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  1. Very windy here now. Not sure about actual numbers, but it must be around about the 40mph mark. I think it might also be raining too, so not quite Irma, but it is something.
  2. According to the map a few posts up, I'm due for up to 45mph gusts tonight, so shouldn't cause any real damage which is good. Wind already starting to pick up a bit now though...
  3. Think that's it for the day now. Didn't take a direct hit thunder wise, but had some biblical rain, and also some deep, distant rumbles as well. That being said, it would be wrong of me to complain about it all being distant, it has been a great 2017, and I know others haven't been quite so lucky.
  4. Appears to be moving more East than towards me, but still putting out regular deep rumbles as well as what looks to be possibly a shelf cloud? Too dark for a photo though.
  5. Another cell appeared to my NW that's now rumbling away every so often
  6. It's absolutely torrential out there. Hopefully it clears before I get off! Lightning seems to have slowed down though... Edit: Passed over much quicker than I thought. Didn't see any more lightning but the rain was immense. Some nice CB towers off to the north now though
  7. On the bus home from school about to drive into a thunderstorm. Seen 2 distant flashes so far. Hope I get home before the rain!
  8. Now that is impressive, especially bearing in mind the storms in this area weren't the strongest we've ever had today.
  9. Rain clearing out now. Only one flash and rumble in the end, but better than nothing. Bit surprising to be fair, I know it was forecast, but it really hasn't felt or looked stormy here at all today. Edit: Not finished yet. Just had a nice crack of thunder. Didn't see a flash though.
  10. Just had a very short, very heavy shower but still nothing seen or heard Edit: Just heard a reasonably close rumble!
  11. If only that storm to my north was a little bit further south. Keeping my ears peeled for any distant rumbles, but I might just be out of range
  12. That storm near Diss is quite a potent little guy by the looks of it. Down hear, it looks like a smaller storm over Brentwood way will just skirt to my north.
  13. Storm pretty much gone now. If that's it for 2017, then what a way to end the season, incredible couple of hours, certainly will live long in my memory for the closest strike I've ever experienced. All in all, that's 12 or 13 thunder days for this season, which is an upgrade on last year for sure, had some pretty good storms in that time as well. Here's to an even better 2018 for us all. Good night all, and thank you to the Weather Gods. What a way to end summer.
  14. Got this one exactly as the flash happened. Moving off towards the East now.
  15. Another one. No fork seen though. Looking East this time, it scored a direct hit on me.