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  1. was that the one a month ago sat night 21st april? that one started at 7pm here (south coast near iow) and went on til nearly 2am came from france (we had some short spells without storms but most of that time there was at least distant lightning)
  2. one of mine sometimes watches lightning at the window.. not tonight, shes asleep, 2 in my bedroom (got 4 cats) one was in window and has moved to my bed when storm got close, both in my room were asleep but rudely awoken then straight back to sleep again :O
  3. thought this was meant to move east during early hours... its going south at moment
  4. just had 2 power cuts before storm even got here, 1st power cut 10mins, 2nd 20mins
  5. distant storm for over 2hrs here now, nothing on radars at any point anywhere near here, not even within 20miles
  6. they later updated and said chnged due to error and something about meant for thurs not weds
  7. Netweather.tv 11 mins ยท Over 18,000 lightning strikes so far on the #HottestDayOfTheYear
  8. why wasnt there warnings out for down south? sites have warnings for north/north west rain but nothing for down our way
  9. i use this to track stuff http://www.null/radar/ but it doesnt show every lightning strike so the one to watch for that is lightningmaps.org netweather have a radar but it doesnt zoom in as much as the link above
  10. more stuff heading my way just started up east of iow and west of iow. hail only lasted about a minute.
  11. OMG the power just went off and then back on immediately... dont know if it was lightning but it really scared me, coz it was a huge flash as everything went off now we have hailstones
  12. lightningmaps shows a storm over boldre which is only a few miles from me rumbles are louder here but no actual storm on us yet
  13. rumbling in my part and its getting louder, its a good 15miles away and heading away from me which is odd, just wonder if maybe radar hasnt picked it up and its closer than i think
  14. couple of storms around christchurch bournemouth area rumbling getting louder here in lymington
  15. omg just went out, it is thunder its not the glass collection... eek, its quite frequent too, you get a rumble then quiet for maybe half a min to a min then more close together
  16. are you watching radar? storm probably going to hit Poole area, thought i heard a rumble but its probably not, got the glass collection going around nearby here so its probably that
  17. supposed to be a clear night, some risk tomorrow and thurs around south and south west, not sure about se i can see it getting darker out to south and west, so far it seems they are moving, they were heading right for me then changed slightly to north west direction, hoping it stays well away from here. forecast shows a lot of energy out there
  18. i am on the south coast right by the north western corner of the isle of wight, watching radar closely, hoping not to get anything here
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