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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Indeed, I'm just a short distance along the coast from Eastbourne and just got back from a morning on the beach here. It's clouded over in the last hour but until then it was glorious. Barely a breath of wind, blue skies and the temperature was 21.5c. A few folk were swimming in the sea.
  2. Once the sun broke through around midday here it was a beautiful mid autumn afternoon, Tmax 18.2c. Conditions currently are absolutely perfect for tonights Hastings Bonfire Parade and Firework display. 16.1c and dead calm.
  3. Not even a hint of blue sky or sunshine here today, just a dull miserable sheet of cloud and occasional drizzle.
  4. Premier League Discussion

    It was a straight red. 3 match ban.
  5. I woke up at 5.30 this morning and could see what I thought were very faint and distant lightning flashes. I checked the radar and the nearest sferics were just off the Hampshire coast, approximately 100 miles away. Skies overhead here were clear and starlit so I thought it couldn't possibly be lightning, but my own observations from my back garden and other reports from elsewhere seem to confirm it was indeed lightning from a storm in that area.
  6. The Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival becomes yet another victim in a list of recent events locally which have been spoiled by bad weather. A shame because today got off to such a good start with blue skies all morning. :-(.
  7. The winds on this part of the south coast are stonger than I was expecting for sure.
  8. It certainly feels a lot stronger just along the coast here in Hastings
  9. Some pretty strong winds down here on the south coast, and has been for the last couple of hours at least.
  10. Hurricane Irma

    That clip is just a loop and has been doing the rounds here and elsewhere for several days.
  11. Meanwhile down here on the south coast its been a continuous stream of torrential downpours since about midday.
  12. Had a number of fairly brief but intense dowpours rattling through here in the last 2-3 hours, localised flooding on some roads. Sitting under my patio canopy expecting a huge clap of thunder any minute but sadly nothing in that way so far. I have to admit though it seems a bit churlish to bemoan that given what's happening further afield.
  13. As a rough guide for now though, June comes 1st, July 2nd, and August 3rd. That said, I rated all 3 months slightly above average
  14. Thanks for your reply BW. I'm still sifting through everything at the moment so will try and give a more detailed breakdown in the next few days.
  15. Based on my unscientific observations, summer here has been about as average as it gets. Since June 1st I've been scoring each day out of 10, with 5 being average. I've taken my readings from nearby Herstmonceux, and based my scores on what I consider to be the average maximum temperature/sunshine hours/rainfall for this general location. I'll post my scores and thoughts later if anyones interested. 0