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  1. On and off showers this morning and as the sun had come out and the radar looked clear I started to garden and all of the sudden the showers grew and we had hail!!
  2. At the moment about 1 “ snow but back edge of band approaching from Northwest
  3. We’ve just had a very heavy snow shower pass through Bacup. Cars and grass are white
  4. Left the house in sleet to walk the hounds and after two thunder claps it has turned to heavy snow.
  5. I’ve been woken by the wind and rain. Sounds far worse than Denis!!
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rain like this. There is ice in it too on my veluX. My waterfall is poring like the pump is on !!
  7. We’ve just had snow hail and grapple and now sun it’s wild out there!
  8. Why have we got this awful wind. It’s showing 14 mph on the forecast when it’s been far more here for days. Just like a Mistral no gusts just a constant blow and no shelter here from this direction. Been howling all night!
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