surface based storm however as these tend to hold the most severe threats, it seems more Northern parts may be best for this at this moment in time. I am getting the feeling it'll be all eyes on the radar by 6pm this evening...tonight could be a real corker in terms of lightning!
  8. The storms last night seemed a bit limited in their severe extent - albeit the lightning was spectacular! No reports of large hail or wind gusts as I understand? Does anyone have an idea of storm capabilities tomorrow? Obviously the dew points/temps will be slightly higher than Tuesday, I suspect both this and the timing of initiation will play a part in the severity. Either way it's looking like some places (including me in the East) have a moderate chance of getting another decent lightning show...especially if convection organises itself and tracks east, fingers crossed!
  9. Whilst the above makes interesting reading, this is a weather forum not a debate on whether man has made the climate change! It's our natural instinct in Britain to get emotional and start panicking about global warming whenever we get a few hot days The actual science of the current matter in question is down to weather system/jet alignment, although I do believe the climate change 'warming' is happening - the actual science of which still needs to be determined, I'm not yet jumping on the 'we did this to ourselves its all man made we can save the earth by switching off our lights' band wagon. It could all be down to the warming sun... for example. Anyway .... there's a whole debate in this! I also believe World population growth and deforestation is far more concerning right now... we should be focusing on that. Anyway, back to weather! I am reserved as to whether the heat record will be broken tomorrow, it may just get close in London and its surrounding suburbs... possibly 36.5 or along those lines. The storm potential is there - although how widespread/severe it may be is the question, it could either explode into life or contain itself into narrowly aligned cells. Tomorrow mornings charts will be key
  10. Well overall a good night for storm lovers - even for us here in the East! We had 2 rounds - the first gave some decent fork lightning displays, the 2nd a bit more intense, with some small hail mixed in. It was great for sure - whilst not being the most intense storms I've witnessed here, the worst of the thunder heads seemed further North/East, whilst the characteristics of the storms seemed quite elevated in nature generally from what I saw,. Haven't yet seen any large hail/wind damage reports yet so maybe severe weather was limited? There were plenty of doubters on here earlier in the thread for Eastern England but as I said, the early development in Central Northern France proved to be pivotal in extending the storms further east, and so it proved! There are strong signals for some storm potential in Eastern England tomorrow, and with the uplifted heat, we could be seeing some very tasty storms tomorrow evening in SE/East Anglia.... especially if initiation commences late afternoon/evening. With those temperatures I'd imagine large hail and severe threats would be prominent if initiation gets going early enough. One to watch.
  11. Positive signs for people further east to enjoy some action tonight going by the progress of the Northern France cells... As is always the case with these storm setups - forecast trajectory’s and severe threat locations can change, and tonight poses a real chance of that
  12. Whilst the charts would support that - I’m inclined to think those small cells have a chance of becoming beasts as they had north. Not only that, the more isolated convection away from the main band may well pose the more severe threat with large hail etc, so not yet worth writing those off
  13. Indeed, the models just a week ago suggested we'd be in an unsettled and cool phase by now! Far as I'm concerned the pessimistic models can keep their 'firming up' until the end of summer and we can continue with this fine and settled weather
  14. Put it simply: Models playing havoc again. Whilst I have faith in most of them I'm inclined to say it still could go either way - but as it stands: Mostly settled over the next 7-10 days esp further South an East you are, albeit with SLIGHTLY suppressed temperatures (18-23). If you believe the models though that could all change... but we made that mistake in February didn't we!! It's another classic will it won't it, even catching out the Meto I'm afraid
  15. After all the hype and excited forecasters on both NW, Beeb and Meto about this record heatwave - I'm loving it! Grey cloud, 15 degrees, nice and cool - might get up to 25 on Saturday **for one day only** , no thundery breakdown imminent. Role on August & September on the up side, glad I booked to go abroad this year - I think that's one decision that has paid off massively!!
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