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  1. We’ve got very heavy rain here in Benfleet and last time I checked the clouds overhead were moving due North...
  2. Oh no! I’ll be honest, this is probably the best storm since July last year in terms of distance and frequency of lightning. Sounded like a pretty close CG just now
  3. Haven’t seen any lightning yet but the thunder sounds pretty close so I guess it must be quite elevated
  4. The Cone of Silence has officially fallen, and the guy who was cleaning the windows of the house across the road has retreated to his van rather hastily!
  5. Yeah it is, pretty frequent too. Seemed to come out of pretty much nowhere
  6. Hearing something, not sure if it’s wind or thunder... Just checked lightningmaps, it’s thunder!
  7. Think I’m the wrong side of the London cell to see any distant lightning annoyingly. There was also something trying to build behind it earlier but that seems to have collapsed now
  8. Yep, something’s definitely brewing over London (zoomed in a bit so you can see it more clearly)
  9. Nothing here today, the sun has only made its first appearance in the last half hour or so. Apart from that it’s just been overcast and grey Hopefully this evening/tonight delivers, but I’m not holding my breath
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