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  1. Awww bless their old cotton socks, some lovely posts in the moaning thread today 😂😂😂😂
  2. Very heavy snow settling here in Boston Spa Amazing scenes
  3. Yer pretty low here, did very well last Friday aswell right in the sweet spot!!
  4. Agree The amount of people crawling out of the wood shed, I mean woodwork 😉 with a semi this morning is even more laughable/sad/predictable choose any
  5. Early morning Beeb forecast just now confirmed what Scott said about to warm for snow today but as of early hours tomorrow that changes back again to much better conditions for snow etc and just like yesterday mentioned bands of heavy sleet/snow showers over mainly our region this week and bands of rain/snow later in the week generally so we should be in a good place for us to get snow from those also although will leave that for the more knowledgeable re dp’s and thicknesses etc Keep the faith all
  6. Drifting off topic a second forgive me but check out met Office further outlook just been updated again since earlier very very interesting 😍😍
  7. Why are the same people patting themselves on the back again claiming it’s all over and I told you so etc etc when we have the Beeb yesterday AND today plus met office saying they still don’t know what’s going to happen Christmas and beyond! listen to the real experts for a bit longer before we write another set of obituaries of I said it first and calling people out and taking some kind pleasure about something still 8+ days away that hasn’t happened yet!! jeez
  8. Phew what great news that is !!! I`m almost as happy as Summer Sun when he spots the charts have suddenly changed from cold/cool to mild/warm with this news, actually can anyone be as happy as that??
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