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  1. Maybe as the wind is more SSE to S, it wouldn't be as strong an effect
  2. Was a light shower and the heavier part of this Streamer just too far south, agonisingly close
  3. I have to say we ended up getting at least 7mm 😅
  4. Wow I'm surprised the flakes got larger as it moved west
  5. Got 0.5cm here in most places, looks nice at least 😊
  6. Yes, nice little dusting on most surfaces now, wouldn't be surprised if what we have now in the shade will stay with us throigh the week
  7. Looking better now, just a question of how much it weakens coming over the pennines
  8. I'm thinking further south and east is best for streamers tomorrow
  9. Nothing of note was predicted for today in the NW, not even flurries, which bodes well for when shower activity does pep up tomorrow
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