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  1. Pretty bad in South Manchester, heavy sustained rainfall
  2. May I bump my temp guess up to 11.8c please?
  3. 72.6mm and 8.3c am I too late
  4. Could it be to do with the polar vortex breaking down towards the end of winter anywhere, giving us a better chance of a SSW delivering these spells?
  5. More snow in Manchester than last time, drifts over 6-8 inches in parts
  6. Showers coming from more of an easterly direction now?
  7. Some nice lying snow already in E Stockport, about 100m asl
  8. Snow blowing around on the roads in Manchester City centre at the moment
  9. It's snowing inside Manchester piccadilly
  10. Why would any want a 'warm up', all we'd get is some mild, showers then mild and more showers in March/april or would u rather some extreme cold in such a mundane month, maybe some interesting weather for our usual spring?
  11. Okay so xcweather had me down for 7cm and the radar currently has snow over me in South Manchester, but it's raining moderately and has been all morning...
  12. Dkeane3

    North west regional discussion

    Last time this sort of spell happened (March 2013) we had a very hot summer, not scientific I know but one can hope