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  1. Lol. ECM will put a cat amongst the pigeons this morning. Looking pretty good so far... Ok, not snowmageddon but better than the euro high muck being forecast earlier this week.
  2. UKMO and ECM not dissimilar at 144z. A plausible solution imo. And hope it comes off as it gives me another cold burst and evolves nicely on ECM which has been hinting at this for a couple of days. Plus a good push west would be nice too.
  3. After a milder weekend where we had quite a thaw the weather gods are trolling us today. I opened the front door this morning to another covering of thick, heavy snow. I was expecting a little but not that! A bit of a WTF moment.
  4. Nice one! Always daunting to do that so congrats for being brave. I still know very, very little but I like giving it a try. The 00z is lovely tbh. Just beautiful seeing the cold flood west.
  5. Bang on, and the same reason why easterly and north easterly winds can be so bitter for my location because it is an uninterrupted land track from Siberia and the Russian Arctic.
  6. Removed your images to avoid quotescrollitis but yesterday's 00z was similarly mouthwatering in its later stages. Just saying...
  7. Well my goaty friend, the reason is in the thread title. For the here and now people tend to use the regional threads, for the 'cold hunt' further afield they use this one. Don't let it wind you up, not worth the stress. Just enjoy the madness of the forum.
  8. Same general direction of travel as ecm I reckon. Europe poised to be flooded with cold from the East.
  9. Better FI for ECM this morning. Less flat [email protected] More heights to the north. Hope the trend continues. And cold air incoming from Arctic Russia.
  10. True, especially about the changes every single run. The ECM in particular is very different compared to its previous run in FI, when isn't it it lately? If we stick to the 144h timeframe and less then thats the best bet, and plenty to play with too!
  11. I don't like the look of that warm spell for Sunday and Monday...
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