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  1. Dull morning here, drizzle is in the air. world cup fever is high in this house, im almost as nervous as when counting down a beast from the east to T24 in the middle of winter..
  2. Afternoon all, well its been a stunning few weeks, to hot for me though as you all know I prefer -20c instead lol. hope everybody is well and enjoying the summer, today its dull and overcast here with a slight breeze. looks like it may stay that way for the next few days. and just think its only about 10 weeks until we can start that search for Snaw and watch the mad house go mad again. "its coming home"
  3. when is the snow due??
  4. Just thought I would pop in to share some good non weather related news. 7 years ago my world came tumbling down, my wife found a lump nothing serious at first so we thought but it soon turned into something that would impact our lives for ever. we have been to hell and back in the time since, I had to quit my well paid job and close down my small business, we lost everything, the house, the car and the life style we had become used too. my wives health continued to get worse and worse to the point that in 2015 I was told to go home and prepare my family for the worst. told if she makes 24 hours it will be a miracle. well the tough old bird made it and after several operations and long recovery she is almost back to the person she once was thanks to a massive amount of medication that she will be a slave to for the rest of her days. well last week I went for a job interview and today the phone call to say "would you like to start work" for me and my family this is massive, while caring for my wife over the years ive been called work shy, a scrounger and all sorts of other foul things. well not anymore. time to find that bottle of buckie me thinks..
  5. Big fat flakes falling heavily, its all going a bit slushy on the ground and I suspect this could be the last time I see snaw on the ground until November time. its been an epic 5 months with some of the best snaw ive ever seen, the banter in here is brilliant and ive really enjoyed my first winter with you all. I shall pop in and out during the summer months and keep up with you all. I hope everybody has a great summer.
  6. wow what a scene here this morning, really wet snaw but it has stuck to everything like glue.
  7. first few flakes blowing in on the wind.
  8. Not a flake here so far this evening.
  9. Blizzard...and settling instantly..
  10. Rain!!!! WTF??? That's it I'm moving to higher ground.
  11. now there is an idea. Snaw cam...
  12. very light Snaw drifting about in the breeze. think this could be winters last bite as double figures look set from the weekend onwards.
  13. Radar looking good for the boarders. get the feeling could be some surprises for folk today.
  14. Whiteout conditions here massive fat flakes. wow