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  1. after some of the treatment tonight I think I might just step away from the entire forum and just go back to looking out the window. I find it utterly disgusting and totally unfair that some seem to get the right to post what they want when they want and they get to scream and shout and slag others off and nothing seems to happen to them, the post never go missing and the mods never seem to do anything about it, yet I have placed 3 post in the mad house thread tonight some of them moaning about others comments all my comments are removed and yet each and every one of them from others is still in there so can only think it must be some sort of favouritism toward senior members or those that pay for this site... well I would like to say good luck to you all my friends its been a pleasure to spend time with you all. so long fair well.
  2. couldn't agree more... some massively off topics posts in there tonight but seeing as they are more senior members they get to stay.. but the very second I go in and post its gone straight away... think I might just stay in here in a place I feel welcome and at least I can comment without fear of being shot for it
  3. Another 2 pages of nothing but crying and moaning.....
  4. And here come the toys.....those in the south of the uk will be taking part in the Olympic sport of toys out of the pram soon enough.. meanwhile temps here have dropped of very quickly this evening and dare I say it I can smell snow in the air.
  5. one bright note tho.. Tuesdays front only looks like delivering heavy snow to Scotland and NI... best start ducking them toys soon enough.
  6. its tough going tonight in the mad house...
  7. Yep I saw that it really is such a pain in the ass in there sometimes if its not snowing in Londonshire then its not doing it any other place. was gonna have a go myself but its a bit early and not been on the Buckfast yet so not as sarcastic as I will be later...
  8. ok so now I'm in a panic the BBC have me down for snaw from 8pm Monday to 6am Wednesday and again all day Thursday.. do I tell the wife and kids and do I go raid the local shops of all the bread and milk and stock pile it just incase I get an inch or 2??
  9. when the snow is falling from the sky I shall believe, until then I'm not getting excited..
  10. thanks for the replies everybody. lets enjoy this week coming up and maybe we will see some more upgrades to keep the cold in longer.
  11. some excellent model output at the moment and some really cold weather looking on the cards but for how long? the models seem to want to prolong the cold but the BBC news 24 forecast ended with milder air winning out toward or over next weekend, so do they see something in models we don't get to see?
  12. Dare I pop in there and mention the News 24 BBC forecast said milder weather looks set to win later next week into the weekend??
  13. well that's 15 mins of my life I'm never getting from the MOD thread..almost 4 pages of the same few posters arguing over how much snow and where it will fall in 5 days time, that place is unbelievable they spend all their time fighting over will it get cold will there be an easterly etc and then when one is on the doorstep they bicker about the amount of snow. at least nobody has said the uppers are marginal yet.
  14. was living at 300m in the Peak District in March 2013 it was epic we still had snow drifts blocking roads well into April 3 day blizzard that just kept going and going.