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  1. And now it seems we have some backing for this from the MO. Now mentioning ‘small chance of even colder weather arriving with northerly winds’ on their further outlook
  2. Yes. Are we slowly getting there? Hopefully another decent GFS about to roll and a stonking ECM later, can set us up nicely for the weekend runs!
  3. So the GFS is a dream run and the ECM a bit meh. Scrap what I said a moment ago edited out now
  4. Decemberof2010

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Yes and again the subtle change is the removal of the word hills. Now it’s just saying north. Slight change but a definite upgrade
  5. Enough now. What I want to know is when is Nick Sussex going to get his crayons out on the 18z. I want to know which shortwave can ruin everything, when, why and how. Until then I’m reigning in my excitement. (just kidding I’ve just bought a sledge)
  6. Decemberof2010

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    As ever you need to pick out certain slight changes. Today the important change is the use of the word ‘particularly’ in regards to snow over northern hills. That’s been added today, and to me increases the possibility of lowland snow