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  1. Very heavy rain up in Chelmsford currently, just seen a video of one of the main shopping centres flooding. And yet here, about 12 miles away, we’ve had barely any rain today, so it’s all very localised
  2. No thunder (yet?) here, but have just driven through a very heavy, very brief shower on the A130 near Rayleigh
  3. Enjoy your trip Paul - but I hope your first sentence is accurate!
  4. There’s been some very interesting flightpaths in and out of Luton tonight
  5. Looks like it’s skirting me to the North. Some pretty bright flashes and nice long rumbles though
  6. Closest flash yet with a very long rumble. The Cone has definitely fallen!
  7. Scratch what I said, HUGE flash over the hill just then! Edit: Hearing distant rumbles too
  8. Damn, I’ve got a hill just to my East that’s probably preventing me seeing anything
  9. Another rumble, sounded like it was from the West this time so it is still moving away
  10. It’s gone quiet. I suspect it’s seen the South coast of Essex and buggered off, like every other storm in the last year or so
  11. Looks like the London cells have caused chaos on the Southern section of the M25
  12. Just had a general look at the radar, that’s a very intense cell to the NW of Exeter...
  13. I can see the dark clouds across the Estuary, slightly too far to hear anything from though
  14. Looking at the radar and seeing what’s happening in Kent in comparison to Essex is very depressing
  15. Clearly the Met Office can’t make their minds up with the amount of warning update notifications I’ve had in the last few days...
  16. Wow, I know that area pretty well. I bet sitting on Exmoor watching a storm would be an amazing experience
  17. I’m off to sleep now, let’s see if I get woken up later... I’m again employing my tactic of expecting nothing so that anything that does happen is a pleasant surprise
  18. Just popped to the greenhouse to water the tomatoes, it’s blooming hot out there, but I did see quite a bit of accas up in the sky Maybe, just maybe there’s a slim chance. I’ll take anything at this point!
  19. That Crewe camera is incredible... flashing almost constant Although does make me slightly depressed as I watch it from my sweatbox of a bedroom down in Essex
  20. Can just about make out the Oxford cell through the haze from here too but I don’t think you’d be able to see it clearly in a picture
  21. West London cell from here, grew in size very rapidly I wonder if I’d be able to see lightning if it was slightly darker..?
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