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  1. Just had closest rumble... think I’m nearer the edge but still pretty lively out there
  2. Some nice deep rumbles as it edges closer... Getting more frequent too
  3. Definitely hearing distant rumbles from somewhere now... Sounds like it’s coming from the SW
  4. Oooooo that sounded like thunder... Edit:Though nothing showing up nearby...
  5. Currently having a moderate shower here with a real feeling of calm before the storm...
  6. Well I’m normally out of here by the end of May but save for one distant rumble this year has been absolutely dead so far
  7. Seen a couple of tweets about storms in North Kent but on my side of the Thames? You guessed it, just rain again
  8. Only heavy rain here sadly Been a rubbish year so far to be honest, hopefully it improves soon
  9. Possibly just heard my first rumble of 2019.... Hard to say for certain though Edit: No, that was definitely thunder! It’s been a long time!
  10. Not a happy bunny. Heavy snow causing disruption over in Kent, while here, less than 20 miles away on the other side of the Thames, just boring sleet as it has been pretty much all day.
  11. Well if nothing else happens this winter I have at least had some settling snow tonight, even if it was just a dusting
  12. Ah ok. Got some heavy rain here now, but sadly haven’t got much of a view out of my hotel room. I’m also right next to the railway so frequent trains plus loud AC in the room means it’s hard to hear. But as I type, there was a very close CG! Immediate loud thunder followed
  13. I’m in Amsterdam too! I agree it looks like more on the way, but I haven’t heard or seen anything yet. Whereabouts in the city are you? I’m near Centraal Station.
  14. Been some very dark clouds around, as well as a heavy shower earlier but no lightning to speak of as yet
  15. Looks like I’ve missed some pretty good activity back at home - I’m down in Minehead for the weekend where we’ve had a grand total of nothing other than a heavy shower this morning.
  16. I’m just across the Thames from you Dave, and I’m getting rain with sporadic rumbles but nothing to get overly excited about
  17. Thunderstorm out in the Thames Estuary, hearing distant rumbles
  18. Possible distant rumble heard a few minutes ago although it did coincide with a plane going over. Raining again now too.
  19. Gone from clear skies to overcast in about 20 minutes, with rain approaching from the south. I can’t believe how quickly that changed.
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