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  1. The heavy rain that passed through London earlier has now arrived here. Went from nothing to torrential almost immediately
  2. Nice view of an anvil to my NW here, radar would suggest it’s up towards Cambridge/St Neots sort of area, despite looking closer
  3. Yep, and though it’s annoying to have missed out, considering some of the flooding in London, maybe we should count ourselves a bit lucky
  4. I’m in Benfleet too and it does seem to be changing quite quickly now…
  5. Must be elevated, despite all the thunder I’ve not seen any lightning yet
  6. I may have spoken too soon in my last post. The thunder is constant, and getting louder
  7. Now on our third storm of the day that’s come within audible distance while moving away without hitting my area. Looks like the Thames Estuary storm shield is back in operation
  8. The anvil from the SE London cell is almost above me - a good 20 miles away! There’s also something beefy looking to the NW too, looks like everything is going to avoid me as per usual…
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