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  1. http://www.streamdays.com/live-streams I'm watching a stream in Poole ATM, looks awesome! Have a look on the map here and see if there are other cams in the areas under storms!
  2. I actually flew back from Crete into Manchester about 2 hours before THE storm hit later in the day Tuesday. There were enormous cumulonimbus the length of Italy, and we skirted past at 36000ft of one around Venice, possibly a little further North (Just inland from the Adriatic sea) We did a right turn to avoid going over the top, then a left turn to continue towards the UK via France, however we had not a drop of turbulence the entire flight. Incredibly smooth the whole way. I was amazed.
  3. I'm waiting out to see what these little cells over Lancashire do.. Seem kind of undecided at the moment, intensity seems to fluctuate with each new run. Just a rain event so far.
  4. There are aircraft at 39,000ft changing course around the Netherland storms. Those cumulonimbus must be enormous!
  5. Is it me or is something beginning to show up just to the south of Liverpool heading due north? If this keeps building i'll have a great view out of our back room which looks directly out towards Liverpool/Ormskirk way!
  6. http://www.virtualvisit.nl/wordpress/webcam/ Webcam in Rotterdam, some pretty impressive flashes although the storm isn't half as potent as it was when it was over Eindhoven. Seems most of the energy for that batch of storms is over East towards Arnhem
  7. Do we thing the current Belgian storm has enough time to head West before the cold front pushes it back to the East to get over to UK soil? Its a lovely show on the Eindhoven cam! Although it is starting to get a little more distant.
  8. Must have been one hell of a crack after that with it being so close! Fab capture!
  9. Its gone from 60+ a minute to 6. Seems like it has almost hit some sort of brick wall in the sky! That or Blitztorung is not registering it properly!
  10. I will be keeping my eyes peeled to the radar all evening, and will see what happens On another note, seem s crazy how different the trajectory of the storm to the NE of Heathrow took than what the reading beast is taking. One was NW and the other is almost 90* heading WSW
  11. I'd like to be more optimistic but with the fresher air already pushing in from the west and not a cloud in the sky other than the few faint cirrus above the murkyness, I can't see the potential. On Tuesday I landed at Manchester at 3pm and could almost feel the tension in the air leaving the terminal, despite the approach being mostly clear and very smooth!
  12. Looks like the Manchester storm was the 'North's' last hooraa this year, glad I followed it down the M65 and up to Skipton before it just fizzled and turned to rain. The reading cell is looking superb, just a shame its a near 3 hour drive from me! If it was 2 or less i'd be on the road!
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