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  1. yep the prams are at the ready. the usual suspects are loading the toys in ready for the official first toys out of pram session of the season. I kind of feel like I should go in and say "its not all that bad as some of us have woken to snow this morning" but I fear that may push the Prozac panic button for the many in there..
  2. YESSSSSSSS. well the move paid off as ive woken this morning to my first proper Scottish SNAW!! not massive amounts but enough to cover everything white. anybody else had any luck over night?
  3. Looking at the BBC weather for the nearest village to my location which is slightly less elevated has 13 hours of sleet and heavy snow from midnight tonight. of course I know it will probably just lash is down with cold rain, but hey you never know they could be right for once.
  4. A very wet day here today, the lane that goes from the house to the road was flooded and very difficult to use to meet the school bus. heres hoping it will be snow blocked very soon. not a cold day tho so much so that ive not bothered lighting the stove or the fire tonight but I do get the feeling that it may a long time before that happens again... the pub run has only heightened the mood in the model thread. there is going to be some major prams and toy action in there if this goes tits up...
  5. I see tonight's ECM has got folk in the model thread heading to the local supermarket to raid the bread and milk sections. you do have to have a giggle to yourself when you are in there. the mood is up and down quicker than a tarts knickers. meanwhile closer to home and Thursday looking good for some of us and if the ECM is near the money we could all be in on the action. come on the snaw....
  6. Do not I repeat do not go into the MOT its all going off tonight... WAA into the pole, split vortex, mid atlantic ridge, wave 2 wave 3 all sorts of stuff and ive just seen the first December is over for cold and snow post. middle of November and the rest of the year is being written off...
  7. sorry to ask but can somebody explain what this means and weather its a good thing or bad thing and why etc.. interested to learn. thank you.
  8. maybe ask on facebook as that place is full of pray for this pray for that rubbish... you never know you might get enough amens that the weather might just do it for once.
  9. just a quick question for those that use winter tyres in here. is there specific cars you can or cannot have winters on??
  10. stay away from the model output thread. some folk have got the prams out the shed and are filling them with toys. it wont be long I can sense the first "winters over" post is coming. might just go in and do it myself just for the fun of it...
  11. Just had a brilliant hail shower that covered everything white. some really hefty showers coming thru at the moment and we seem to be on the edge of most of them so some where near me has got a right pasting I guess.
  12. Very windy this morning, was woken at 5am by a hail shower hitting the windows. showers still coming thru here and a right old mix to them. BBC has me down for snow tomorrow afternoon so I shall wait and see. one thing for sure is its cold even the dog didn't want to stay out this morning lol..
  13. Ooooh heck its cold this morning and that wind is sharp. just had a brief shower of snow. made everything wet not white.
  14. And we already have the first rumblings of despair over in MOT shortwave drama, its all going wrong on the pub run. the ECM is a corker no wait it stinks. the GFS stinks no wait its ok no wait the EPS or ENS or GEFS says no but hang on it might say yes.... stained glass window my old boots is it snowing outside?? nope that's it winters over. oh look who's top of new page @Hairy Celt
  15. It's a tad windy today.. nice sunny day but feels very cold in the strong wind.