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  1. I think it's appropriate that I provide a more background, I recall that night very clearly because I was 1st Pilot of a 42 Sqn Nimrod that was scrambled to assist at an incident off Guernsey that resulted in the loss of the MV Cantonad. We were then retasked to locate a second vessel in distress some 40 miles south of The Lizard. This proved to be the yacht Peacock with two people on board, a third having been lost overboard. Conditions that night were the worst I ever flew in throughout a flying career of over 40 years. I already have the report from the Western Morning News of 5 January and number of reports from the Guernsey press. I have also been in touch with some other participants in the events of that night, although our numbers are steadily diminishing. I am writing an account of the incidents from our perspective as a Nimrod crew. There were many other factors at play that morning and I should like to locate met observations for the period. In particular I am interested in observation for the following airfields: St Mawgan Lyneham Waddington Valley Kinloss or Lossiemouth Leeming Leuchars Thanks, exmpa
  2. I am currently writing an account of events I was involved in on the night of 3/4 January 1979 in the Southwest Approaches to the UK. There was a very significant winter storm that night and whilst I am able to write about what it was like to be in it I would like to locate some data to illustrate the account. I have found on this site a 500mb (hpa had been invented then ) chart, but would rather like to find a surface analysis as the account is intended for a non-professional audience. In addition, I would like to find either regional forecasts or reports for the period or ideally, Actual Weather Reports (Actuals) or Terminal Airfield Forecasts (TAFs) for the UK Master Diversion Airfields (MDA) . Can anyone assist me? Thanks, exmpa
  3. Hello Phil,

    I read your post about the Torcross Storm of 4 Jan 79 and would very much like to discuss it with you. I was airborne in the middle of it! My username might give you a clue.

    My throwaway email address is: [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you,


    1. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      Got your email address now. :p

    2. exmpa


      It's useful to have a buffer address that the world can have. If anyone subsequently wants to "spam" from it they're welcome!



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