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  1. More ice than snow at the moment but its settling and usually turns to snow at the end and plenty more coming on the radar it appears.
  2. just had a heavy snow shower going through which topped up our thin layer, its very icy however so dodgy on the ground. Not much showing on the radar at the moment.
  3. We got it proper snow all lying on every surface
  4. Snowing here now following about an hour of sleet and hail, its going to be one of those days where it snows all day but doesn't accumulate. Car temp flicked between 0 and 1. Hope the temp drops later and we might be in with a chance.
  5. We currently have snow settling well on wet concrete.
  6. Will that make any difference to the outcome?
  7. At 1000ft we still have lying snow on the grass etc it was melting on the cobbles but the drip seems to have stopped now and we have recently had another hail shower. The wind is picking up and it is bitter outside.
  8. Direction of showers has gone back around to WNW again when they've been coming from the WSW all afternoon, whats on the ground here is more ice than snow but looks the same! Weather station showing -1oc.
  9. Feather sized flakes no grauple this time
  10. total whiteout here, cannot see across the valley. Showers becoming more organised in the irish sea, not just vanishing when they leave Ireland. We've had one lightening flash in the last shower and this one is looking more like 100 % snow. As I type another roll of thunder. It is settling sort of, and looks snowy on the grass etc.
  11. Heavy hail then grauple then snow then hail now grauple again all in 10 minutes and it’s still going would say it was snow now yes I can clearly see flakes but very light. Snow proper snow.
  12. And I’m at home with the lurgy and I can watch it but my Landline has gone so no Wi-fi so have to resort to using data on my phone!