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  1. Why have we got this awful wind. It’s showing 14 mph on the forecast when it’s been far more here for days. Just like a Mistral no gusts just a constant blow and no shelter here from this direction. Been howling all night!
  2. Just started to settle properly and we now have massive flakes
  3. Lovely streamer aiming straight for me -wasn’t expecting that so a good top up to what’s still lying from earlier.
  4. Just taken the dogs out and it’s very cold in the wind and weather station is reading minus 3 already no wonder my fingers are falling off!
  5. Must be getting colder as suddenly started to settle properly again.
  6. just started to snow very fine though but settling as -1oC and everything frozen and still a bit left from last night
  7. Just got woken by the dog who wanted to go out and it’s snowing!
  8. Well something snowy fell for a while as my velux was covered then there was as a rumble of thunder and it’s stopped now
  9. Everything wooden in the garden is covered in a layer of ice which makes walking on the decking to feed the cats rather an adventure! Weather station shows 1oC now.
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