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  1. What's up with the QBO (around 26km)? More sudden reversals to westerlies sort of like 2016
  2. Dead serious, I wouldn't bet an a therapy anytime soon. If you are young and otherwise healthy you have a good chance of pulling through with with the proper medical support should you need it
  3. Any data on ic requirement by age? 60:40 m:f , same as China where it was attributed to men smoking more, it that the case in Italy too?
  4. I'm beginning to realise that the ones that catch it first are the lucky ones, there'll still be plenty of ic beds and hospital staff and supplies for them until they recover. I hope you get well soon though
  5. Who ever said veggies were healthy? I only eat meat, meat, meat and more meat. No plant products at all, none, haven't done so for half a year and I have never felt better, stronger and healthier in my life, no more indigestion, no more heartburn, no more bloating or painful stools, I've become muscular and strong, even a sixpack , my joints feel, so supple and smooth, no more aches and pains, constant energy and mental clarity the entire day, never a need to eat because I'm feeling hypoglycemic, no more bonking during cycling.
  6. I wish, that seems like the best scenario. quickly build up herd immunity and get this over with.
  7. Yesterday I found some info with the number of tests done and it was actually quite low in Germany, Austria and Norway (all countries with very low CFR)
  8. It would be better for the whole world. We regulated our industries out of existence thinking that more regulations would mean better job security and safety and less polution but instead the problems just moved to China and made us poorer and dependent on them
  9. in essence what we did with globalization is we exported our pollution and jobs to China and we imported their cheap trinkets and unemployment. And China used all that money we gave them for their plastic junk to buy up Africa and the rest of the 3rd world
  10. what I really want to know is who ends up needing intensive care. According to the news in the Netherlands half IC patients are apparently younger than 50 and previously in good health but is that really true? Are they overweight, smokers, do they exercise etc. etc
  11. It's going to get a lot worse before it starts getting better. We build up some herd immunity or develop some sort of therapy
  12. NSAID's are known to affect the renal arteries and as a consequence activating the renine angiotensine aldosterone system, perhaps this upregulates ACE2-receptors which COVID-19 uses to enter cells. And of course it can cause bronchospasms in susceptible individuals. Both effect could really be very negative in the case of an COVID infection
  13. If it's any relief, it was not just your government but really all of them
  14. There have been a few cases of even type 1 completely reversing their insulin dependence FULL TEXT - A child with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) successfully treated with the Paleolithic ketogenic diet: A 19-month insulin freedom - International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI) WWW.IJCASEREPORTSANDIMAGES.COM Introduction: Currently type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is treated with insulin and a high carbohydrate diet. In the literature, however, there...
  15. Many people have had great success reversing their type 2 diabetes (and even type 1 but that takes careful monitoring and guidance with a physician) and hypertension their with the ketogenic diet and even more so with the carnivore diet. Personally I'm a big fan of the carnivore diet, it's just an easy form of the ketogenic diet and it eliminates all the constipation, bloating and IBS causing fiber too
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