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  1. Joseph Hudson

    Winter Thoughts & Hopes 2016/17

    as long it is not a depressing as last winter this winter will be better.
  2. Joseph Hudson

    Autumn 2016

    great it going to get hotter.it been oppressive the last two days here
  3. lighting and thunder and rain now.
  4. distant rumble of thunder heard here in portsmouth
  5. gone dead calm here and some dark clouds around
  6. turned very hot and humid in last half hour and convective cloud being to form to my south.
  7. hot here with some wispy cloud to the north of us
  8. hi back from holiday hopefuly might see some storms tonight but knowing my luck probably nothing
  9. Joseph Hudson

    Autumn 2016

    I would like a repeat of last years Autumn .
  10. Joseph Hudson

    August 2016 C.E.T. forecasts

    I am going with somewhere between 16.0 and 17.3.
  11. dark heavy looking convective clouds to the north of Portsmouth
  12. huge dark menacing clouds to west and north west of me at the moment
  13. feel a lot warmer today and very sunny but with some menacing looking clouds
  14. Joseph Hudson

    Summer 2016

    When I went out today it felt a lot cooler but it still felt pleasant.
  15. a lot cooler here now with a strong breeze blowing