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  1. Actually having looked at the map in more detail, we will be NW of Aberdeen the nearest point on the map is a place called Wells of ythan.....just a few miles from Largue... I'm sure this winter will bring snaw for all of us.. yes even here in the peak district the trees have started to turn and that morning chill is most definitely there now...Winter is my favourite time of the year...and I cant wait for this one to get under way.
  2. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    hi everybody, well today the contract for the new house for the More Snow clan has arrived.. its been signed and as of 6th October the MS clan will be relocated to 162m asl 27 west of Aberdeen.. I'm hoping this will give me and my family the final snow fix we need every winter. thanks again for everything from all of you here in this thread over the last few years its been a blast.. will send pictures from Scotland as and when I can...
  3. Well guys and girls, had an email from the landlord of the property we want to take today with our contract for the house, so finally after more than a year of searching and many miles done in the car it looks like team More Snow will be going North... into the most beautiful of countries that is Scotland, it has been a life long dream of mine to live in Scotland ever since I can remember its what I have wanted, well now it is coming true, the new house is 162m asl 27 miles inland west of Aberdeen so I'm really hoping this will give me my winter fix each year. contract has been signed today and is awaiting being witnessed tomorrow. then its just the small matter of packing up and moving. I'm looking forward to spending most of my time here in this wonderful regional group and hope that I can give you all many weather reports and plenty of pictures to go with the reports... winter is coming and I say BRING ON THE SNAW!!!!!
  4. completely nothing to do with the weather sorry about that... but we are looking for boarding kennels for our Labrador for 3 nights 5th October possible in the Dundee area ish as that's kind of 5 hours from our old house here in the peak district and would then only leave us with a 2 and a bit hours drive to the new house from our over night hotel. will give him a little holiday and keep him out from under the feet of removal guys etc (keeping the kids calm will be hard enough let alone a 6 month old puppy).. any help from you guys and girls would be most helpful..
  5. Yeah I sure have put some miles in. did a bit more digging and its actually 162m asl.. those extra 12m could make all the difference..
  6. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Good evening everybody, as some of you may remember earlier this year a move to Scotland looked on for me and my family, sadly that fell thru and we have stayed put until now, yesterday I drove 8 hours to view a property between Rothienorman and Turrif the property really is out on its own in the middle of no where 150m asl so I'm hoping this will give me the weather fix I so badly need. we will be moving either early or middle of October. I would like to thank everybody here for the wonderful few years of chats and fun its been bloody brilliant to have got to share some good and some bad times with you all. I will still be keeping my eyes on the weather down this way and I do really hope that you all have the winter you wish for coming up.. take care everybody. much love..
  7. good evening everybody, I have been trying to make the move to Scotland for almost a year now and yesterday I made the 8 hour drive from Matlock Derbyshire to look at a house out on its own between Rothienorman and Turrif... its 150m above sea level and given its rural location I'm hopeful this will during winter months provide me with the snow fix I need, anybody know of this area and the chances for good snow during winter?? move date is still to be fixed but it should be first week of October or middle of October... I hope I can join you all in this thread during winter and summer to have some chats banter and plenty of fun..
  8. Yes it really has been a poor summer apart from that one week at the end of June and that seems such a long time ago now. looking at the years you quote and thinking of the winters that followed on... could be a pattern. I'm done with summer now and looking forward to a cold dark white winter. any hints at this early stage from the more experienced folk as to what we could be heading into?
  9. we have had some harsh frosts here in the peak district and doubles figures on a few days but nothing of any note apart from the other weekend when it was warm my heatings been on since October. I would add the wife has health issues and feels the cold..
  10. Crazy charts. 2,3 or 4 months ago the servers would have been bust in here with charts like this. and as much as I love snow and cold its too late for me, don't much fancy waking up at 5 am to an inch of snow that's gone by 7am. its time to get some warmth and turn off the heating.
  11. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    first time since end of October ive not had the heating on in the morning, very grey and murky out there today. despite this its actually not to bad out there.
  12. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    My final month here in the Midlands thread, from the 1st of April i will be joining the Scotland thread, we finally got the house we wanted. 218m asl in the Lammermuir Hills East Lothian.. im expecting my Snow chances to increase for next Autumn and Winter...
  13. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Just seeing snow will do for me.. even here in the peak district the last 2 winters have been nothing short of a horror show with nothing more than an hours worth of sugar dusting thats gone quicker than it came. just the packing up and van rental to get thru.. looking forward to being on this thread more often.
  14. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    sounds good to me. not looking forward to summer as warmth and sunshine is not my thing.. roll on Autumn and Winter 2018..
  15. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Well guys and girls finally we have done it, confirmation today from the estate agents that the house we wanted is ours, we collect the keys on 31st March and hope to be moved in the following week... now i really cant wait for Winter 2018 to get here.. 218m asl at the base of the Lammermuir Hills i hope should get me my fix every winter.. Also do you all think i could still see some snow in April in that location? Looking forward to being part of this thread very soon.