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  1. Hi, Looking at the charts from the top 3 models and seeing that the projected easterly is by no means a weak flow, in fact quite robust I have no issues being on the west side of the pennines. Last time we saw charts like these snow depths were up to a foot in parts of the west with drifting up to 10 ft high.
  2. North west regional discussion

    3 - 4 inches on the tops of Oldham East and still coming down. Most snow of the season so far and the first time in a long while that I will have to walk to work!
  3. On to the next ? looking at the models that will be sometime in February then which is annoying. We are definitely overdue a winter with a sustained cold & snowy pattern, that is for sure.
  4. Good 50p size flakes coming down now. Best snow of the season so far I think.
  5. Snowing like mad up here and a couple inches deep already. Lovely
  6. We had heavy snow earlier tonight but that went slushy and now there is ice every where. Dreading the moped journey home later. Looking at the rain today radar there is a massive front heading quickly this way from SW over the Welsh mountains. That's got to be more snow with my name on it 😁
  7. Strange reading about high temps in the region. Especially as it's snowing here now.
  8. Covering over rapid to lol. Hail blizzard even! Stopped already. Defoe cold enough uppers now, just need the ppn!
  9. Morning peeps. We are getting hit with a heavy mixture of hail and snow here in NE Oldham. Bloody raw out here on my fag break.
  10. Yeah very wet and sleety snow at 297m . All previous snow cover washed away with todays rain! Not looking hopeful atm.
  11. Yeah nothing spectacular for this area but we are getting blizzard conditions now with the wind picking up. Here Shaw lower down
  12. No snow yet but no rain either. Just hail on and off all night.
  13. Snowing again here and another covering already to add to this winters snow toll. Good stuff.
  14. The wind is picking up a bit so its looking a little blizzardy out there now. About an inch down so far. Gonna be a fun moped ride to work in couple of hours