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  1. Yes, it was heading my way. That is the heaviest rain we've had for quite a few weeks
  2. After a wet start, it's now brightened up nicely, with sun out and plenty of blue sky, currently 22C
  3. Well this is a bit different to the past couple of weeks. Woken up to dark grey skies and pouring with rain. Nothing electrical. Temperature: 19C Humidity: 83% Certainly feels a lot cooler than previous days
  4. Almost completely overcast now, a couple of small breaks in the cloud here and there At 14:00: Temperature: 22C Humidity: 51% Wouldn't be too surprised if we were to get a quick shower later
  5. Nice sunny start but with quite a lot of high level Cirrus and similar Temperature: 18.6C Humidity: 67%
  6. As I posted over in the East Anglia thread, Temperature is 24C, Humidity is 42%, chance of rain is 0%. The sun has been out, but has regularly been popping in and out of cumulus. Typical British summers day really, can't complain
  7. Been a nice day here in Benfleet, Essex today. Sun been out, but there's also plenty of cumulus preventing it from getting too hot. Temperature is currently 23C, Humidity is 44%, chance of rain 0%. Perfect conditions really
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