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  1. An air frost again here this morning - 1c followed by another glorious winters day here in Hastings. I don't mind this weather at all.
  2. I have no idea if it was a front* of any kind but there were some fantastic photo's posted on the local Facebook Groups I'm a member of as it came across the region. Gutted I missed it. *My thoughts are it must have been a front of some kind as it was so clearly defined. I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of those more knowledgeable than me.
  3. My nearest official weather station, Herstmonceux ( approx 12 miles to my west ) recorded it's first air frost of the month this morning, also the first since December 12th 2019. A mere -1.0c. The air pressure has also just peaked at that station with 1049.2 hPa though there is a chance it might rise again in the next few hours.
  4. That's a really nice barometer but unfortunately I think its overeading, it looks to be showing 1052. The official readings from nearby Herstmonceux on Weathercast are currently reporting 1048.0 and still rising. Edited to add that Herstmonceux still hasn't recorded an air frost this month although this morning it came the closest it's been at 0.3c. This morning saw another ground frost here though, only the 2nd one this month, yesterday was the first.
  5. A glorious end to a beautiful winters day. It was nice to see so many people out and about in the town making the most of it. The seafront cafes with outdoor seating were particularly busy. Pressure reached 1046.1 locally, that's some rise since Tuesdays 996.9!!
  6. It might not seem much like winter to most of us but for those less fortunate a cold spell of weather is not particulary welcoming. Thankfully Hastings Borough Council have recognised this and are extending the opening of their overnight shelter and whilst the link hasn't updated I believe its going to remain open for the next few nights. Hastings council offering night shelter for rough sleepers: Everything you need to know - Hastings and St. Leonards Observer WWW.HASTINGSOBSERVER.CO.UK The council is providing a night shelter for the rough sleepers tonight (Monday, January 13) and tomorrow (Tuesday, January 14).
  7. Conditions weren't quite as bad as I expected at high tide in Hastings ( 13.30 hrs )this afternoon but that was probably due to the fact the winds abated from around midnight until midday today. Since then they have picked up considerably and this evening I've regularly heard the sound of branches cracking and falling from nearby trees along with the obligatory wheely bin shuffle. Apart from the lull between midnight and midday today the wind has been gusting between 30-52mph at Herstmonceux since around midday on Monday. Herstmonceux is about 12 miles from me and further inland so it's reasonable to assume the wind has been a fair bit stronger on the coast, and at my location 2 miles inland. It's stil packing a punch now at just past midnight.
  8. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting on the seafront in Hastings this afternoon but the wind has really picked up this evening. I can hear branches cracking on the trees nearby as the wind howls through them.
  9. I echo your sentiments Bluebell. To their credit Hastings Borough Council posted on Facebook earlier today that they are opening a night shelter on the night's of January 13th and 14th. The problem is that many of those folk you see along the seafront and in the town, for one reason or another, choose to not make use of that offer or access the various other help and support systems available to them. It's a sad state of affairs. On a lighter note the wind and rain has quitened down considerably here now, so all eyes on the forecast for today ( Tuesday ) and the spring tide.
  10. We had a fairly lively couple of hours here in St Leonards on Sea this evening but nothing out of the ordinary really. Tomorrow could be quite interesting though with winds forecast to gust to 60mph and coinciding with the spring tide at around 13.30 hours. I will be taking up my favoured spot at Rock-a-Nore in Hastings.
  11. Having a mare trying to post at the moment so please accept my apologies. Further to my earlier post this is the video I took of the storm as it crossed the Channel, July 18th 2014.
  12. I'm in a reflective mood this evening so been searching back through some of my old weather related photo's and videos, this is one I posted on YouTube. I filmed it on the seafront in Hastings on July 18th 2014 and in all my years this was the most spectacular storm I have ever witnessed here in the UK. In the title I called it a supercell but later learned it was apparently an MCS but quite amazing all the same. This was filmed at around 8pm a full hour before sunset and daylight turned tonight within minutes. I'll try and find the the footage of the storm as it came across the Channel, a classic plume event.
  13. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours down on the seafront here in St Leonards enjoying the sunshine and there were plenty of folk out and about doing the same. The calm before the incoming storm(s) ? Given the forecasts I just had to dig out one of my favourite old tunes from way back when. The predicted 'Pressure Drop' is really quite something if it pans out.
  14. I spent Christmas with friends in Fairlight, East Sussex and they happened to mention an event which struck that small village back in July 2007 so I did a bit of searching on the internet. I came up with this. Savage storm hits Fairlight - Hastings and St. Leonards Observer WWW.HASTINGSOBSERVER.CO.UK FAIRLIGHT bore the brunt of Sunday's savage storm. Digging a bit deeper I found these posts on Netweather which include some great first hand reports from folk who witnessed what seems to have a spectacular storm. I believe some of the posters back then are still on Netweather, it would be interesting to hear from them.
  15. Hope you all had a good Christmas. Weather wise Christmas Day here on the South Coast was about as perfect as it could be in the abscence of snow. Wall to wall sunshine from dawn to dusk and barely a breeze. Boxing Day was vile so you can't have it all. Today ( Friday 27th ) was mild and dry so it was nice to sit on the seafront for a couple of hours. Lots of folk out and about enjoying the benign conditions.
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