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  1. Good things come to those who have waited. The strong sunlight is looking promising
  2. Same. I'm out of the no storms club of 2017. Some rainy hail attached, plus a small video of some sunlit precipitation blowing past coming soon VID_20170425_162526.mp4
  3. Just got some hail as shown on this disappointing video shot after it had almost completely become rain. Also, I just what I believe to be a soft rumble. Could be wrong MOV_0191.mp4
  4. I have a good feeling about today ⚡
  5. I'm still in the no storms club for 2017
  6. It's in Italy Lucky b******s!
  7. Is that ball lightning on the right?
  8. Isle of man is right in between those amber blobs. You getting owned!
  9. I like it. That CG is cheaky
  10. Have / should any supercell or squall line thunderstorms been named yet in the UK and Ireland?