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  1. I'm sure it'll kick off somewhere like st Albans and be half way to Birmingham by the time i even reach the M25...
  2. Negative I think but wow, what a close strike! My understanding is that negatives flicker and positives have a single flash. According to Pecos Hank anyhow.
  3. I think it's strong winds. I think that's what I can hear in Newbury where I temporarily am
  4. I heard it was something to do with the plume interacting with the edge of storm Ellen, plus was elevated when over the sea so not reliant on surface heating. The elevated storm I saw in June seemed to lose its intensity over land and pick up again over the north sea. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm calling it. I think today will provide some nice surprises.... http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2020-08-22
  5. I guess it's a question of what a person's convective requirements are. If it's 10 minutes of flashes and bangs or a funnel then you're looking at a 12 month season, just smile and sit tight. If it's downbursts, large hail, shelf clouds, mammatus, and backbuilding that equal satisfaction then yes, we have been robbed. I only recall one French import which was on the morning of the 26th June, which I got myself right under. Broad daylight, torrential rain, IC lightning going right over the top of me, inoffensive thunder. I should have been in my element but it was quite boring. I can't go too low in standard now
  6. With all this talk of supercells I wouldn't be that shocked if it was. I presume the wind is noteworthy down even if the lightning is not?
  7. @Jamiee Wales again. You couldn't make it up. @Flash bang flash bang etc That must be the Brown Willy effect....
  8. As of later today, I expect I'll also become a member of the No Wind Club!
  9. This little cell is getting itself ready.. To electrify north of the M25
  10. Cloud breaks for the South. Is there any more hope? Is the Europe-wide trough dangling about or are we done?
  11. So, I drove through Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Rutland. And only got this: I saw one (sheet) lightning flash from the corner of my eye. Just can't get the hang of the north-west direction it seems
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