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  1. Where in Leeds, Cheese? Certainly feels like it. Do you think our record could go Thursday? MO forecasting 33c. The record is 34.4 I think
  2. Yes. Surely an abundance of local records are in danger? That chart is pretty close with a 35c here in Leeds! MO have 33c forecast so who knows. And just to make it better, we get our birthday off at my work, which just so happens mine is Thursday!!!
  3. Because the south had some snow and some cold temperatures, this winter isn’t so bad for them. Here in Yorkshire this has been an extremely poor winter compared to past years. Going purely on imby, it’s been the worst for a long time.
  4. The words even colder moving back into the further outlook EDIT: after then reading the 16-30 dayer
  5. That’s it this winter has been rubbish. I’m moving down south. I’m not stupid I’ve been in the MAD thread. They hog it all. I’m looking for anywhere south of a line say Liverpool across to Hull
  6. Just a quick question. Do you and Shaky have a couple of ex wives further north than the Midlands??
  7. Yes must say this whole thread has definitely gone south
  8. They all look good for us mate. I expected a southern shift which may still happen of course. We will see but it hasn’t happened on the overnight runs
  9. Ahhh that explains why it’s pretty quiet on the hunt for south snow thread. Our upgrade means a downgrade for them
  10. Yes exactly this. There’s a running commentary every run focused only on the south. Hardly a mention about areas further north. No problem with the bias according to a mod last night. Thanks for your insight btw
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