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  1. I'm similar - and I've a decent memory, and I'm sure we did actually get winters, instead of an extended autumn. In infant & 2 years of junior school we wore shorts, and I can remember wishing I was in long trousers as it was cold. When I became a paperboy, I remember plenty of times the newspapers arriving late (or not at all) as the suppliers were delayed. Nowadays, as a keen cyclist I almost dread the onset of late Nov into Dec, as it's you know it's more than likely to be mild, wet & windy = pretty miserable cycling weather. I'd agree with an earlier poster who said they like the idea of a true winter; not the actual version we get.
  2. Went out for a 40km bike ride; a perfect autumnal ride. Bright sunshine, blue skies, dry with quite a chilly breeze. Noticed quite a few farmers fields, and some rural roads slightly flooded......More rain is NOT wanted.
  3. Cycling's Road World Championship Mens race has had to be rerouted; so will miss out the Buttertubs & Grinton Moor climbs......looks pretty grim out there - and too bad for a helicopter to fly.
  4. Having been out for a short 20 mile bike ride, it was pretty much perfect. Warm but not too hot, and with a strong-ish south easterly breeze. The longer we have to wait for the seemingly endless mild, grey mush the better - seeing as we're unlikely to get a long cold, dry winter, which also can be pleasant cycling weather.
  5. Not great to be honest, and as a follower the Isle of Man TT races, they're having a nightmare trying to get practice & qualifying sessions sorted. The first races should have been yesterday, but once the fog descends on the mountain....that's it = no action.
  6. What a thoroughly miserable month......March has been just awful.
  7. Now that the decorations have come down, the endless & miserable gloom is even more apparent. No wonder people have SAD. January really is the worst time of the year
  8. Anything wet & windy; as a cyclist that really is the most miserable of weather. Having bought a new bike at the end of October 2015, I was hoping for some decent cycling weather during the weekends for the rest of the year. Right..... I remember making a note that almost every weekend from end of October 15 to beginning of Jan 16 had wet & windy weather; great! Not much chance of any 2-3 hours rides in that weather.
  9. I had a paper round during this period but can't recall much snow (like the 'Beast from the East; not much snow but very cold) but I certainly remember the cold; however I had these pouches that slip into your gloves that would heat up...they seemed to do the trick.
  10. The type of weather that gives our winters a bad name. I went out for a short 15-20 mile bike ride, and it was pretty grim. Cold & crisp is what I want....
  11. Have abandoned any plans for a bicycle ride.....not the most fun conditions to be cycling......
  12. Good, would have been better but August was, as usual, forgettable. June was warm & pleasant, July was hot but not uncomfortably so; August was mostly grey, breezy (sometimes very windy) and plenty of rain.
  13. Was out on a bike ride earlier,around Ormskirk/ Westhead/ Lathom and you could see the smoke on Winter Hill - it looked pretty bad.....
  14. Had nice short 2 hour bike ride, and it was rather spring like; and as much as I like snow, it would be nice for some warmth to put in an appearance.
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