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  1. Not only that, but snowy weather at the darkest period of the year adds to it; waking up when it's still dark, with that 'glow' from the fallen snow. It's not quite the same in late February/ early March when it's a lot lighter.
  2. Wouldn't mind a time machine to be able to go back to that time.........
  3. Plenty of the fields alongside the roads were I cycle haven't drained since autumn.....and parts of a local bridleway are more like a river..... Whilst I prefer seasonal weather, it's got to the point were I'd be quite happy with a spell of dry weather, even if it meant more mild.
  4. Whilst not a winter sport, the Swedish Rally, part of the WRC, is meant to take place in 3 weeks; as the traditional 'winter' round of the season; taking place on snow & ice. However, the weather around the Karlstad area is not exactly wintery/ cold. No snow/ ice = no event.
  5. I'm a bit the same - even though we're told Feb/ March are better for cold/ snow; if we can't have it in Dec/ Jan then I'm almost not bothered about late season cold. The much vaunted BFTE wasn't particularly great were I live; a couple of inches, virtually gone by mid afternoon....
  6. A few days of cold & snow won't be enough to save this winter - it would need something epic for that. 29th Nov - 1st Dec were the best 3 days of weather we've had - and technically, two of those days don't qualify as winter; frosty start, then sunny, cold, crisp = perfect!
  7. As a cyclist, I have a simple way of deciding whether it's a wind or a breeze; if all I can hear is wind, and struggle to hear traffic, then it's a wind. I too would have classed yesterday as breezy.
  8. Yes, 78/79, 81/82, 95/96 and 09/10 would all be front runners for me. As for the worst - most are in recent years; 13/14, 15/16 were particularly awful....windy, rain, grey and not really cold. Halfway through this winter, and it could yet make it up there; I think we've had one solitary frost....... As a cyclist I want cold, dry and still weather......it very rarely happens, yet every Sept/Oct I hope that this autumn/ winter will at last deliver a decent season of riding weather.
  9. So far, this winter is the perfect example of why many of us don't like 'winter'.......
  10. I was still in school, and had a paper round; I do remember the end of Dec 86/ Jan 87 being quite cold, if not particularly snowy - in fact I recall finishing a morning round wearing the 'newish' hand heaters which you placed inside your gloves. Also, the end of Jan was cold as quite a few FA Cup games were postponed. March was also quite a wintry month; there was snow on a Saturday in the early part of the month - then mid month the Cheltenham Gold Cup was delayed by 90 minutes due to a snowstorm. Yet barely a month later, at Easter, we had a very warm weekend. The following winter I can't remember much cold weather; in fact I remember getting a good soaking quite a few times - rather than getting cold.
  11. Personally, I prefer the cold when we're at the darkest time of the year; mid Dec - to late January - as it brightens the gloomiest time of the year. One feels it's a little too late when we get the cold/ snow late Feb/early March. In fact, the much lauded BFTE only produced a few inches for us here, and most of that had gone by mid afternoon - only the shaded areas kept a little snow. If we can't have cold, then some long awaited dry weather would be much appreciated. (speaking as a cyclist).
  12. Mulled wine.......a drink normally taken to warm you up in the cold weather..... And songs such as 'In the bleak Midwinter' & 'Frosty the Snowman'.......Hmmm....not very accurate, sadly.
  13. Is it really 10 years......and as an above poster said, I preferred this December/ Winter to the following one. As far as I remember, we didn't have loads of snow, but enough and several falls to boot. And we had a spell of sustained cold. I recall a shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks the week before Christmas, and on the way home it went from rain to sleet - later that night it did snow but nothing too much. However there was enough in the run up to Christmas, as I went to a funeral on the morning of Christmas Eve, and it felt very Dickensian. There were still patches of snow on Christmas Day so it felt like a 'proper' Christmas. And then there was the early January snowfalls..... The contrast with the current month is pretty stark. Nothing worse than a gloom filled mild festive period.
  14. I was out on a cycle ride on Friday, and it was mild, grey, windy and eventually it started to rain heavily - all the ingredients of the modern 'classic' December weather = miserable. The contrast with a week earlier couldn't have been more stark; cold, blue skies, slight breeze....
  15. Repeat what others have said; fabulous weather - cold, blue skies, very little wind; perfectly usable for getting outside and cycling. First time for a while I've been out cycling for 3 consecutive days. You have to use the opportunity when it comes along, as the grey damp dross will soon return. If you could pick the perfect winter weather, it would probably what we've had the last 3 days.
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