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  1. Just had a moderate to heavy shower here for an hour or so as well as some nice unstable skies but no lightning or thunder
  2. Lightning strike showing up near Southwold, anyone able to confirm/deny its presence?
  3. I shall also join the above posts in singing last night's praises. Best storm here for years, over an hour of frequent, incredibly bright lightning, as well as near constant thunder, not to mention the torrential downpours. Awesome. Hopefully something similar occurs during the summer holidays so I can stay up and try and take some photos without worrying about being tired at school, although it will be a long time before anything like that happens here again. I'm in Crete from 25th July-8th August though, be interested to see if anything happens then...
  4. Starting to move away now. Not sure how long it had been going before it woke me up but my parents said they'd been hearing thunder for about an hour. Probably our best storm of 2017 so far, and our 10th day of thunder of the year. Not bad. Now the simple matter of getting back to sleep...
  5. Wooooo! Woken about half an hour ago to an awesome storm! Frequent, strobe like lightning, loud, booming thunder and even a positive CG not long ago! Awesome! I should be asleep but that's not happening...!
  6. Ok, I'm going to get some sleep while I can. I might get woken up, I might not (rather not, I value my sleep!) but either way, hope everyone else has a good and safe night, and I'll be back in the morning!
  7. Is it me or is the eastern most cell in the Channel on course to be the almighty, dreaded Kent Clipper?
  8. Potentially just saw a faint flicker to the NW? Not sure if I'm just seeing things...
  9. Just had a flight bound for Luton pass over at about 3000ft! Must be diverting into Southend! Are conditions really that crazy up there?!
  10. Aircraft inbound to Luton taking a rather convoluted route. Anyone think anything from the Channel will hit here tonight?
  11. Yes, I'm just down the road in Benfleet and I noticed that too...
  12. Wind just come up, but the Kent rain band looking reluctant to cross the Estuary
  13. Just heard a rumbling sound, but I think it's an Airbus A320 stacking for Heathrow