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  1. I'm getting excited here in sweltering hot sunny muggy pompey lol this just happened and we can hear distant rumbles
  2. it wasn't last year but yeah I know what you mean it seems a real distant memory I remember as a kid quite a few times in the summer running into my mum and dads room because of how loud the thunder was
  3. we won't get anything mind you we suffer the worst of the humidity and heat then everyone else enjoys the spoils 😂😂
  4. it's really strange in portsmouth at the moment, it's cooled right down which is nice but god it's humid the air feels so heavy
  5. what chance has portsmouth got tonight ? it looks like these storms are giving us a wide berth at the moment ?
  6. oops sorry im in portsmouth ill have a look at changing my profile now thankyou
  7. I've got a whole lot of this and temperature is showing as 28 degrees very very warm and muggy i bet we still don't get anything lol
  8. really warm and windy in portsmouth sun breaking through at the moment but some real ominous looking clouds headed toward us too
  9. just been woken up by monsoon rain and hurricane style wind had to run round the house closing windows what a difference a day makes lol
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