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  1. Is 2018 going to be considered a 'classic' winter for cold?

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    2. mulzy


      Nothing too special.  Snowier than recent winters but not a classic in my view.

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Winter was above average overall wasn't it? March will be notable for the two cold spells, but the average temperature will only be a bit below average really.

    4. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Winter itself definately wasn't but Feb 26th-Now has been even better than March 2013!

  2. In 2008 snow settled in London in the 1st week of April. It was that good
  3. Pretty impressive for the time of year though, some parts of Europe more so then others, -18 uppers as far west as Germany this weekend according to latest GFS output.
  4. You take a few days off model watching and then come back to another 'beast' in the offing and only days away. 

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    2. lassie23


      -12 uppers should do nicely

    3. karyo


      Yes, I will have some of that please! :D

    4. Daniel*


      I’m always on standby :p 

  5. I'll be in Warsaw from tonight until Monday the 5th of March. Will try to do some updates in the thread I created in Weather Around the World so you can get some news from the belly of the beast. Well, at least further into his belly that is, he is a very long beast and stretches all the way across Siberia.
  6. Oh know guise! Teh models don't show -24 uppers across the hole of the UK so it are marginal and dry!!! All teh cold is going into France!!!! Rain south of M4!!! It is still in F1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teh high pressure is one mile further south!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DNOWGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A possibility, not a trend. Look at the spread, look at the output in its totality, look at what the experts are saying. You can't just give throw away one liners about a trend to mild and wild temperature fluctuations, it is misleading.
  8. LOL, seriously. The ECM is quite literally the only model showing a warmer solution for Europe into the first week of March in the 00z output. Next week is nailed on frigid by all of the experts and meteorological agencies. Show me some charts that prove your 'mild trend.'
  9. ICON, GEM & GFS gifs from t72-168. Couldn't do UKMO so have used t144 chart, which is a thing of frigid beauty in itself. Watch the cold pour in like thick treacle
  10. Ensembles show the 12z is rather milder compared to the spread in the later stages of its run.
  11. Indeed, and you make an excellent point there. The Met outlook and @carinthian's report show us that the professionals have access to data us poor schlubs never see. This then gets combined with their own human expertise, which is often a vital element of making forecasts in unusual situations such as we see before us. It should make us take any commenting on the publicly available data with a little pinch of salt!
  12. The 12z GFS is actually better than the 06z, the cold gets in faster. It certainly isn't worse for cold, and there hasn't been some huge southerly correction. Confused at some of the posts I'm seeing.
  13. This should help, fascinating reading about how the ICON model works. (Not 'IKON' with a 'k' as I see some refer to it) https://www.dwd.de/EN/research/weatherforecasting/num_modelling/01_num_weather_prediction_modells/icon_description.html
  14. The map and the software/website you used to produce that chart I meant.