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  1. Becoming heavier and snowier but small flakes
  2. Doesn't anyone find the thicknesses are predicted too high for tomorrow?
  3. Somehow that whole thing evaded me...
  4. Yes, wrt to sunday, met office has had me down for preceeding sleet but that is now preceeding heavy snow, seems interesting.
  5. Nice covering now, graupel and snow, some heavier stuff to my north, anyone in Hyde?
  6. Little cluster off Liverpool heading towards me
  7. The clouds look amazing, rugged and dark but lit up from Manchester City centre
  8. Big flash from Oldham area
  9. Can see this heavy snow shower from my window, looks very active and very dark, going past me though...
  10. I thought I saw a flash nearby but nothing here
  11. Patches of lying hail/graupel here
  12. If the wind will be as strong as it is now and showers as beefy as shown then we could be in for something interesting...
  13. Really should assume this is an outlier after constant runs showing a severe storm...