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  1. Stonking shots John!
  2. Glad you clarified which models, Tom
  3. Jezza

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 15 - co/ne

    Sounds promising, hope it comes off for the team.
  4. Jezza

    Tour 1 2018

    Excellent pictures!
  5. Jezza

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 12 - New Mexico

    Sounds good, I'm hoping it picks up for you (and us on T4 too )
  6. Jezza

    Tour 4 2018

    Yeah, I'd be up for that if OK? I'll be getting in on Monday mid afternoon I expect once I drop the car off at the airport.
  7. Jezza

    2018 Q&A For Tornado Season

    Mozzie spray. Lots of mozzie spray.
  8. Jezza

    Tour 4 2018

    Looks average....... not! Can't wait!
  9. Jezza

    Tour 1 2018

    Love that Colorado shot
  10. Jezza

    Tour 2 2018

    Nick L = bargain master!
  11. Jezza

    Tour 4 2018

    I'm on T4 too this year and can't wait! 2nd time doing this. First time on T4 so I thought I'd fly out to Oklahoma the week before (perhaps on the Thurs) and take a road trip along part of Route 66, visit a few of the small towns in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles and then head up to Denver. Need to get planning
  12. Jezza

    Tornado Chase

    Not so much photography but as I was walking to a friend's in Bracknell house last week I walked past this!
  13. Jezza

    Chase Day 39 - Mod Risk Kansas

    Looks great, shame it didn't happen on tour 3!
  14. Hoping for these conditions on tour 3 as well