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  1. Now that the decorations have come down, the endless & miserable gloom is even more apparent. No wonder people have SAD. January really is the worst time of the year
  2. HafrenLMP1

    Least favourite weather events

    Anything wet & windy; as a cyclist that really is the most miserable of weather. Having bought a new bike at the end of October 2015, I was hoping for some decent cycling weather during the weekends for the rest of the year. Right..... I remember making a note that almost every weekend from end of October 15 to beginning of Jan 16 had wet & windy weather; great! Not much chance of any 2-3 hours rides in that weather.
  3. I had a paper round during this period but can't recall much snow (like the 'Beast from the East; not much snow but very cold) but I certainly remember the cold; however I had these pouches that slip into your gloves that would heat up...they seemed to do the trick.
  4. The type of weather that gives our winters a bad name. I went out for a short 15-20 mile bike ride, and it was pretty grim. Cold & crisp is what I want....
  5. Have abandoned any plans for a bicycle ride.....not the most fun conditions to be cycling......
  6. HafrenLMP1

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    Good, would have been better but August was, as usual, forgettable. June was warm & pleasant, July was hot but not uncomfortably so; August was mostly grey, breezy (sometimes very windy) and plenty of rain.
  7. Thunder & lightning this morning at about 04:45....
  8. Was out on a bike ride earlier,around Ormskirk/ Westhead/ Lathom and you could see the smoke on Winter Hill - it looked pretty bad.....
  9. Had nice short 2 hour bike ride, and it was rather spring like; and as much as I like snow, it would be nice for some warmth to put in an appearance.
  10. A bit underwhelming, just like the last 'Beast'; just about a covering of snow, but no more, and that was 5-6 o'clock yesterday evening. Hoped for more overnight, but, alas, nothing. Just more wind & cold....
  11. HafrenLMP1

    North west regional discussion

    Apart from the initial fall in the early hours of Tuesday morning, which had largely disappeared by the evening, it's been disappointing. Plenty of flurries yesterday night, but nothing more than a dusting.
  12. HafrenLMP1

    North west regional discussion

    Weather forecast on Chris Evans' Radio 2 show this morning mentioned 'colder next week, with some snow'..... Hmm..
  13. HafrenLMP1

    North west regional discussion

    If you are a fan of wind and rain, then the NW never disappoints......Snow? Forget it....
  14. I'm expecting wind & rain; any snow will be like 8 - 10 Dec; brief flurries that never look like sticking.....Though I'll be happy to be wrong.
  15. I still can't get my head around this. What preference a presenter wants has no business in a forecast. Just forecast what is likely to happen. If they can't do that - then get another job.