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  1. If it's any comfort it's 1c and raining in Leeds
  2. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Don't blame you mate. I had 2 posts removed that were quiet clearly on topic. 50 posts stayed that were clearly off topic. If your face fits, or in this case your name then you can post what you want in there.
  3. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Well having just seen the updated warning it's taken Leeds out of the game!! Depends where you are tbh. Not expecting anything tonight
  4. Erm hardly any snow here in Leeds. Nothing settled and was raining half an hour ago. Then a hail storm and recently light snow. So it's not as great as you may think lol
  5. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Yes as long as the snow is heavy enough it will create a slush first then lay as snow on top of that. Hear loads of people say it's too wet to lay! Simply not true
  6. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Can see this being a non event here in Leeds. Fair enough up around the airport area you may see a covering but elsewhere I just don't see it
  7. Hi NWS. A bit quiet in the Yorkshire thread. Apps look a bit disappointing for Leeds. What's your view for us?
  8. Yes the January 95 one was unreal here in Leeds. Heavy persistent rain up till about 5pm which then turned to snow. Within 10 minutes it was a whiteover. 3 hours later and something like 40cm!!! It's one that stands out for me above any other.
  9. Is this the model thread?, or the Will it snow at this temp in this location and when did it do it, thread? Becoming annoying now. No real change in the output for next week so far. Let's look forward to a decent ECM
  10. As are half the posts in there. And no it wasn't off topic at all
  11. Just wondering if I'm ok to post in here or will this post disappear too? I make 2 posts in the MAD thread and both get removed. Then again I suppose I'm not a daily poster or of great knowledge so my posts are seen as irrelevant in there. Won't be posting again if that's how it is
  12. Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Yes they are worded slightly differently, but as always with Meto updates you need to read between the lines. The word Mild has disappeared on the latest update which is a positive for sure. The one from yesterday was pretty good imo as you say. However a definite upgrade on today's even if it's not totally obvious
  13. Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Very slight change of wording but I'd say in a positive way. Yes still uncertain but seems even more uncertain now of mild weather making inroads
  14. I agree. We should all be cautious. Every year one model stays away from the others when they're showing awesome charts. And the party pooper always seems to be correct. I would need to see a shift on the 6z to be comfortable. However I would have expected the shift on the 0z. MO update overnight is unchanged. Again a shift from that surely this afternoon
  15. I'm not confident in the ECM. I think the GFS has nailed this. I hope I'm wrong but it's just the way it goes these days!!!!!!!!!!