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  1. Every storm named by the met office or met eireann would have warranted an amber warning somewhere, alot of people miss the Republic of Ireland's involvement in this
  2. A low of -4.4c and I am pretty close to the city centre, now bang on 0c, last day of lying snow enjoy it while you can
  3. Temps are about 0-1c, these showers expected later, will it stay cold enough?
  4. I must have just missed those showers, aren't those winds supposed to start backing to a more northerly direction?
  5. And just when we start wanting summer, boom, we're hit with an easterly in March
  6. Well right now, looking cold and crisp until Sunday evening where most will see rain, some perhaps snow. Enjoying it as much as i can because it looks uninspiring until the middle of the month, back to looking at FI in the models! At least the snow we had is still about and things look nice
  7. Snowing in bouts in mayo, family is telling me, not yet lying properly tho, here in North west England all were hoping for is a few showers from the east
  8. -1c here, been below freezing all night but nothing exceptional
  9. thaw occuring, still snow on trees which is nice, grey skies about too but going to be lethal come morning!
  10. Still here in chorlton, I expect it will stay if it remains this cloudy till 4 at least
  11. Shower seems to be breaking up but will hopefully reach us
  12. Yes for once, really happy with it, you'll get your chance soon
  13. Haha the reason I'm optimistic is because of the GFS's horrible performance regarding Thursdays snowfall
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