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  1. No mistaking that! Definite rumble. First of 2018! So Saracens win the Rugby Premiership and we get a night storm. Not bad
  2. It wasn’t thunder. There’s two late running Easyjet planes circling before landing at Southend, and also a TUI 737 taking a very odd route into Gatwick, presumably because of the storms.
  3. This new storm coming up through Kent is interesting me, though it may just be too far SW again Edit: Thunder maybe? But where from? That cell in Kent is too far away and there is nothing else close enough. Maybe it wasn’t. But it did sound like it.
  4. It’s not heading directly towards us but keep looking SW. It won’t pass that far away.
  5. It’s coming closer! Two bright flashes in quick succession, but still no thunder! Edit: They were both in Kent! It’s like it’s scared to cross the Thames
  6. Conditions really ripe over Kent tonight. Just a little bit further north please...
  7. Noooo the Kent cell is moving NW I think. Don’t do this to me! Only 38km away!
  8. Getting more active out in the Channel now which is very good news! Also just seen a strike pop up near Basingstoke.
  9. I was on a train near Upminster at that point, should probably have said that. Back home in Benfleet now and there’s a bit of cirrus and ac cas but nothing more.
  10. Couple of towers appearing to the south here, though whether we actually will end up with anything or not tonight is hard to say. Here’s hoping...
  11. Met Office now fancying storms overnight for me! Yay! Certainly feels and looks ripe...
  12. Heading out to Twickenham for the rugby today and it’s incredibly humid and hot. A storm would be lovely to clear the air but if it could hold off till after the game and come tonight then that would be great! Sky does look quite unstable though...
  13. Thinking I’ll be too far east for anything today. Maybe something tonight but tomorrow afternoon/evening looks like the sweet spot for here. I’m excited but quite prepared to be disappointed...
  14. Looks like another bust for here. Ah well, wasn’t really expecting anything tonight, hopefully the weekend delivers. Night all.
  15. What way is that cell off the coast off Margate moving? It’s not that easy to tell on radar
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