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  1. mike5900

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    A great summer but lack of thunderstorms. Only one in April
  2. it is raining. might get a decent amount. rain radar shows rain to the northwest.
  3. 5mm on 2nd July. Only 7.6 mm from first of June.
  4. Cloudy today. Chance of a heavy shower or thunderstorm later.
  5. Light rain here. heavy rain to my south near Dorchester.
  6. Dark clouds about.a shower looks possible.
  7. it might have been 2nd of july. it rained here then with 5mm.
  8. It was pouring with rain at 3am. Had 5mm. Twice as much as I had in June
  9. lightningmaps org show lightning near south coast of dorset.