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  1. If it’s snowing but does not settle I call it sleet - is this correct?
  2. Thought there would be a little more interest in the coming cold snap, not epic stuff but a start all the same.
  3. Many people believe there is more chance of snow at Easter than at Christmas. Certainly, snow at this time of year is not uncommon. Below are statistics from the Met Office: Month Average Days of Snow November 1.7 December 3.9 January 7.6 February 6.8 March 4.2 April 2.3
  4. Pleased I still have the snow tyres on the car - been good value this year for a change.
  5. Love my forester, always take it to the limit on days like today. Fab car now 14 years old had it from new.
  6. Just been looking at the models and forecasts for the next few day - anyone else thinking this is serious stuff and it will go down as one of the great snow / cold events.
  7. Wondering what sausage is making of the events over the last 24 hours and more to come - update?
  8. Looks like lots of showers coming out of Denmark and northern Holland that could have our name on them - you should look at the bigger radar these images are to big to post and not worked our how the reduce the file size yet.
  9. Looking really good for Bingley in the next few hours - enjoy.
  10. Looking like Bingley is in the action before the six o'clock news on the BBC, ice underfoot where there was water already so will stick.
  11. You need a sausage butty lad. That will cheer you up?
  12. If Sausage is out there - please may I join your club mate?
  13. No, other sources and gut feeling plus a bit of experience. Fingers crossed
  14. Dear Sausage, smile and enjoy the ride to oblivion come Friday.
  15. Why, hoping to book the day off work and do not want to waste the day - thanks
  16. Check out the Country File Weather if you get the chance
  17. Amber Warnings - https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-02-27
  18. First of many - https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-02-27&lat=53.8577&lon=-1.8164
  19. Feeling smug, new snow tyres installed on the car, will they work well in 10 foot snow drifts or behind the driver with no idea?
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