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  1. Looking good for past +120hrs on the models at least!
  2. Flying through a thunderstorm in Majorca was amazing, well until we hit the turbulence and the whole plane was awoken
  3. My passion for weather comes hand in hand with my passion for aviation. How many here have the same hand in hand passion? I find that it's quite a common thing. Planespotting on a day with severe weather is particularly fun, I have a Youtube Channel as a hobby. Take for example, this video of a beautiful clear November day, frost just cleared (Hard frost the night before), and a light northerly wind.
  4. Hard frost, min of -2.9 overnight here in Kilkee, West Clare. Temp now 5.7c. Orange fog warning for tonight!
  5. If you fancy being awake around 4-6am you may see a few flakes, other than that say bye bye to any chances for the next few weeks.
  6. Min of -1.1c in West Clare last night, first air frost.
  7. Make a difference from the current weather, no frost, no fog, no sun, no wind, no rain, just cirrus cloud.
  8. Will be in the area in Early November, hopefully it'll come off!
  9. Finally foggy here in Clare. Been longing for one all season!
  10. Anyone else longing for an Atlantic storm or is it just me?
  11. Hoping for a nice frost and freezing fog, weather that's just so uncommon here in Western Ireland. What are the usual chances of snow in Early November? This Scandinavian high appears to be holding for a while.
  12. Heading to Newcastle in early November. What weather can I expect?
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