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  1. Sorry mardatha I shud have mentioned I'm still in Beaumont texas
  2. Howdy everyone some interesting weather here tonight, its currently 1:30 in the morning and over, workplace been evacuated due to tornado, flood and thunderstorm warnings. The last 2 hours 3 inches of rain has fell, a tornado track was spotted 5 mile south of my appartment, on occasions there have been more lightning strikes per second than you could count, its insane and I'm loving it lol 20190510_014116.mp4
  3. Another cold one here this morning brrrrrr
  4. No weather pictures because it's just dull and cold so here some from wallmart
  5. Frickin cold here today, 4 deg C but wind chill had a bite, to get down to freezing here overnight, may have to scrape the car window in the morning, in texas, wow on a more serious note, there was 24 people killed yesterday from a tornado in neighbouring Alabama, 650 miles away from where I am in Beaumont, which is like a tornado in Belgium when I'm in Fife, so although it's very far away, the storm systems start and move from much closer to here. Unbelievable devastation the videos I've seen on the weather chanel, don't think I will bother storm chasing after all . Hope ya'll get some snaw soon, things looking up
  6. Day 1 in texas and I haven't seen a tornado yet. I am raging! It's been raining and overcast since I arrived, quite muggy tho, 19/20 deg C
  7. Very windy down by the river Leven where it enters the Firth of forth, tide not fully in yet a don't think but the waves are picking up and I'd imagine will be toppling the wall at some point soon, quite common for here and the swimming pool(just to the right outside the picture) often gets a flooded basement
  8. @Kirkcaldy Weather I tried to PM you but keeps saying you cant receive messages??
  9. A think the thistle oil rig in the north sea has just taken off....must be a fault, surely
  10. @Kirkcaldy Weather its midweek and look whats now starting to show up...
  11. @Kirkcaldy Weather I will PM you with some stuff soon
  12. looking further ahead for more Snaw chances.....as mentioned by @Kirkcaldy Weather a day or so ago, the MJO is in prime phase and forecast to move from phase 7 to 6 then back to 7 again. This gives us more chance of an Atlantic ridge or Scandinavian blocking. The NAO has a much greater % chance of being negative in these phases however the models are not showing this on their output, why? I personally think the SSW downwelling and the effect of the Canadian vortex lobe draining into the Eastern US has trumped standard pattern drivers and thwarted our chances somewhat of the "standard" pattern emerging for the current MJO phases. Thankfully the Canadian Vortex has now started to recede somewhat and will have less of an influence downstream into the Atlantic. So I suppose that begs the question will things improve for us in terms of overall blocking pattern and snow potential? I'm thinking yes and the models will start showing this potential by the middle or end of next week. Teleconnections this winter so far have took a bit of a beating as things have not worked out quite as expected and the overall pattern will need to be carefully analysed to determine why. Even right now the torques and AAM are doing strange things, ~Mountain torque remains high with frictional torque low forcing AAM for longer than expected given the overall momentum budget, things should have started easing off a bit allowing the atmosphere to slow its pace (Imo this then allows for a more wave jet stream allowing the blocking patterns to take hold) This doesn't mean we should dismiss teleconnections as 9/10 times they are the best indication of how an overall pattern longer term will pan out. So a few more days of modelling miseerableness then back to something of a bit more interest. Dont get me wrong here we have done ok in terms of snow and cold, even the far south of the UK has seen some but the potential is there for more and us low level Fifers are snow starved and want some Snaw!! Some charts for consideration while reading the post.
  13. Radar watching at work pal, look g prime for a wee dusting at least
  14. I will be keeping the forum informed of my weather adventures for sure!
  15. @Kirkcaldy Weather Scandi heights are going to become a more prominent feature in the next few weeks I feel. As you say the MJO phase is favourable for some HLB. Hoping for some serious snaw this month as from the start of March until mid June I will be in Texas for work and will miss any March madness here Will be keeping a keen eye on the Radar this evening on the nightshift and I think there will be a chance of some fleeting snow showers anywhere from Aberdeen down the coast to the borders.
  16. netatmo live map, not sure how accurate these are, placement of the outside module is really important obviously, a fair bit of variation
  17. Were in Leven nowadays but obviously close enough to Methil but just rain here today, I was working at Cowdenbeath and we had quite a decent snow shower this morning for a few hours from 7 to 9, didn't last long and turned to mush by midday
  18. Its wet bulb temperature, its too high. It needs to be at freezing or below. Quick math - say its 3.5 degrees in Glasgow centre - relative humidity 91% currently (from netatmo live map) - Then dew point is 2.2 deg C - to work out wet bulb we need the dew point depression so - temperature minus dew point = 1.3 - you then divide this number by 3 = 0.4333 - and subtract from the actual temperature - so your sitting at approx 3 deg C wet bulb temp. Not cold enough for snow. This is the problem our sothern friends will have tommorow also.
  19. The direction of travel is very important in what your talking about, probably a more NW flow rather than a direct Westerly flow. you've probably heard of a Squall before and that's short sharp burst of wind and precip that last minutes rather than seconds. So It is possible yes but like a say direction is important for a strike on Edinburgh area. I work at the jetty at Braefoot Bay on the ships occasionally and the Squalls we experience during winter can be excruciating, yet 6 mile away in say Cowdenbeath, they have very light wind, light precip.
  20. Short lived, but has the potential to bring strong winds, a true polar low is wind speeds above 40 mph I think, will have enough precip to give a good dump on its paths outer edges if I'm not mistaken.
  21. Here's a better look, hopefully got everybody's area in here somewhere.
  22. A wee snapshot of current temps. Cant see the far South West getting anything from their low, looks a bit warm around Plymouth currently
  23. A think someones been on the glue over at GBW weather, if that's an accumulation chart then no chance. Most of any snow falling south of Northampton / cambridge will thaw pretty quickly as the front moves through. North of that maybe a chance.
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