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  1. My memory is not all it should be these days but I do keep records as best I can and I take the readings from the nearby Herstmonceux Weathercast site. I distinctly recall cutting my grass on September 21st, having looked at the forecast and thinking it might be the last chance I get for a while. It was a perfect day with the temperature reaching 23.9 locally under clear blue skies. The turnaround from that day has been quite remarkable in this neck of the woods. In the last 28 days just one day without rainfall and a total so far during that period of 158mm's .....over 6 inches which is quite unusual here in East Sussex though I stand to be corrected.
  2. Woken up at 3.30am by the sound of the wind and rain hammering against the window here in St Leonards on Sea. It didn't last long but must have been quite something to wake me up. Another torrential shower just passing now as I type.
  3. Where ? Can you put your location in your profile please so we know where you're talking about. Thanks.
  4. One flash of lightning and a very distant rumble of thunder here in Hastings. Disappointing in some respects but folk need to realise how dynamic these systems can be and reign in their expectations sometimes.
  5. I am, and despite the promising looking skies earlier all we've had so far is torrential rain and zero in the way of thunder and lightning. My am radio is picking up lots of sferics but absolutely nothing seen or heard here so far.
  6. My first attempt at posting a photo here so apologies if it doesn't work
  7. The front finally reached the South Coast here in the Hastings area around 9.55pm and gave us about 15 minutes of fairly heavy rain and two flashes of lightning but that was all. I dont know how to post a link but the RNLI Facebook page posted some quite impressive photo's of the flooding at Rye Harbour during yesterdays high tide, never seen it that high before.
  8. The wind has been persistent for the last few days down here on this part of the South Coast, regularly gusting 30-40mph for the last 7 days. A number of beach huts on the seafront in St Leonards on Sea have been damaged by the high tides on Sunday. High tide on Monday will be even higher but hopefully winds won't be as strong. Rainfall locally has also been quite noteable during that time as well, 74mm's ( close to 3 inches) in 7 days. It's been a quite dramatic change from recent summer like conditions.
  9. I should have made the most of what is probably going to be the last day of this glorious spell of weather by going to the beach but opted to cut the grass instead, Hopefully the last cut it will need this year. Wall to wall sunshine and a very respectable 23.9c locally here in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. Hopefully a chance of a thunderstorm overnight into tomorrow as well.
  10. Cloudless skies throughout the day ( and the weekend ), a very light breeze and 24c locally, it's been a stunning early autumn weekend here in Hastings/St Leonards on Sea.
  11. Fantastic weather here today for the Hastings Seafood and Wine festival but the traffic was so bad I went to Bexhill instead. Wall to wall sunshine, a light breeze and 22.7c. 10/10
  12. Hi, what dates/year are we discussing here ? I moved down here in February 2015 but only started logging the weather over a year later and even then only with basic handwritten records. I've only just seen this post so have been trying to locate my paperwork but have a horrible feeling that all apart from this years info the rest may have been inadvertantly scrapped in a recent clear out
  13. Hi Daniel and thanks for posting that screenshot. The temperatures shown for Hastings and Rye seem out of sync with what I was recording in the area that day and way out of line with the surrounding temperatures. My first thought was perhaps a sea mist which can reduce temperatures quite dramaticly but I was out and about in that area the whole afternoon and saw nothing but clear blue skies the whole time. The 15c report just inland from Eastbourne is way off the scale, Herstmonceux reported 28.1c that day.
  14. I was also a bit surprised by Daniels report of 22c max's on the coast in East Sussex in the last few days. Iv'e been out and about along the coast from Seaford to Rye Harbour in the last few days and the lowest max I encountered during that time was 24c in Eastbourne. I was down at Rye Harbour this afternoon and recorded 30.4c on an admittedly cheap device. Car thermometer was reading 30c so not too far off the mark.
  15. Nearby Herstmonceaux recorded a max of 28.3c at 5pm this evening. My car thermometer was reading 27c on the seafront in Hastings around that time. A great start to the Bank Holiday Weekend.
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