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  1. Got to agree mate. I was going out for lunch from work at midday and the temp was -6c. Got a picture of my car showing outside temp of -15c at 630am. And I’m not rural either.
  2. Ahhh here we go with a good old cherry picker For those who like this sort of thing I think you’ll appreciate PTB Nnnnnnnnnineteen
  3. I’m going to be like the models and go for a half way house. That’s 10 pages of BOOMS and YESSSSSSS’S and 10 pages of ‘winters over’ and ‘March is too late for snow’. Although most days I wake up we are still on the same page as the day before?
  4. Hi. No nothing unusual you’re right. I am referring to what it could lead to (most likely won’t as IDO has replied to). This is how deperate our hunt for cold has become unfortunately.
  5. Hi. Thanks for the in depth reply and analysis. It’s just better than what we’ve had all winter so far that’s all I’m saying. We have a slight chance of something better, again not difficult.
  6. Here is the day 10 ECM mean I’ll take that. Not saying it’s going to lead to anything but there are definite signs of a change later this month. I mentioned the other day about a few GFS members moving the PV to Siberia and this shows there is a signal there now from the ECM
  7. Yes I’ve noticed a few of the 6z GEFS are wanting to take the main vortex over the Siberian side. And now the GFS op wants to get in on the act
  8. It’s more when a lovely cherry picked GEFS member is posted?
  9. Hi Steve. Look forward to your inputs as always. Just one small matter. On the image we can’t see the date or what GEFS member it is sometimes. If you long hold the image and save, then upload we can see the full image. Apologies if you already know this. I think Ali sometimes posts the same as you. Not a big deal but hey ho
  10. Well I’m not the most knowledgeable but the mean out to 162h looks slightly better than the op
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