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  1. It's definitely windy for this area. Neighbours trampoline is slowly creeping across their garden and my UPS is getting a little workout.
  2. Seems like some power lines are not happy with the snow sticking to them. UPS is earning it's keep tonight.
  3. Oh if only it was that simple! For sure there are many people that are overweight effectively by choice but there are many others who don't really have control of the situation. An addiction to food is very hard to break, it's not as if you can give it up is it?Like many other things early education is vital. - Hmm, don't really want to pay more tax tbh. Would like to pay more for a decent fire service and some local stuff but not general taxation. Would like to chop the idf and welfare bill...selfish but I don't like the idea of supporting sombody with the rent when I can't afford my own ho
  4. What we really need now is more high volume energy storage facilities. Some should have been built along with the installation of intermitants but there seems to be no strong interest in the industry (probably not considered profitable). Any further loss of generation capacity now could be most unwelcome at peak times.
  5. I think everyone forms their opinion on this subject based on their own subjective experience. If you live in a heat trap then air con is highly useful - it is currently 23C in here, which is somewhat uncomfortably warm to sleep in for me and in warmer conditions it just plain too hot. Building thermal efficiency, personal comfort requirements, and current weather conditions combine to produce different results case by case. I could present an argument that central heating is a waste as it's only really needed about 15% of the year...for me, but the next person might need it a lot more to ha
  6. I'd put it into two groups really: Sleeping/bedroom temps: (the important one) <12C requires an upgrade from 4.5 tog >22C uncomfortable >~26C has potentially serious consequences General/outdoor: Has many more factors to consider like humidity, wind, activity, free access to cold water. <-10C is probably the limit of comfort, considering wind chill, although working barehanded in driving rain at 5C is quite painful. >22C in typical British conditions is uncomfortable but it realy depends on the humidity. 35C @ 20% is fine but even 25C @ 75% say would require slowing down
  7. I've had one for about 5 years. It's made by FineOffset. The screen on the thermometer isn't great in direct sunlight (you don't have to mount it on the pole or can diy a better screen with plastic dishes, but it doesn't bother me enough to do either and just accept the over reading), the wind vane stability is comical but workable. The logger time can officially be set from 5mins upwards from the configure page in Easyweather but there is a prog on the internet that will set it to 1min if you really want that. Cumulus (free downlod) works well with it. External unit runs fine off lithium bat
  8. If you want to use the upload feature within Cumulus you need ftp access to your website. Weebly doesn't allow that. I think a few free ones do but can't make any recommendations as I have paied for my hosting for years. You can set Cumulus up (enter you ftp address, user name, password in the settings area) so you can either manually trigger an upload from the menu or it will do it automatically on a timer while ever it's running.
  9. Support for 32bit xp sp2 officially ended in 2010. sp3 ends in April. First off, as Dale Hay says, BACKUP YOUR DATA. USB flash drives are cheap (i.e. 32gb for £15) and whatever you do os wise hard drives can, and do, fail. So if you want to keep your photos keep copies of them. Normally I'd suggest gnu/linux at this point but I suspect you won't. Win7 should work okay on your system. Me personally, I would just keep the AV and web browser up to date, don't use internet explorer on xp now, and save up for a new computer as it's quite an old laptop now.
  10. If the hdd is a Seagate one have a look at http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/beyond-2tb/ Have never used that software and would, personally, be choosy about what the extra space was used for. As for the sound - check the settings. Make sure the correct output method is selected under the sound device settings as optical out and analogue out are often completely independent (without a copy between option being selected sound to analogue will not come out of optical, for instance).
  11. Your risk of disruption depends on where your supply is fed from, what else is on the same circuit, and what redundancy is available upstream. Pole mounted LV runs are somewhat vulnerable to wind damage, the greater risk generally comes from the local distribution network where there are longer high voltage runs often through wooded areas. I think you'd be unlucky to still be on when everyone around you was off.-I think the length of time of strong winds could catch some people out.
  12. When you start talking about this subject a lot of people start thinking about having no electricity for days on end. Of course that is highly unlikely (purely in terms of supply and demand) and, with rota disconnection, an occasional 3 hour blackout in any given area is all that is reasonable to ever expect. There's no doubt that we need more generation capacity, to replace decommissioned stock and meet future demands, what would be most usefull in the shorter term is more storage capacity to better utilise intermittents and support peak demands. I would say, for the public in general, it's
  13. If you have a spare or transferable licence for XP you could run it in Virtual Box, et al (afaik it works on win8?)
  14. Captain Scott's Winter Warmer - Woods 100 & Drambuie, briefly flamed. Nice warm, cool, smooth, strong sensation. Just remember to blow out before spilling it on your arm (or somebody else does ) Otherwise a nice single malt or...owt really.
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