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  1. Hi guys, not been in for a while a few flurries here in not so sunny Coatbridge , hoping for a few inches over the ext few days
  2. thanks for the reply, so thats why we never get to see the in-house models then
  3. Simple question , is the met office run by money raised by taxation?
  4. Poor charts for any real wintry weather, hopefully they will change though probably not!!!!
  5. For our learned posters, Do we really want the euro high back again!
  6. We had more snow last Dec up here in central Scotland, looks mostly mild andf getting milder if the high ends up back over europe with winds turning to the sw
  7. This Dec up to now has been one borefest!!!!!!
  8. Charts are getting worse if thats possible! , Scottish ski resorts had aa better start last year!!!!!!
  9. not seeing much frost from those charts for us up here in Scotland, Ski industry has had a worst start than last year!!! :-(
  10. exactly, and up north we very rarely get much sun in summer :-(
  11. I thought this was the moan thread which was all i was doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. lets be honest most are on here looking for cold/snow !
  13. this Dec could turn out milder than last year if this keeps on, well for us in Scotland!!!!!!
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