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  1. Just heard distant thunder which took me by complete surprise as I only got back from holiday yesterday and have been out of the loop for the last week
  2. Here’s what it looks like from my perspective, though bear in mind it’s darker than it looks in the photo
  3. It’s a beautiful morning here and so much cooler too. Lovely! I can see the London storm looking menacing to the west but it’s just a bit too far to hear or see anything from
  4. Positive CG for sure, entire house just rattled It had gone quiet for a bit Edit: And now I can hear a house alarm going off. May be related
  5. I’m awake again and I can report fairly regular thunder to my west
  6. All quiet again. Think I’m going to try and get some sleep now and see if anything else pops up
  7. This all formed pretty quickly so there is still some energy around.... haven’t heard anything yet though Edit: Yes I have heard something
  8. Well anything that does happen tonight I’ll know about because no way am I getting to sleep in the sweatbox that is my bedroom... can’t wait until tomorrow
  9. Which way is that new cell in Kent moving? Is it going to do the same as everything else and go up the North Sea?
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