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  1. Cloud started to roll over this location after a clear and frosty night and we have light snow flakes / graupel at the moment. Nice to get some October Snow hey ? Now then, lets get back to warm and dry weather please mother nature :)
  2. After a damp squib of a day yesterday the heavy rain has kicked in. None stop all night and set to continue through the day. Nothing worse than cold wet and windy tripe.
  3. Wow this spell turned out to be almost as severe as the last. It's widely 8 inches deep here with lot of drifting. I imagine alot of the roads are now cut off up here even my front door is close to being snowed in with a drift.
  4. Swain I'm in Shaw so about 100 m ask lol. Where I live 10 mins up the road it's 297m
  5. Blizzard conditions up here currently but not sticking with the very strong wind driving it horizontally.
  6. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Snowing lightly here again. Wind is brutal and finger numbing too.
  7. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Anyone got radar latest? Latest suggest ppn is still.pushing north towards Manc area
  8. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Dam quote bugs. Anyway if anyone knows this area just been told Shaw road has now been closed. Plough just can't keep up with wind and drifting. Mean while my boss hired s 4x4 just to make.sure I'm in work tonight.
  9. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Yeah strange, the wind has actually been worse than the storms we had last year and is blowing my aluminium conservatory apart. Even stranger how its gone clear to from the whiteout weve had all day. Need more snow!!!
  10. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Probably deeper further up towards buckstones road. I've got 2ft drifting approaching my front door. Could be literally snowed in by tonight. Met o warnings officially suck but then again I do always say don't trust snow amount charts in setups like this.
  11. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    There were supposed to be to waves from that. The first pummelling Ireland and Wales and SW before it then starts pushing north. This cold blast could trump 2010
  12. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    And another perspective:
  13. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Can you believe the warnings ? Pretty much none stop snow since last night including blizzards and even the Meto warning continue to go around us and just about miss. Oldham more so the east should of been amber atleast imo. 15cm easily here and then theres the drifting..
  14. Sn0wmad79

    North west regional discussion

    Cruising to around 10cm of snow here with these persistent showers which have been almost none stop for a few hours. There is no way without a 4x4 suv you can drive in that so its touch and go whether to go work as I would have to walk and 45 mins to an hour and its already drifting. Good Stuff.