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  1. This mornings run doesn't really show anything of real interest from any of the models, but there is definitely a wintry flavour to proceedings, albeit nothing substantial/to write home about. Overall, as it stands, a bit disappointing. However I'm sure things can and will change going forward - all eyes on February. We need that easterly to set up (for those that want cold and snow in this region)
  2. This is why you should take anything anyone forecasts or tells you with a pinch of salt and go with the here and now! I'm inclined too to jump on the game over side of the fence, with all the cold air shooting into Easten Europe's extremeties due to the firing jet out of Canada, but I look at the date - 15th January, tells me there's still time for some changes. As I've said before, the Meto do have access to some good models but they ultimately aren't that much more clued up than we are with nailing the longer term foreseeable on the head. Some on here religiously study and worshop their forecasts however... it is funny.
  3. I think it'll be time soon to move away from the SSW hype and focus on the here and now, if you ask me. You've got bitter cold in Canada stoking a roaring jet exiting Canada, which in turn helps maintain the 'blocking' high pressure in the east Atlantic, which in turn sends all the major cold shots down the Eastern Extremities of Europe... I would be glad to eat my words in 2 weeks time don't get me wrong. I say all this, we've got very much standard fare winter weather on the cards which can bring with it its own goodies, albeit a high snow melt rate during the day with +5 to +6. Its better than we've had thats for sure but not a major event...
  4. They'll look stupid if in 14 days most of England doesn't see a single flake ! Having been off for a few days, catching up with the charts - nothing has moved on much from last week in terms of solid cold potential - unless I'm missing something? I really don't get what all the metoffice and BBC, other television forecaster ramps are all about. Yes the potential will increase - but still to a relatively low potential at this stage. This country really is crazy
  5. Nicely put - yes the set up going forward for the next few weeks will leave us snow free I'd imagine. I'd be interested to know North American/Canadian conditions during existing severe Cold Spells - especially if they simultaneously experienced cold frigid conditions as is expected in the coming weeks? It remains to be seen just how much this could effect our chances
  6. Yes they have (I think?) - and every man and his dog practically jumped on the 'severe 1974 cold spell on its way' band wagon, only for them to be scratching their heads at the moment as nothing seems to be coming off! A combination of cold sliding into Eastern/Southern Europe causing a southerly flow up to the UK and then Canada/North America due to get a severe cold lobe in the coming weeks (which in turn fires up the jet) is working against us, certainly in the short term (but maybe also in the long term)
  7. Nicely put, I'd say the predicted lobe of severe cold sliding into Canada/N America is definitely not a good factor (and never has been) in producing us a nice cold spell. Expect zonal cold 'snaps' until February and maybe beyond in my view - doesn't mean we won't see transient snow events though
  8. Exactly! you know things are bleak when people get sucked into fantasy land charts and start thinking they will actually happen!
  9. Very nice but a fantasy chart I'd say! Nice to see it though
  10. Matty88

    Is litter getting worse?

    Need to get away from plastic packaging... thats the answer - use biodegradable products! Nothing else will stop it until that happens. Yes there will still be litter but stuff that degrades... Also depends which area you are from as to the local authorities clean-up efforts - the posher areas are often cleaner!
  11. Likewise! Yes its easy to get carried away with the charts beyond day 10, reliability is the issue! No concrete building blocks appearing yet... as you say Looking like February could be interesting so long as the pesky Atlantic takes a chill pill! Not getting too excited about the rest of January now most signals point towards a mobile and zonal weather pattern tbh, a transition period for February we hope!!
  12. To get excited about a slightly re-worded text cast - I think that's clutching at straws a wee bit! They were completely wrong about the previous December and January periods so my faith in this forecast is.. zilch... The weather will do what it wants, when it wants! But not for another 10 days at least
  13. For anyone on here this doesn't really tell us anymore than we already know... the 'SSW' event has so far lead to everyone (including top forecasters) scratching their heads as the UK basks in relentless 'mostly mild' gloom and the charts show no prospect (yet) of this pattern changing too much all the way to the end of January. Is what it is - but you can sugar coat it all you like, hasn't changed things Looking more and more likely we'll have to wait until February now for any pattern change... or could the SSW actually work against us for the rest of winter? All to play for IMO
  14. Approach with caution but great signals showing - a shame its in the long term (ie 10 days+) - plenty of room for 'adjustments' . As Derek says in his other posts - still 25% chance the atlantic will continue in its pursuit of pushing the cold into EE
  15. If you believe what that shows it would give me a dusting although I'm 99.9% certain it won't happen