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  1. The UKMO will fall into line, and then as was ever the case 1 of the other 2 will lose faith in itself. You read it here first ?
  2. I'm due to be at a wedding on Saturday 3rd at Guisborough and it's looking like it may be a challenge and a half getting there.
  3. I wonder if this is how January 7th 1987 would have been if the internet and Netweather had been around! This is amazing but it's also starting to get a little worrying, especially for the elderly and homeless.
  4. With this cold spell now looking increasingly likely to verify, if the UKMO have got this modelled correctly where do we think this will sit in the pantheon of easterlys? On a par with '91? '87? Dare I suggest '47?
  5. Is it schadenfreude or deep rooted pessimism that's the driving force behind some of the posts in here of late? I've been a member of this forum for 13 years but at times like this it's almost unbearable trying to find a measured viewpoint to the models. A couple of people have already stated that they are dodging the forum for the foreseeable and I'm thinking of joining them. As ever the models beyond +144 are not reliable, especially in finer detail. Up until +144 they are all in broad agreement that we are going to get a potent cold blast with snow. Can't we all just appreciate th
  6. Wow! Just, wow! I fully expected to wake up to downgrades this morning but thankfully not. This is shaping up to be amazing for us coldies, dare i say reminiscent of Jan 87? However, it's getting to the stage where there could be potentially widespread and serious consequences for an infrastructure that is not used to these events. In short, get stocked up on essentials, make sure you've a shovel in your car, and check on the elderly when you can.
  7. Hmmm, got a feeling this is going to end up like the 0z ECM with the block being a little further south and the coldest air heading into Iberia.
  8. If this is being modelled accurately, with convective snow off the North Sea I would fully expect to see level snow of 50cm+ somewhere in England - possibly Lincs or North Yorkshire, but everywhere is likely to see a fair bit of the white stuff.
  9. Ok, I've been trying to remain circumspect about this upcoming event, but it's now getting close to the reliable timeframe and this is shaping up to potentially be the most potent easterly since February 1991 and I find myself getting caught up in the ramping. It's been a mantra on Netweather since I joined waaaay back in 2005 but we just need another couple of runs to feel more secure in this. ECM is being stubborn, and until we have cross-model agreement it's going to be a nervy wait until it's really on the doorstep. I told my brother today that a "significant cold s
  10. Yeah I remember 2005 well, I was so excited for the spell, told all my relatives and friends what was coming and how biblical it was going to be and the closer it got the less the impact was forecast to be. I also remember on the 27th (I think) that the dewpoints were too high and the snow had turned to wet drizzle and I remember being gutted! That is one of the many reasons why I will not get excited about this until it's right on the doorstep, and I am certainly not telling anyone to stock up on essentials as I've been burned by that far too many times before! That said, even if
  11. It might seem like wishful thinking but I think it's more to do with 13 years of model watching experience, but there's no way that the HP is going to be that far north. I would suspect that the GFS will be a significant mild outlier towards the back end of the run.
  12. It looks like it's all falling into place for our little island,........ BUT we've been burned too many times before for me to get hyped up about this. Yes there's a SSW but it's no guarantee we'll be in the best location for it. Until these amazing charts are at +6 I'm not allowing myself to get carried away. having said that, it's gotta happen one of these times, no?
  13. Given the UK weather rule that states that in winter the worst case scenario is the one most likely to come to fruition that is my worry also.
  14. Funny you should say that, my sister and I were saying 2 weeks ago that this winter "feels" more like the winters of our youth in the 80's and 90's, so fingers crossed.
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