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  1. your not only LFC fan on here a thunderstorm would complete a great evening for me
  2. thats odd according to that radar it should be raining and its bone dry here
  3. think I can see some convective cloud in portsmouth but due to light i'm not quite sure
  4. here in portsmouth its hot beginning and just starting to get quite humid
  5. honestly these french MCS coming here and taking the jobs from the brtish ones?
  6. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=3271856786197658&ref=watch_permalink
  7. wouldn't be it typical if the weather is great the whole time were in lock down only for it bad Again when we come if its lifted for summer . oh incidentally i think this summer will be very mixed to poor.
  8. any one think this might mean anything
  9. Coronavirus Information | Highbury AC WWW.HIGHBURY.AC.UK my old collage now taking classes remotely
  10. Coronavirus: Australian Grand Prix set to go ahead despite McLaren withdrawal | F1 News WWW.SKYSPORTS.COM The Australian Grand Prix is set to go ahead this weekend as planned despite McLaren's withdrawal after a team member tested positive for coronavirus. Austrilian Grand Prix Sill on (translated as crap just realsed i have to stay up past 1 this morning)
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