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  1. Yep. I'm half way up the A3 on my way home now, I'm just gonna pretend it's not happening
  2. So the anvil crawlers are out. Does that signal the end of round 1? I'm on the A21 and I'm going on a theta W hunch
  3. The pattern of activity in those images looks depressingly familiar. Frequent lightning anchored to the French coast and a rapid northwood expansion of light convective rain across southern England. @ancientsolar there is a marginal possibility of some homegrown action: Convective Weather WWW.CONVECTIVEWEATHER.CO.UK Forecasting thunderstorms and severe convective weather across the British Isles and Ireland for up to the next 5 days.
  4. I took a look at the dying cell in surrey. And turned back. I hope tomorrow and Friday are eventful as I'll be off from work
  5. @Alderc @staplehurst Any thoughts on how it compares to northern Ireland right now? It's become very interesting over there:
  6. Ok so some old towers really could do with being demolished in Croydon. Except for the multistory I'm standing on looking west.
  7. Also, surprisingly, the A45 between Northampton (M1) and Thrapston (A14) is a very fast road.
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