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  1. Autumn thoughts

    That's when I got my first paper round; went from delivering the papers in a t-shirt in late September/ early October to the full winter kit within about 3-4 weeks......
  2. Spent an hour fettling a few of my bikes after work - was lovely & sunny - and the odd wasp flying around.....
  3. Rain, rain and more rain........ Anybody got any details on how much rain we had over the winter? And how much we've had from March?
  4. Winter over?? I’m still waiting for it to start….. lol Whilst its been better than the preceding 3-4 winters, its still been massively underwhelming – especially as November had quite a few frosts, and it looked as if we could be in for a colder winter. The ‘non event’ in January just summed the winter up; promised a lot – delivered nothing. Even Monday was underwhelming. The only slight consolation has been the absence of winds and storms…which has enabled me to get out on my bike. For us in this part of the North West it’s over 4 years since we had a proper decent covering of snow.
  5. February 1994 cold snowy second half

    I do remember it snowing during the 3rd week of February, whilst the same time as the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer were taking place.
  6. A 'winter' which could be compare to a cruel mistress; promised much, but delivered very little.......
  7. Winter Thoughts & Hopes 2016/17

    As a cyclist the weather has been pretty good; no Atlantic storms means I've been out every weekend during the winter - and even a the odd post work ride. Cold I can deal with; it's the wind & rain which is just dispiriting. However, I've never ridden any of my current Cross bikes in the snow on the local Cheshire Lines path....looks like I'll have to wait another winter.
  8. If that is when I think it was - then it was late afternoon, about 15:30-16:15; about 15-20 mins of falling snow.....and no sooner had it fallen, the sun came out - and it disappeared...
  9. Winter Thoughts & Hopes 2016/17

    I suppose this mild, dry winter has at least been a relief to those that suffered during last winter's numerous storms......
  10. That's just over 10 miles from here....and not a flake here......
  11. Yesterday I went for a short 20 mile bike ride around Aughton, Ormskirk - and it was the type of weather that gives a British winter a bad name; mainly grey cloud, fairly mild and a strong breeze; pretty uninspiring fayre.
  12. Exactly!! As a keen cyclist, cold, crisp clear weather is actually pleasure to ride in. Wind & rain is just unpleasant - and we get too much of it; I've had far too many rides ruined by windy/ rainy weather.
  13. The Great Midlands Blizzard 9th December 1990

    Remember this even though, as living in the North West, we weren't affected. Racing from Cheltenham was abandoned, so Grandstand had to 'fill' - and as somebody has already said, there was a Rugby League match on from Widnes live on BBC TV. I seem to remember it being cold, and the sky looking as if we were about to get a deluge of snow - and nothing happened. It was only the news reports over the weekend that made it clear how much had fallen in other parts of the country.
  14. Autumn 2016

    Went for two bike rides over the weekend; on Saturday it was autumn/ winter bib tights weather; yet yesterday afternoon it was warmer, if windier, but warm enough for bib shorts. But it is noticeable that there are more leaves on the trees, and that the colours are what you associate with autumn; compared to recent autumns.