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  1. Temperature falling here now when is the wind picking up seems calm .
  2. Might change again but seems a lot of websites are going for mid January cold .
  3. Just had my snow fix ran the snow machine felt so good kids loved it no models to look at just add the fluid and way u go.
  4. Remember him putting on the weather symbols on the map and falling off all part of the 80s brilliant man.
  5. Dry and cold sounds good so depressing overcast mild and drizzle.
  6. Been following for a couple of years and enjoy reading different posts and the way the weather changes.its different to last year already rain after rain enjoying the sunshine today cold wind but dry as I learned get the cold in first and the goods will follow hopefully as it is still autumn.
  7. Thanks nasty flash still watching the Storm coming in for Sunday looking nasty .
  8. Of topic just seen on Twitter house on fire from lightning strike 1530 just outside Cardiff the one that made me jump it was purple in colour .
  9. Lashing down since this afternoon local roads are flooded hail and huge flash of lightning made me jump gone dark again now .
  10. Having mad weather since 230 this afternoon hail flooding massive flash of lightning even made me jump gone dark again 4 now showing gone colder .
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