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  1. (as always click on image to see the correct updated version)
  2. As we saw december 2017 the pv can recover very fast
  3. The de Bilt ensemble still looks quite good, haven't seen it this cold and with so little spread in a long time
  4. Gem ensemble which supposedly is one of the better models for the Atlantic sector has a few similar solutions, eg control run
  5. EC is absolute king of the models at 168h though but sometimes even the king is wrong. I hope not this time
  6. EC oper is even slightly milder than the median and mean day 9 and 10 https://www.knmi.nl/nederland-nu/weer/waarschuwingen-en-verwachtingen/weer-en-klimaatpluim
  7. GFS operational is a warmish outlier within the ensemble, now we have to wait for the ECMWF's ensemble to see where it lies
  8. I have to say this year has been the most frustrating year so far, snow and extreme weather all across Europe and even North Africa but only boredom and gloom here and then I decide when I decide to go to the snow and book in Tirol, there is too much snow there and everything is closed
  9. GFS op is the warmest member of the ensemble the 19th and after that one of the mildest
  10. Am I missing something? To me it looks the parallel isn't updating at all and still stuck at the 6z
  11. Just something funny from a Dutch newspaper from today "meteorologists surprised: weather model shows onset of cold winter weather" How come they are surprised, we've all been anticipating the cold since the polar vortex split https://www.ad.nl/binnenland/meteorologen-verrast-weermodel-toont-intrede-winterkou~a0175665/
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