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January Snowstorm

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  1. Pretty quick breakdown out West though. You would have to think the breakdown won't happen that fast
  2. Awesome ECM. As we saw last winter the icon is a good heads up for what ECM will show later.
  3. Gfs is eating humble pie this evening.....A couple of dry warm days ya right....more like temperatures climbing to mid 30s widely!!
  4. The 12z gfs is perfection for Southern Ireland as storms move up from the bay of biscay Wednesday evening!!
  5. The 06z gfs is not backing down. Indeed for Ireland the heat doesn't build at all. That's as far as Friday anyway
  6. Great to see some regulars posting in the heart of Summer.....A sign that something record breaking might be about to happen both on the heat but also thunder scale...
  7. @ knocker 'a couple of dry warm days'. Most models show some extreme heat hitting our shores.
  8. It's really annoying seeing such synoptics in April....dreams of what could have been etc. What it does tell us though is unusual weather and climate is here to stay and that mid winter northern blocking (once thought gone for good during the 90s) is a firm favourite in upcoming winters! Also I think such cold next week is quite similar to last year's Spring and we all know what happened in early Summer
  9. Gfs has backtracked significantly from its position of 2 days ago. As is the norm it had been over egging the cold uppers and wind flow. A much flatter flow showing now for the weekend with any snowfall preserved for the far North. All models do suggest quite a windy wknd with some storm naming possible
  10. The cold on offer into next week looks very transient more cool than cold. Cold enough for snow at times esp on gfs. The problem as ever though is whether the gfs is overstating the cold potential. It's bright here now as I type. Spring is taking hold even if the weather wants one last hurrah!
  11. Indeed and even though my location didn't get snow am amazed how well parts of Ireland did!! Impressively the beeb and met office did forecast snow though in an almost identical place to where it fell...goes to show how at times they seem to reside at a slightly higher level than the rest of us (forecasting wise). Almost more extraordinary was how the snow lay so easily after such a mild few weeks. Ground temps way above normal yet heavy snow meant it stuck readily
  12. I like to try and learn something from every Winter whether that be positive or negative. The following points are what I've learnt this season 1) 90s type winters haven't gone away. We've just experienced one with a global warm icing on top. 2) Strat warmings can also fail to produce. This one failed in spectacular fashion. 3) Long range forecasts, whilst entertaining, still lack any real credibility. In fact they have taken an almost fatal blow this year. 4) I have always felt the weather around Christmas is make or break for the season ahead. Just my own gut and this year consolidates my thoughts. As for the next few weeks still plenty to look forward to as early March can still deliver. 2nd March last year saw a red warning for snow in Ireland so there is hope!! As farkin used to say 'nuff said'
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