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  2. Jodie35

    Tour 4

    I would definitely recommend flying in the day before. Is it too late to change?
  3. Towels can take up space in your bag. I only take 1 as most hotels we stay at provide them
  4. Jodie35

    Tour 4

    So happy you're joining us......bring on the cocktails!!!!
  5. Jodie35

    Tour 4

    Oh dear......I dread to think what Paul has said!!! I had a late arrival in 2017 so went with the early one this time. Just means i have to travel up to heathrow the day before. I'm booked in to the Days Inn on Tower Road.....Have you booked yours yet? The general alcohol theme on this thread tells me i'm on the right tour!!!!!
  6. Jodie35

    Tour 4

    Fellow tour 4 buddy here and yes another Jodie!!! I'm on the 11:25 from Heathrow to Denver on the 7th
  7. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Thanks for the heads up
  8. What is the base hotel for Denver? Need to get it booked for tour 4
  9. I've booked mine. Got a great deal. Fly out the 8th from Heathrow
  10. i'm arriving on Monday 8th around 19:35. Staying at the best western 3 weeks to go!!!!
  11. Just a question for our more experienced chasers @bristolstormchaser @mikeofmacc . Any advise on how much spending money to take?
  12. Sorry have only just seen your post. My flights have changed thanks to the airline dropping the flight with 10 weeks to go. Does mean i have a direct flight to Dallas though (happy days) leaving Heathrow at 15:15 arriving in Dallas around 19:30 ish. I have a coach booked already from Weston to Heathrow leaving at 6.20 am so plenty of time for Monday morning rush hour traffic!!!!
  13. I'm on tour 1 and i'm flying in the day before and staying at the hotel. I get a coach from Weston Super Mare to Heathrow, then fly from Heathrow to Denver then Denver to Dallas so will need the sleep!!!!
  14. Jodie35


    Thank you for all your advice. I went with the Fujifilm XP90 camera and have for a reasonable sized bag both of which i also managed to get as christmas presents
  15. I'm on Tour 1. First time so booked flights early (cost me more annoyingly). I'm going LHR to Dallas via Denver on the 8th and staying overnight at the hotel. Direct flight going back thankfully
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