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  1. Well my friends I can safely say I've ended up dizzy on the snow hunt from yesterday morning. From expecting a decent pile yesterday and watching it turn to nowt, to expecting nothing today and watching some decent car, tree and grass coverings in constant afternoon snowfall, albeit it mostly light. But it be fun to follow and it's fun to keep up to date in here. I did the Hastings Half this morn, a miracle really it was on given how it looked early yesterday. So for one day, and one day only, I wasn't too traumatised by the snowless Sussex coast yesterday. Made me laugh that almost the second I walked back through my door today so the snow got going a bit. Cheers all.
  2. The Atlantic is weak at this time of year, This block will take some shifting my friends.
  3. Tonk1978

    Model Output Discussions 06z 04/11/16

    Hi all A first post from me after many winters following this fabulous forum, it really is entertaining, exciting and educational all at the same time. Thanks to all who have helped me learn so much fascinating stuff over the years. Clearly a mix of options on the table as we get to months end, however, one way or another there are are enough signs for cold fans to be very encouraged. I think we may have to get through a mildish easterly before we see more of a N/NE opening the door for proper cold. Whatever happens it is a nice change at this time of the year not to be staring at the same zonal chart day after day. It's an intriguing set up for sure. Also having lived in possibly the snow starved hotspot of central southern England most of the past 38 years (Weymouth, even Feb 1996 delivered a freezing, slushy, sleety mess!!) I am now stationed further east, albeit still a limpet to the tropical south coast in East Sussex. So ever so slightly, these unusual synoptics bring me a tad more hope of seeing a proper dose of the elusive white powder. Perhaps.................