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  1. I spent a very pleasant afternoon in the sunshine on the seafront in Hastings. With barely a breeze it felt comfortable at around 13c. Difficult to believe what we might have in store just a few hours away now.
  2. Had a slow and tedious drive in rain and drizzle from St Leonards-on-Sea to my re-arranged hospital appointment in Sidcup this morning and was quite surprised to see some occasional patches of snow still lingering alongside the A21 on the way.
  3. Here in St Leonards-on-Sea so far it's just small snow grains being blown about in 30mph winds. Currently -3.5c
  4. Same here in St Leonards-on-Sea at the moment. Nearby Herstmonceux is currently reporting a temperature of -5c and DP -7.6. The DP there dropped as low as -11c earlier this evening. Shiver me timbers.
  5. Just started snowing here again in St leonards-on-Sea. Had 5cms of level snow on a flat surface from the snowfall earlier today. I've got a hospital appointment in Sidcup at 10am tomorrow but cancelling that having seen the footage of the A21 on the news earlier. Currently -2.5c here.
  6. I wasn't living down here then but my friends were and I think we have some way to go yet to equal that. I've seen photo's of their garden with 9 inches of level snow on flat surfaces, that was an exceptional spell. We can but hope
  7. I live in a cul=de-sac off the Battle Road and I can't even get out of my Close now. Sensible of you to cancel your appointment, I've just cancelled one as well.
  8. I sincerely hope he's not taking the photos then ;-). Snowing quite heavily here in St Leonards-on-Sea for the last 1/2 hour or so, snow depth now doubled to at least 2cm. My car was booked in for mot and service this morning, have had to cancel because I cannot get out of my cul-de-sac. Several others have tried already and failed. It's a steep incline on a bend at one point.
  9. This pretty much sums up my thoughts so far. Light snow here with a covering of about 1cm currently. The December snowfall was more significant here.
  10. That's got to be a typo of epic proportions surely ?!
  11. Me neither SB, where did East and West Sussex go ?! Anyway, just a few flakes blowing in the strong breeze here in St Leonards-on-Sea.
  12. I had a very pleasant drive from home here in St Leonards-on-Sea to my hospital appointment in Sidcup earlier today in perfect weather conditions. Bright sunshine to begin with but cloudier as I headed north. The temperature on the car thermometer ranged from 4-7c. I doubt the conditions will be as favourable for my next appointment next Wednesday though.
  13. Not according to this and many other articles.... https://www.holtsauto.com/holts/news/7-crazy-winter-driving-myths-busted/
  14. Whilst today has seen a return of the gloomy drizzle laden conditions here, the previous 4 days were a tantalising and welcome glimpse of early Spring. From last Thursday through to Sunday daytime maxes were 9-10c. Nothing too exciting I grant you, but when coupled with the lightest of breezes and between 6 and 8 hours of relatively strong sunshine each day it was enough to cheer me up.