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  1. I might pop back in this thread sometime, hopefully the topic by then will have returned to the actual weather ? Sheesh.
  2. Well today was an unexpected surprise here in St Leonards-on-Sea ( East Sussex ). As late as 7.30 this morning the forecasts on the radio were saying rain for all but the very highest ground well inland. Just over an hour later and the snow was pelting down in a strong wind and rapidly settling here. I'm not going to criticise the forecasters though. From start to when it finally stopped snowing around 2.30pm the temperature and dew point remained above 0c, quite often close to 2c. A forecasters nightmare. On the subject of criticism, this article about gritting is worth a read. https://weatherman79.wordpress.com/ Anyway, it's good to see that so many of us in the region have had some snow in the last 24 hours or so. To those that haven't, never say never.
  3. Hastings/St Leonards on Sea
  4. Very heavy snow falling and rapidly settling on all surfaces here in Hastings/St Leonards-on-Sea. Current temperature 1.1c
  5. Feeling almost tropical down here on the wet and windy South Coast ( Hastings ). The temperature has risen from -0.3c at midnight to 8.8c currently. Enjoy yourselves further north.
  6. Now I'm in my later years and far from nimble I have to admit I'm not as keen on snow as I used to be. Even so it's a bit disappointing to have such low temperatures ( Tmax today here was 3.5c ) and see a forecast for nothing more than strong winds and heavy rain in the next 24-48 hours for this region.
  7. My first air frost of the season here this morning with -0.9c in my garden. XC Weather is reporting light snow showers at Lydd Airport, not too far from here.
  8. Still yet to record an air frost here this autumn though last night came very close locally. Tmin: 0.1c at Herstmonceux, 0.5c in my garden. Clear and sunny all day and it looks as though the temperature has peaked at 7.0c
  9. Well that was a breezy old night, gusts exceeding 50mph locally at times. Today has been fairly decent with over 4 hours of sunshine but windy throughout. Still not at all bad for the time of year though.
  10. It's been a fantastic late autumn day here. Clear blue skies all day long, bright and breezy and a Tmax close to 15c.
  11. Down here Pete I'm still yet to record an air frost this autumn, been some fairly close calls but it looks like I'll avoid one for the next few days at least.
  12. After yesterdays dreich here, today was a big improvement with just over 5 hours of sunshine, barely a breeze and a max of 8.5c. Ideal conditions to sample the culinary delights at the Hastings Herring Fair. All change again this week it seems, and a mention of something thundery for the south on the Countryfile forecast later in the week ?
  13. It's been a thoroughly dismal day here with mid morning drizzle turning to steady persistent rain all afternoon and into this evening. I loathe days like this
  14. Well as Autumn slowly drifts towards Winter I have no complaints about the weather here so far. Nothing of note to report in the way of interesting weather at all but I'm okay with that. I can still get out and about, tidy up my small garden and sit outside in the evening. Not much at all in the way of rain, and I have yet to record an air frost. Winter can wait as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Well I can only speak for my location down here on the South Coast. Here it's been a day of strong winds, very strong gusts and frequent squally showers since about midnight on Friday. Coupled with the Spring tide early afternoon it's been a lively day weather wise.