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  1. much excitement over in the nut house. even seen a boom chart posted yesterday. looks like a cool down is on the cards toward the end of the month, but will it lead to snaw for my home coming in 18 sleeps??
  2. Just need it to hold off for about 5 days to allow me to move to my new house.
  3. Ahh i see, just i saw earlier in the thread you are moving..
  4. Well that was some day yesterday, took a real hammering down here in the south west, garden wall has collapsed and porch has flooded out from the roof, lots for the landlord to fix, only 20 sleeps now till i return, and yes im gonna count you down each day. i just been in the mad house and Shannon Entropy has reared her ugly head already. its gonna be a long old season in there i feel. have a great weekend everybody.
  5. What part of scotland are you moving to @karlos1983 ??
  6. Do we not say that everytime there is a block to the east tho.. the gfs always underestimates blocking to the east and barrels the atlantic thru.
  7. Morning folks, another gloomy stormy day down here in the south west of the uk. 21 sleeps until i return to be with you all again, cant wait to get back. i see the fun and games are already starting over in the nut house, its a sinker no wait its going toward iceland or is it greenland bound, downgrade upgrade, eps gfs different but not to bad, jma to the rescue, the meto update is poor and all manner of stuff. well after the 1st of December it can snaw as much as it wants coz i will be warm and cozy with my underfloor heating and sauna. come on the SNAW!!!
  8. Morning folks. Just 25 days until my return from Cornwall. It's been a wild weekend down here and mild. so mild in fact that I've turned the heating off this morning. Looking forward to the coming winter back in Scotland with you all. And trust me the next time the wife has a so called good idea I shall call the men in white coats..
  9. That's is impressive but still not as good as blizzards and sub zero temps.. wasnt meant to come across as being rude. We just not had a very good time here for one reason and another.
  10. Bloody heck it made it to 13c here in miserable Cornwall today.. and the sun felt rather warm.. how anybody would spend a winter down here I would never know... oh well removals are booked schools all sorted and now on 31 days before I escape back up to the land of the SNAW...
  11. Just out of interest does anybody know of a good pub to go to for food with kids for when we move back up to Crieff in 5 weeks??
  12. Monster hail shower here has left everything covered.. wish I was back up with you lot already as I would be out in 4x4 searching for my Snaw
  13. A place called pendeen.. just down from St Ives... yes the summer was a good one but he head back home to Scotland in 5 weeks time. It will be nice to be back home and continue the hunt for Snaw.
  14. Evening all.. well it's been a strange old summer.. had a momentary lapse of concentration and agreed with the wife for once.. ended up moving down to Cornwall. But fear not my friends we are heading back up to Scotland again just in time for winter to kick back in so I will be back with you all come 1st December . Lucky escape for me.