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  1. I had to get out before the sun melted it all.
  2. Drove from Bacup to Todmorden at 0930 and it was 2oC and sleeting. On my return temp had risen to 3oC and the sun was coming out!
  3. I’ve just been up on Maden Rec and it was so cold I got real pain in my face !!
  4. We’re in a heavy shower now with strong wind blowing the snow off the field
  5. A covering from overnight showers and now we are under a streamer which is producing plenty of small dry flakes. The wind is also picking up the snow off the roofs and blowing it around.
  6. Just returned from braving the icy wastes with the hounds. Everything is frozen solid. Black ice on every solid surface and snizzle blowing in the wind. Any plans for a walk with one nominated friend knocked on the head as sure I’ll return with a broken bone!!
  7. Looking at the radar those showers are piling in off the North Sea. Let’s hope they make it here
  8. Proper snow falling here now and just starting to settle just. Hopefully the temp will drop now!
  9. Rain here definitely turning splatty with the odd flake mixed in. Tops slightly higher are already white so just need a bit more cold air and we’re off!!
  10. I’m at work now but took these just before I left at 0700
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