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  1. Decemberof2010

    Spain weather

    A couple of places in Portugal are forecast 47c tomorrow so it’s still possible. Athens at 48c bang on is the record
  2. Decemberof2010

    Spain weather

    45c in Badajoz Spain
  3. Is there a temperature map for that, like the ones that get posted for the normal GFS? Would be fun viewing. I had a quick look but couldn't find one
  4. amazing. Obviously it's off its rocker!
  5. Just for fun what sort of temps would the 24 area bring at ground level? 40/41/42????
  6. Great post. Saved me doing one very similar. It looks like more of the same for most people, which to be fair no one can complain about. But today's runs have confirmed for me, the hot weather looks to be a se only event.
  7. And a few records further north would be under threat too. I think the record here in Leeds is 34c.
  8. What sort of temp would that be at the surface? 36c? Great run from GFS
  9. Decemberof2010

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    So the met office update today mentions the possibility of ‘very’ hot conditions in the se. Does anyone know what temp they class as very hot? I presume there’s a chance the blowtorch ECM run yesterday has some backing here?
  10. It’s out of the reliable at days 9 and 10 and likely to change. It could happen but it may not. We may also get some even hotter weather around that time. Let’s see what the ECM goes with. The met long range is talking of well above average temperatures for July now.
  11. Decemberof2010

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Slight wording change today. From ‘above average’ to ‘well above average’. Are the met seeing the possibility of a plume?
  12. Decemberof2010

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Not according to all other forecasts though. Pretty much all switched to heavy rain for Leeds. I hope we do get some snow though, you never know
  13. Decemberof2010

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Which areas do these look like hitting? Any on a collision course with Leeds?
  14. Decemberof2010

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Where’s sausage? What if he’s fallen asleep and is missing it all?