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  1. Might get a distant rumble as the cell that’s currently off Margate passes to my south, assuming it stays electrified.
  2. Is it me or is the North Sea cell beginning to slow down a bit in terms of producing lightning now? Think if I’m going to get anything tonight it will need to form towards the end of the Thames Estuary or lower North Sea, similar to this morning, but I’m not sure conditions are right for that now.
  3. It’s odd to think that we could see more storms tonight. After this morning’s show it doesn’t feel stormy in the slightest. Still, certainly not going to turn anything down and will be watching the radar closely as we move towards dusk.
  4. Watching the North Sea closely but it looks at the moment like all the electrical stuff will pass to my north.
  5. Seen some pictures of the flooding in North Kent and without wanting to sound selfish in any way, we dodged a bullet here. Only about 10 miles away as the crow flies. Thoughts to those affected. Just heard another distant rumble as I was typing.
  6. Heavy rain again here but no lightning this time. Not complaining about that though after this morning!
  7. Storm moved away now after nearly 2 hours of frequent lightning and torrential rain. It was my first overhead storm of 2018 and not a bad way to start. There were some signs of flash flooding on some roads but I don’t think it’s too bad. Nice to finally lose some of that horrible humidity. Hope everyone in its path enjoys it
  8. Still going on with torrential rain and frequent lightning. Been a good hour and a half with still a bit more on the way.
  9. Flash flooding taking place here now. This could get bad if it doesn’t ease soon. Couple of bright CGs seen too.
  10. Think the worst is going to my south. Still, the Thames Estuary storm shield is now officially broken
  11. Another few rumbles heard. No lightning seen but torrential rain outside
  12. Just had a nice rumble here. Took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting anything this morning, so never thought to check radar. Inside right now though so hopefully I can get outside before it’s gone.
  13. Wind picked up slightly and I can smell rain now. It might be trying to backbuild this way. If only it were a bit darker outside.
  14. Darn it, some lower level muck has got in the way, can barely make out the anvil now. Haven’t seen any lightning, but possibly heard a couple of very faint rumbles from it.
  15. Huge tower appeared due West of me over E London blocking out the sun. Not electrified though. Yet. Edit: It is now! How quickly these cells are going from nothing to electrified shows the energy available today.
  16. Can see the top of the cell NW of Chelmsford from here. It’s huge!
  17. Radar showing fairly intense little cell NW of Colchester. Wonder if that will produce any sparks? Edit: Yes it will!
  18. Some weak convection trying to get going around here now. Still don’t think it will amount to anything but good to see.
  19. Not fancying my chances for today. Way more cloud around than I expected which will be affecting surface heating. Also not as humid as I was expecting. It just doesn’t feel right today. Hope I’m wrong. Good luck to everyone else though
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