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  1. Some clouds growing up over in Warminster In Wiltshire south and west England
  2. My dad saw some lighting for a big clouds on Salisbury plan Wiltshire a rumble of thunder
  3. I don't if that is false lightning dots or real lighting dots on top of the wales on lighting maps
  4. It is light drizzle over here in Warminster and not raining heavy as it was a hour ago
  5. I just look at met office rain fall rader this band of rain has just started to clear from Cornwall and parts of Devon and Wales.
  6. I see some heavy thundery showers around on met office rain full rader and Im under a heavy thundery shower here in Warminster
  7. Some lightning dots out near Bristol Channel and couple in the English channel and their heavy thundery showers around to day
  8. I have just a heavy thundery shower over here in Warminster with out the thunder
  9. I am watching the lighting maps see where those thunderstorms near going to and the one down spain seeing way they go.
  10. The heavy thundery shower near frome in Somerset is not giving out lightning or thunder
  11. These thunderstorms or thundery showers in the south and west have die out part the ones in Devon i saw lightning dots on the lightning maps
  12. It has been occasional rumbles of thunder and some lightning around near Warminster and heavy thundery rain and now met office put a yellow warning for thunderstorms at 2:43 pm for south and west
  13. The thunderstorm or thundery has die over in frome area and new lights near castle carry and Glastonbury.
  14. I am hoping for some nice dry and warmer weather to come back soon as i like going out to fun fairs and but this Saturday coming up looking i am not going to a fun fair.
  15. Met office a yellow warning for thunderstorms for to day south and west but just hevey thundery rain and no thunder or lightning
  16. I am very disappointed with the weather forecast as it has teas me with little bit of lightning and it still feels humid in Warminster in Wiltshire in South and West
  17. It is feels humid over in Warminster in Wiltshire in South and West and the weather earlier made me excited but it was teasing me
  18. A little bit of thunder form a gowning not that much active thunderstorm and it looks like it is game over for south and west to night over in Warminster
  19. I just heard one rumble of thunder from this other thundery or thunderstorm going pass Warminster
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