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  1. I'm calling it a bust today already, but after last night and the overhead storm on Saturday morning, I'm ok with that.
  2. That's a pretty incredible chase there man
  3. Doesn't feel particularly humid this morning. Quite a bit of haze for the sun to break through which will limit surface heating for the time being. Could really do without a storm today, hoping to have a barbeque later.
  4. Welp, it's goodbye from me for another year!
  5. Morning all, Pretty decent storm came through about 1:30am, with some lovely strobe lightning and what I think were couple of positive CG's! Some nice long rumbles too. Didn't last all that long though I don't think, though I must confess to having dozed off halfway through!
  6. I've seen a few flashes and heard a few rumbles, but nothing like what you've described
  7. Closest rumble yet. Staying awake for a bit longer...
  8. Absolutely none are showing up on lightning radars though. Think I'm getting the odd rumble from that.
  9. Slightly closer rumble then. Nothing being picked up though
  10. Pouring with rain with a couple of distant rumbles so far...
  11. Definitely a Kent clipper. Further inland than usual though so will keep an ear out. Not sure if I just heard a rumble or not. If so, it was a very long way off.
  12. Lightning 10km apparently. Definitely not true.