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  1. Looking at this map of temperatures in the Netherlands (virtually all flat and only 150km west to east) can be interesting, sometimes there can be 15 degrees difference with isotemperature lines running just a few kilometers apart. Though today shows a pretty boring picture (and in the northern states of the US temperature differences can be even more extrame) https://www.weerplaza.nl/actueel/
  2. I would like to see similar data on gfs and ukmo, would be interesting if these models also have such big interseasonal swings in performance
  3. I figured it out, it's the ios version, it looks better than the android version with controls on the bottom and a menu 🤐
  4. looks good to me, very similar to the chart of the 18th of January 2012, well that got you guys nothing but it sure worked for us across the pond
  5. Very reminiscent of late January 2012, with a bit of luck we could end up in a similar scenario like February 2012 http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/archives/archives.php?day=22&month=1&year=2012&hour=12&type=ncep&map=0&type=ncep&region=&mode=0
  6. business-wise that would make sense, giving the outcome early to certain bureaus, so traders have a head start on the competition (buying/selling gas or options on gas atc)
  7. @knocker posted a topic about ecm performance, it's clear that there really is a very big interseasonal difference in performance, ECMWF really does undrrperform a lot during NH winter see pages 20-22 Performance in winter now is about at the same level as performance during summer around 1992 and performance for Europe lags behind overall NH performance
  8. This is what I meant Monday, model output always changes a lot after such storms. They can't really model something which doesn't exist before until very shortly before 24-48h. Unfortunately the surprises were not very pleasant this time.
  9. The De Bilt ensemble has around 40% of members going for a easterly, last week of this month, the rest sw
  10. Page 20, I wonder what they did then to the model that took them almost 4 years to fix? (bigger mess ups in 92 and 2000 but those didn't take that long to fix)
  11. That's looking sweet, I live between the 985 and 990 isobars on the coast, I always miss out on the good stuff but it looks like I'll be hitting wind jackpot on thursday
  12. Because the models don't have the exact course and low nailed yet and that will impact everything that happens after, so everything being modeled longer term will change completely, the next few days.