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  1. North west regional discussion

    Weather forecast on Chris Evans' Radio 2 show this morning mentioned 'colder next week, with some snow'..... Hmm..
  2. North west regional discussion

    If you are a fan of wind and rain, then the NW never disappoints......Snow? Forget it....
  3. I'm expecting wind & rain; any snow will be like 8 - 10 Dec; brief flurries that never look like sticking.....Though I'll be happy to be wrong.
  4. I still can't get my head around this. What preference a presenter wants has no business in a forecast. Just forecast what is likely to happen. If they can't do that - then get another job.
  5. You missed out on some snow in Wigan then; I worked there from 1992-99 and there were a few occasions when there was a decent dumping of snow. One that stands out is a Friday in late January 1995; started snowing around lunch time, and by the time it came to finish work (around 14:00) it was quite thick. In fact, it took around 2 hours (yes, 2 hours ) to get from Poolstock Lane to the M58......not helped by people just leaving their cars at the side of the road. Why???
  6. I don't think there is any doubt it was colder & snowier; I had a paper round in the morning and evening from 1985-88...and there were many times I remember delivering papers in the snow; one time I went over the handlebars of my bike....when walking was probably more sensible. Yet here in December 2017 we haven't had any decent proper covering of snow since January 2013.
  7. White Christmas 2017

    There was definitely snow in 2004; if i remember it was slightly frosty in the morning - but by late afternoon 4 o'clock-ish it did start to snow. It was only a slight covering, but welcome all the same. I can't recall the exact year, possibly 2002/3, but I was only off for the 2 days,and returned to work on the 27th; low and behold, woke up and it was snowing, with a light covering already......it carried on for most of the morning - I was certainly peed off.
  8. Went for a short 20 mile bike ride about 2 o' clock; headed out of Lydiate towards Melling and the snow was falling very lightly, however only a bit further east towards Bickerstaffe it was very heavy, but not really sticking. Turned back west towards Aughton and it was the same. Then rode across the Moss towards Formby and the snow was noticeably lighter, and there was a slightish blue sky towards the coast. Got home, and it was just dandruff - and no sign of anything sticking. All in all a disappointing few days.....
  9. Just out of interest; what flavour are your gloves......???
  10. I've got to the stage were I'll only believe forecasts of snow when its actually on the ground - and preferably a few inches. Boxing Day 2014 was a brief dusting, and February 2015 it lasted 20 minutes in the late afternoon before the sun came out......
  11. Gritter has just gone rumbling down our non main road......
  12. White Christmas 2017

    I agree. I struggle to get into the Festive spirit when it's grey, wet & mild....... even just a bit of frost would suffice.....
  13. Ah, so, shouldn't we expect the complete opposite.....??
  14. A bit simplistic, but like old style 'traditional' autumns; the colours, mist, etc - and dislike the more recent wet, grey, mild autumns. As a paper boy in the mid/late 80's I seem to remember experiencing frosts before November. In fact I'm sure late Sept/ early Oct 1985 being almost summer like, yet within a matter of weeks it was almost like winter.