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  1. Commissioner Gordon

    Less well known eye popping winter charts

    I do remember the snow on 12th Feb 1970. I was living near Coventry at the time. The snow on that day was a disappointment I recall. Nothing like the chart suggests. Maybe we were too far north.
  2. Commissioner Gordon

    Four Decent Snowfalls

    When was the last time that we had four decent snowfalls in a single winter over a large part of southern England ? I can remember 1969-70 as one example. Certainly 1978-79 would be another. However, to my recollection, this is a relatively rare event.
  3. Was yesterday’s maximum a record low for March?
  4. Commissioner Gordon

    Today’s CET

    CET for 1st March 2018. Could today’s maximum CET beat the previous lowest? According to my records this was -0.7 on 6th March 1942.