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  1. A little off topic by this point in the evening but I got some nice rain at about 3.30 this afternoon. I thought there would be more though... VID_20170608_154210.mp4
  2. Now now gentleman. Size isn't everything ; )
  3. Chris Lea-Alex

    No Storms Club 2017 Season

    Can I still be in here if all I've heard is a solitary rumble back in April? It was literally something that could have happened in Iceland
  4. It sounds like a great idea. Probably not feasible for me at the moment due to working opposite shifts with my wife to look after the little one. Maybe if a storm happened to happen midweek I could get my mum to babysit in a week's notice
  5. There is a tiny part of me that was relieved the storm went where it went and had its back turned to the UK. It was, at one point, destined straight for London and feared there would be some fires and casualties from the electrical part dragging over the densly populated area. I would call it Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Devon clipper * [edit]* I didn't know about the inland cells being separate from the mcs proper as per flash bang's post. I retract my statement
  6. Gonna have a drive east today methinks for a bit of bank holiday scenary for the family. Any recommendations on where I'm likely to see some action? The (least far from Manchester the better) but I'm prepared to go east anglia if the show is good enough
  7. I feel your pain. I was heading south towards Woking yesterday afternoon for a landmark family do when it all kicked off on the Penines
  8. I meant positive intra cloud lightning instead of negative (assuming negative is the default)
  9. I didn't initially know that + IC was a thing. Does it have different characteristics like +CG 'superbolts' do? Does anyone have a link to any images? In light of the discussion, I'm driving from Manchester to Woking tomorrow, my deadline is 5-6pm. Any advice on when to leave / what route I should take to catch any action?
  10. It's 5pm already and I'm not getting that apocalyptic feeling. With no real knowledge of weather I'm gonna bet: Tamworth, tomorrow, 6.01 pm, single cell thunderstorm, chips all-in
  11. Let's fill up right away before there's a strike...
  12. Rain, sun, rain, hope, and optimism for tomorrow and beyond. No electrical shenanigans for north Manchester, where I was today
  13. Good things come to those who have waited. The strong sunlight is looking promising