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  1. 37.8C at Heathrow now. Am I right in saying that 38C is needed to break the cap?
  2. I’m holding on to the fact that one of my favourite storms in recent years took place in September (2nd, 2017) Good things come to those who wait, right?
  3. Storm eased off now. Wasn’t much, but was still more than I was expecting today. Thought I just saw a bit of rotation a minute ago too but not sure Still, the Cone has at least become less silent in the last week or so
  4. Yep, just got noticeably cooler here too. Shame, but at least the high humidity is on the way out
  5. Shame about the lack of anything in the SE, because I’ve just been out for a walk and it still feels and looks pretty ripe
  6. Starting to see some signs of instability coming in from the South here too, that gives me a glimmer of hope for later...
  7. Just looked outside and there’s a huge CB to the North, that doesn’t seem to match anything on radar. It looks way too close to be the cell over Newmarket, but according to radar there’s nothing else between here and there (yet?)
  8. Suddenly just got a lot windier here, which has blown all the clouds away. Doesn’t look like anything’s happening here today now, but at least we had that little storm this morning
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