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  1. To be fair I haven't looked I am just going off what the Meto say on this one and we should have already had heavy rain and winds gusting up to 20 mph by now. So far it's fairly quiet in comparison.
  2. Barely a breeze and only a spot of rain so far in SE Greater Manchester. Were is this so called storm ? I'v had worse from "non storm" Low pressure systems ?
  3. Absolutely peeing it down. The lying snow which had some legs is now melting away rapidly. YUK
  4. Had a bit of a dusting this afternoon and now it's clouding over and snowing ever so slightly, little grainy bits of graupel and the odd tiny flake. Better than nothing right ?
  5. Can't really call it the coldest night of winter so far. It was mild damp and foggy all night until about 6.50 when the ski's finally clear but as the sun almost out Ice on roads isn't going to be issue except for ungritted side roads. What a terrible and mild winter this has been. Worst one for quite a few years for this reason. I suppose a couple of days with 3 inches of snow lying cant be gripped at. ROLL ON THE HOT SUNNY SPRING
  6. Snowing pretty moderately again here. After yesterdays Chaos with overturned cars not even taxis can make it to my street now. Turned out a pretty good spell after such a poor half to winter.
  7. Absolutely pasting it down with snow now.. Looking pretty bad if this persists.
  8. Heavy snow here right now and everything covered already. Not bad.
  9. Don't you just love how in cold air the freekin PPN dries up on its way to us! In milder times it a total wash out with non-stop rain. Annoying! Looking better than the previous cold shot anyway.
  10. This ppn is coming in on a warm front. Snowing lightly but will probably turn to drizzle later for a time.
  11. Absolutely pasting it down with snow now and Met Office still has bloody ice warning! As I type it starts to drop off a bit lol. This should still be causing chaos around the region.
  12. lol luckly you. If it carries on like this and you due up in an hour an half or more then I wouldn't be risking it to be honest. And for anyone else in the area. I would say Bullcote lane leading onto Shaw road is soon to be a no go as is buckstones road ?
  13. Hiya Pal, this Photo is just a bit further down on Sholver.. If Shaw road & bottom Sholver is already bad I can almost guaruntee that Ripponden is probably a lot worse with it being higher up. How the hell you get in there when you live in Saddleworth ? I couldn't get in at that practice !!! ? :):
  14. Roads are dodgy in Oldham, Gritters haven't been out and its snowing pretty heavy now.
  15. I am work in Shaw atm and it turned from rain to snow already at the low levels with a dusting on the grass etc . Up where I live at 297m it would be pure snow and I can see from down here that it is white up there. Never mind waiting till later in the morning. Need that ppn now!
  16. I feel like I am missing something here. MO video shows a fair bit of Snow for this area from 8pm, heavy for a while and then on and off for 24hrs and the models show this too but the Meto warnings do not match this at all. The MO warning just show a small area of Scotland under a snow warning with the rest of us under an ice warning. Very strange ice warning considering its unbroken cloud here and looking set to remain that way as this band off PPN starts to make its way inland. Looking at the satellite images, The front is starting to stall a bit now too. Can't see there being a clear s
  17. Cloud started to roll over this location after a clear and frosty night and we have light snow flakes / graupel at the moment. Nice to get some October Snow hey ? Now then, lets get back to warm and dry weather please mother nature :)
  18. After a damp squib of a day yesterday the heavy rain has kicked in. None stop all night and set to continue through the day. Nothing worse than cold wet and windy tripe.
  19. Wow this spell turned out to be almost as severe as the last. It's widely 8 inches deep here with lot of drifting. I imagine alot of the roads are now cut off up here even my front door is close to being snowed in with a drift.
  20. Swain I'm in Shaw so about 100 m ask lol. Where I live 10 mins up the road it's 297m ?
  21. Blizzard conditions up here currently but not sticking with the very strong wind driving it horizontally.
  22. Snowing lightly here again. Wind is brutal and finger numbing too.
  23. Anyone got radar latest? Latest suggest ppn is still.pushing north towards Manc area
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