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  1. Morning everyone, been awake since four thinking how to get out of working when there isn’t any snow on the ground yet! Looking at the radar it seems the precipitation is now marching nw steadily. Fingers crossed
  2. I’m assuming that the meto app is not as reliable as normal at the moment?
  3. Evening everyone, just wondered are we watching the radar over northern France move on up? cheers
  4. Morning everyone, saw a snow flake this morning......on the meto app for midday Monday
  5. Relying on the knowledgeable here for their analysis on the models. MAD thread is beyond me trying to desipher what’s what. Would help if I bothered to learn how to read the models after all these years. Think we have the best thread in nw tbh, cheers guys!
  6. Mission control, we are experiencing flakes within the rain. Temp rocketed to 4.3 and fallen rapidly, currently 1.6 and dropping. Pressure at 967mb. Filton over and out
  7. I can confirm tiny flakes are falling in Filton