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  1. That is quite terrifying. I hope it gets nipped in the bud soon and cooler temperatures and rainfall arrive, Sweden and Norway are struggling with wildfires at the moment.
  2. ^Nice to see this chap posting in summer. Have chosen a couple of GFS temperature charts for next week and this shows some good, widespread heat too. I'd say no need to worry about records as it has been such an exceptional summer overall.
  3. Seasonality

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Good point Ed, funny how somehow folk traditions remain valid despite the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar!
  4. ^Agreed, no realistic chance based on current modelling.
  5. Quite shocking seeing how dry every thing is from the air. Like flying over a completely different country.

    1. cheeky_monkey


      Yep same here..flew in from Canada last week..everything looks brown

    2. shuggee


      Interesting perspective! 

  6. I wonder if someone will try to start a winter 18/19 thread in the midst of this heatwave?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. lassie23


      gav's weather vids already did a video on autumn

    3. Seasonality


      @lassie23 really? I was being tongue in cheek of course, didn't think anyone would even do an autumn thread so early. Gav, if you're reading this calm down sir!

    4. lassie23


      lol i don't think he likes summer much

  7. Do kids still sneak off for a crafty fag these days?
  8. About time I gave this a go. 18.5C and 40mm please
  9. I for one will only be satisfied when the temperature rises above 56.7C (the highest verified recorded temperature - Furnace Creek Ranch California) and the rainfall of the dry valleys of Antarctica. Anything less I shall disregard as unworthy of my attention.
  10. Daily Heil alleging hottest summer since 1976. Watch it go Pete Tong now.

    1. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      We'll no' be sure until the Daily Excrescence makes its latest pronouncement.

    2. Yarmy


      Are they blaming the EU or immigrants?

    3. lassie23


      putin is haarping our weather

  11. Looks like the cloud is starting to break up in south London. Fingers crossed...
  12. Feeling farty.

    1. Mokidugway


      At least you ain't sheeet yourself 💩

  13. Photo I took on 30 May of a tree struck by lightning in South London. You can see the scorch marks at the top where the bolt hit and the way the force of the bolt cleaved the tree like a log splitter through well seasoned wood.
  14. I'm seeing forecasts of 26C for next Monday in London. When, if ever have both May bank holidays been hot and sunny I wonder, I can't remember myself.