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  1. Certainly making good headway towards Kent right now. It’s very rare for me to say this but I actually hope the storms stay away from here tonight! I have a GCSE Maths exam in the morning and could do without a disturbed sleep. Don’t want to sound selfish or ungrateful but need to get my priorities right! I think I’m clear at the moment but I could do with it going slightly further West just to be sure. Hope everyone else in the firing line enjoys it however! And no, sleeping through it is not an option. I’m a deep sleeper but I never sleep through storms!
  2. Looks like that cell in Kent is heading my way. That formed out of nowhere...
  3. Mist coming in again now. What a rubbish day of weather that was.
  4. Sun been out for about 2 hours now and still no sign of anything forming therefore I’m calling a bust IMBY. Shame but nothing we can do about it.
  5. Sun really trying to break through now but is it too little too late?
  6. Sferics NE of Chelmsford but 15 miles down the road where I am, there’s still nothing.
  7. Sun trying to break through the clag here now finally...
  8. I don’t doubt those reporting lightning near Bristol, however Blitzortung is showing nothing. Hasn’t done very well these past few days IMO. IMBY, I’m really not fancying my chances much now. This clag just isn’t clearing at all, really can’t see much, if anything, happening here. Hope I’m wrong. Good luck to everyone else though, hope you all get something.
  9. Still no sign of this cloud breaking up. Think I might be too far east, at least to start with, not sure about later.
  10. Very overcast start to the day here and no sign of the sun breaking through yet either. Hopefully that changes soon.
  11. Very exciting tweet from the normally reliable Essex Weather Centre...
  12. First rumble of the night and it was closer than I expected!
  13. Looks like there might be something coming my way from the NE...
  14. I’m afraid I can’t answer that. Sorry.