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  1. So I arrived in mottaret yesterday and today was the first day on the mountain. All in all a good day! Up high (val thorens, top of meribel ) snow cover is pretty good. I'm at 1750 and the pistes are great, but very bare all around. I'd hoped for at least a little cosmetic cover but no luck. But the weather is good, the food is plentiful, as is the beer, and it's Christmas. So seasons greetings to you all.
  2. Almost all of the encouraging signs from various runs yesterday seem to have been snatched away today... please just snow!
  3. Looks lovely carinthian! Model runs this morning seem to be suggesting that Sunday may bring a band of precipitation breaking the euro high down. Will keep my fingers crossed!
  4. I definitely said the same thing last year, then spent new year blasting down small patches of white among green hills. I'm sure it'll be different this year.. Gfs hinting early at a particularly cold spell out towards 8 December.. way too far out to be reliable but gives some hope.
  5. Snow cannons have been on overnight in 3v it seems, but no snow in the forecast for the foreseeable.. come on weather gods..! Give us another dump before Christmas! Please!
  6. Web cams make for disappointing viewing today with rain to fairly low levels in the 3v. Looks like the snow line is c2400m. A lot of what has fallen already has disappeared..
  7. Hey Carinthian.. I love Jerusalem..! Spent Easter this year in St Martin.. thoroughly lovely place. We stayed in a little apartment next to the church.. gorgeous.
  8. Fingers crossed! Looking at 3v Webcam's today and it looks like Les pisteurs have already been busy starting to shape things.. Exciting stuff.
  9. Hi all.. first time posting but Ive been hanging out on this thread (or the equivalent annual update at least) every year from November to April for the last few years..! Just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoy all the info and comments here. I like to make a couple of trips a year to the mountains. Usually France, and usually either 3valleys or EK.. this year I'm going to be in meribel for Christmas and cannot wait! What a start to the season! Let's hope it continues like this. If it does, the late Easter next year might still be a doable trip!
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