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  1. Relativistic, thanks for your reply. Your constructed answer sounded plausible for the initial charge, but I was wondering if this would be enough to generate the energy required for lightning. I am not sure what the particle density is, but remember reading that some recent doppler interpretation work was looking at droplet / particle size distribution in clouds. Quite surprising that such fundamental questions don't have readily available explanations. Maybe a nice subject for a phd research project.
  2. Yes. The source of the electric charge of lightning is said to be that the heavier negatively charged ice particles accumulate in the bottom of the cloud and that the lighter positive ones accumulate at the top. I am wondering why the bigger ice particles become negative.
  3. I have some questions regarding lightning: In collisions of ice particles electrons are said to move towards larger ice particles. Why would electrons have a preference for larger ice particles and what is the physical mechanism that promotes the transfer of electrons during collisions of ice particles? During lightning electrons flow from the air to the earth. How does the air get replenished with electrons? Many thanks in advance for your responses.
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