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  1. 30 Daagse: Geen koude signalen | Weer in het nieuws | Weerplaza.nl WWW.WEERPLAZA.NL Slecht nieuws voor de winterfan die zijn laatste hoop op februari had gezet. In de nieuwe 30 daagse verwachting zien we totaal geen... Today's EC's 30 day forecast, nothing to get excited about unfortunately
  2. Also interesting is the link between seismic activity and solar minima, there are probably much more scientific papers out there but below is a start Solar Minimum Correlates with Volcanoes & Earthquakes | Armstrong Economics WWW.ARMSTRONGECONOMICS.COM QUESTION: I live in Indonesia. I am amazed that the entire world is not known on your door. I understand that your model puts everything together and provides a whole new perspective. Your warning... ,
  3. Wow, if this is accurate and I have to say the gefs hasn't been too bad regarding the MJO this winter, we could be in for quite a nice finale to this winter
  4. Cold dry conditions aren't good at all but what happens in winter is that people cram together with the heating on and just all infect each other
  5. So strange, only a wiki article in dutch and german... Hellmann number for a certain period is the modulus of the sum of the below 0 degrees centigrade days. eg a week with average temperatures of -10,-10,10,10,10,10,10 will have quite a remarkable hellmann number of 20 but a very unremarkable 7.1 degrees for an average Koudegetal - Wikipedia NL.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  6. Most of these minima years were actually pretty cold eg 81 ( = winter 81/82 ), 85, 86, 2010
  7. If you look at averages alone you miss possible cold spells followed by warm spells, it's better to look at the Hellmann cold number
  8. I will remember 2019 as the year of the hottest day ever in the Netherlands, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in my neighborhood. I don't remember any other memorable event but those 40 degrees were damn hot
  9. I've looked through all the known major warmings, many were preceded by a marked cold period (in my location, ie. The Netherlands) if the event was a displacement it was never followed by a marked cold period and in case of a split it was some of the times but not all of the time. Like we saw last year when a 3rd fragment ended up right over Greenland .
  10. If the trop vortex follows these purples we're screwed , southwesterlies until spring
  11. EC has it moving towards Scandinavia and then probably to Siberia, which probably won't be too bad for us since it leaves Greenland open for building heights
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