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  1. Very humid, cumulus here now, developed quite quickly
  2. Dying storm, heavy rain but only odd rumble of thunder here
  3. Storm seems to be dying down as it approaches south manc
  4. Are we expecting to see this convective line push northwards over us?
  5. Although the central part of the storm has passed to my north, the light show has been amazing and the thunder has been boomong, still raining as well, can't imagine how bad it must be under the centre
  6. Looks like pennines are killing development for storms over Manchester with storms redeveloping NE
  7. Amazing clouds developing North of Manchester, nothing to the SE of me unfortunately
  8. There's a warning out for the NW, yet most activity seems to be south and SE, is more expected later evening?
  9. They're are other places you know, there was a red warning in Ireland and flights were diverted
  10. Moderate rain now, I know I'm on low ground but I expected something by now surely
  11. Looks like the Midlands managed snow out of that trough once it missed us but it must be much colder down there right now as its only light rain here
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