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  1. I had a paper round during the mid/late 80s, and I certainly recall September 1986; towards the end I distinctly remember a couple of frosty mornings. December 86 into Jan 87 was a cold period; I remember using those heat packs you put in your gloves to keep your hands warm during the early morning paper round. A year later and I had quite a few soakings during the autumn/winter of 1987/88.....which meant looking for a proper waterproof (Gore Tex) jacket.
  2. No salad here either. A spicy sausage casserole and some nice WInter ale. May have a walk later on if it's not too heavy....
  3. Having watched the Mountain bike World Championships from Leogang, Austria over the weekend; the snow started during yesterday's Downhill races. I believe there was a light covering by this morning.
  4. Yes, 08/09 to 10/11 all had proper 'wintry' weather. Funny that people are mentioning 08/09 as that had snow throughout the 'winter'. I regularly spectated on car rallies, and I distinctly remember three falls of snow: 1; early November in Clocaenog - North Wales; clear for much of the way but once on to the A55/A494, you could see the hills with a white covering. 2; first week of December in mid & south Wales - so much so that most of the first day of RallyGB was cancelled due to the snow/ice on the forest tracks; on the Friday afternoon drive south from Llanidloes to Brecon I s
  5. Thing is, I like the idea of autumn/ winter if they turn out how you hope; sadly, frequently they're nothing of the sort - and end up grey, wet, windy & miserable. There was a thread last year about what we like/dislike about winter.
  6. Yes, that is my hope/wish. The usual grey/mild Christmas/New Year period is pretty depressing, and not the way you want to start a new year. 09/10 was more preferable to the following year. If we get seasonal/festive weather, I can put up with the rest of the winter being mild/wet/windy. Waiting until mid/late February for winter weather is almost a case of 'too little too late'...
  7. As much as I like autumn, I'd prefer it's arrival to show early signs in the latter part of August; not just after the halfway point in July; especially after what has been a pretty poor summer. Saying that, many of my regular recent bike rides have felt very autumnal, as opposed to summer.
  8. Went out for a short 20 mile cycle, around 11:30 - could well have been October/November; cool, strong breeze, and rain & mizzle. High summer....really?? Okay then...
  9. Out on my regular cycle rides, and in the last week a few of them have felt, quite autumnal......After the glorious spring, it's payback time. Rain I can tolerate, but the strong winds just make cycling pretty grim.
  10. Whilst I don't dislike autumn, the final week of August has me feeling slightly melancholy, knowing summer is ending, and the start of the 'run in' to the gloomy part of the year.
  11. It's funny what you remember years later; I recall finishing work about 2 o'clock and sitting in the garden for a couple of hours, in shorts in early May.....then later going on a night out. Saturday was similar, but had to take my mum shopping, and having to listen to the 2,000 Guineas on the radio. I wouldn't mind another 1995 weatherwise.
  12. Ah, so that's what the smoke was; I was out on a bicycle ride around West Lancs, and you could see a plume of black/dark smoke - I presumed it was a grass/heathland fire.
  13. I certainly remember the sunny warm/hot weather; I also think the Saturday was Derby Day, and the start of Euro 96, so spent most of the afternoon indoors. I have to say there was a period in 1995-96 when the weather was how you want it; hot & sunny summer 1995, then winter 95-96 periods of cold & snow, and even Summer 1996 was pretty decent.
  14. Awful, in fact since late September its been a grey, damp/wet gloomfest. There are fields nearby which have been flooded since September, so much so, you could think they were a lake. End of November and 1st December was cold, bright and crisp = perfect; and technically 2 of those days weren't winter. Dry weather has been a rarity, and so has periods of sunshine. As for February, where do you start? As I said in the regional thread, and borrowing from Blackadder 4; 'the crowning turd in the waterpipe'.
  15. Well, that was a pretty forgettable 'winter' - and February, to use a phrase from Blackadder 4, 'was the crowning turd in the waterpipe'. I'd like to request some dry and still weather for the next few months please.....I'm not that optimistic.
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