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  1. That red zone is right over us now at Doncaster, plenty of thunder and a bit of lightning. Just starting to rain
  2. That one thats just been over Newark is now heading straight towards me, can here lots of distant thunder while sat on the back of the truck with the ldogs ?
  3. Hi all, quite a show here last night. Someone in our village took this video in slow motion, just at the top of our street. I was up from 3 to 4 am watching it, a real light show ? getfvid_67941536_332540520965648_2045329368196359546_n.mp4
  4. Just south west of me at the minute. I think i am in the firing line for that one over manchester at present
  5. Looks like sunny donny could be in the firing line in a bit ??
  6. Constant thundering here in sunny doncaster with a bit of rain but no lightening
  7. The amount of thunder is unbelieveable its near constant, yet only seen a coupld of distant flashes in the clouds. The wind has really got up though and the temperature must have dropped 10 degreesInsert other media
  8. Constant distant thunder at the minute but no lightening or rain yet. Think one of the storm is just skirting down the side of where I am but another seems to be on a direct path
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