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January Snowstorm

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  1. Is that large blob off Northwestern France heading for Southern Ireland I wonder? Looks impressive on sat
  2. To be fair Chino your analysis of the recent strat warming was second to none and have huge respect for your exceptional input. BUT don't you think this post is a little ott. There is a constant trend today to move things South and NONE of the models have differed. That's all I'm saying and I didn't say southeast wouldn't see snow. Why knock and beat folk who try to call it as they see it?!
  3. The southward correction continues on tonight's 18 run. If this trend continues a lot of the UK and Ireland will not get any easterly (away from southeast uk)
  4. With the Icon now on board we have complete agreement on this being a mainly dry frosty weekend with any wintry showers confined to southeast UK. Will feel bitterly cold all the same on Sunday before it turns mainly fine and cold thereafter
  5. All models agree this evening on a cold frosty and mainly dry setup. Of course some coastal snow showers also
  6. Well I think the potential showing here will get most of us out of hibernation. Going by the last extraordinary spell it isn't too late either as March can and does deliver... Roll on 18z
  7. Well what an event for Ireland Right on the south coast here near Cork we had the following Lying snow 6 days Minimum air temp Wed night of -7 confirmed by Cork airport 2 ice days with the max on Thursday -2 Here it surpassed anything seen since 1963. Snowdrifts 7 feet deep and in general most places saw 25cm+. When you consider it's March truly memorable
  8. Looks like Cork could get hit very bad. Coupled of course with a storm force easterly it's serious!
  9. January Snowstorm

    Model output discussion - the beast arrives

    Well if the models this evening play out anyway like they suggest southern Ireland will have to completely shut down for 2/3 days. Jokes aside this could become very serious with even front line hospitals out of action
  10. @johnholmes sounds like a mini ramp tonight John. You seem to be of the opinion that the cold will hang on beyond Friday
  11. He should be questioned about that in my view. He's supposed to be a professional forecaster.....it's minus 10 uppers....dam air of 510 or less and he's on about the hills!?
  12. Ireland looks well placed. With dewpoints below zero and heavy ppn it could close the country
  13. Wow this would dump serious snow to southern Ireland!!! A hurricane last October and now a Noreaster!! Good morning America If this is global warming I say bring it on!!!!
  14. Boom. ....at 168hrs the cold has won the battle and we remain in bitter cold....more than likely under a foot of snow in south