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  1. Just woken up and it’s snowing here. Settling on cars but blowing around in strong easterly. Not looking forward to walking the dogs!
  2. Been out in the car to see my Dad as his carers couldn't get there. Main road gritted but side roads terrible unless you have a 4x4. Still drifting and appears to still be snowing. Incredible sitting in my kitchen (which is upstairs) watching the wind blow the upwards off the trees outside the window and then swirl it around.
  3. That was an exciting venture outside the steps have over a foot of drifting snow and the field has a good covering still. Lots of snow devils!
  4. Just driven back from my friends house would usually walk across my field but snow and drifts too bad. No evidence of any gritting in Bacup. Lucky for me my car is so good in the snow!
  5. I had taken the dogs in the field and could see it coming down the hill towards me so dragged them back inside quick!!
  6. Very heavy here now, blizzard conditions in the wind. Size of flakes have increased. Showers heading for us seem heavier and closer together and with the sun now going down this might get a chance to cover a little.
  7. My garden and stables are only just back together after the last blow so I hope it doesn’t get any stronger than this. Intensity of light snow increasing.
  8. As today has been so lovely I would really like these temps to stay as I need to be outside now and not sat inside watching snow falling.
  9. snowing here and settling. I didn't expect this! 0c on the weather station
  10. Just started to rain here. Hopefully it will thaw the drifts blocking my garden so I can get back to normal and not risking life and limb every time I set foot outside. Love snow but hate drifts!!
  11. shadowfax

    North west regional discussion

    When I took him home this morning there were two trees down, luckily they both fell away from his house which was very lucky as they were enormous.