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  1. Instability slowly increasing here at Costa Del Canvey and the sun has just gone in behind what looks like some ac cas
  2. Just drove over to Canvey Island (mostly to get a bit of air con - house is like an oven!) but there’s a lovely sea breeze here and also some signs of instability off to the SW I’m also on the moderate zone for tonight, so we’ll see...
  3. Wow.... I have just been woken suddenly by the loudest thunder I have ever head out of absolutely nowhere... It’s going pretty strong out there which considering I didn’t think we’d get anything is an achievement
  4. Even though I’m 99.9% sure I’m out of the firing line, it’s genuinely nice to see some of you storm starved folk having fun. Enjoy!
  5. Quite often venture down to Minehead/Watchet way about this time of year... (not this year though) and what I wouldn’t give to be there now. Sitting on Exmoor watching a storm over the water would be something else... Alas, it looks like I’m still too far east
  6. Just got a Met O yellow warning.... I could be in with a chance here!
  7. Have fun everyone in the West/SW... looks like you’re in for a treat
  8. I’m seeing what looks like some weak instability to my west which is interesting as I thought I was way too far East for anything tonight... Still not expecting anything but I’ll keep an eye out
  9. Wow! Very close thunder all of a sudden and pitch black to the west! That’s the end of my Saturday lie in...
  10. Swear I just heard thunder but not sure where it came from if so... nowhere looks dark enough
  11. At least I did get a few rumbles last night so it wasn’t a complete bust here.... but it was definitely nowhere near its full potential
  12. Welp I can confirm arrival in Essex. I thought it was just rain before I heard what sounded like an explosion out of nowhere that nearly sent me through the roof
  13. Should hopefully be seeing signs of life soon then. Really feels ready to blow here, and it really can’t come quick enough in my book
  14. Any idea when we could expect to see the first signs of life in France for tonight? Not panicking, more so that I know when to start radar watching!
  15. Sun now coming out here and it is very, very humid. Some signs of instability in the sky too. If all goes to plan this could be a very good night
  16. Light showers here currently, and it’s also been overcast for much of the day. Don’t know how that will affect things later on but it does still feel very humid and stormy...
  17. Just come over very dark here with a brief convective shower but no thunder. Doesn’t feel quite so humid now though which is good
  18. Well even though it wasn’t as good as what some had, I think last nights allows me to exit the NSC for this year
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