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  1. White out here in Barnsley roads and cars covered
  2. Wednesday night storm shifted slightly more south again could be a noisy night for our region
  3. Same place but 2 different forecasts bbc vs met office who’s right ??
  4. Can’t edit profile on mobile I’m in Barnsley 96m above sea level friday looks interesting
  5. May see some snow next week
  6. Lol don’t get too excited will be gone by morning
  7. 12z AROME initializing well so far, just a little bit more precipitation to the North currently on radar than AROME suggested, may play a role on how far North the snow line is, but most likely not. Indeed a watch and see night and morning ahead. #uksnow
  8. We have weather royalty 😜 hoping he has good news
  9. 12z ECM and NMM don’t agree on it going south could be all change again 😋😋
  10. Another 7 hours for it to change again I’m being optimistic still
  11. Same back to 8am2pm for us woop woop
  12. The met update at 5am now showing heavy snow from 8am to 2pn for South Yorkshire