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  1. Distant thunder now audible here in East Sussex
  2. The rain was much needed down here but blimey, almost 6 hours non stop and feeling decidedly chilly at 11c.
  3. The rain has finally arrived here but late enough that it didn't spoil what was a surprisingly good day and the warmest of the year here so far with 24.4c being reached. Probably due to my age and health issues I actually found the conditions here this afternoon quite oppressive, despite being on the seafront and watching folk enjoy a bbq on the beach. The garden is enjoying the rain and so am I now, sitting under the canopy I bought earlier this year. Still holding off from buying a patio heater at this time, hoping for a good summer !
  4. Interesting, I'm 3 miles from Hastings pier and under blue skies though it is clouding over to my south.
  5. Enjoying the warmest day of the year here with plenty of sunshine and a temperature of 21.7c. A thunderstorm and some much needed rain later would be a welcome bonus.
  6. He's not wrong, I used to live just up the road from him, best thing I ever did was moving down here to Sussex by the sea 2 years ago ! After a couple of hours of warm sunshine here the cloud sheet is moving back in, feeling quite humid and 18.5c.
  7. Thundery looking skies earlier have now given way to glorious sunshine and the temperature is responding nicely as a result. Currently 16.2c.
  8. After the cloudfest that has prevailed since the beginning of the month down here at last the sun has made a concerted effort to break through and deliver a reasonble day. A max of 17.8c achieved. The possibilty of something thundery in the next couple of days has peaked my interest, fingers crossed.
  9. It's just easing off here now after about 3 hours of much needed and welcome rainfall. I haven't checked the totals yet but must be close to doubling the rainfall so far this month. Edit: I spoke too soon, it's pouring down again.
  10. I think you missed the point, Jo is well aware of what they are but explains in more detail in the linked article.
  11. Glad you edited that Yarmy. As you say and news sources are reporting, Chelsea weren't raided and no items were removed from the club. Very different to what happened at Newcastle and West Ham today. As for Joey Barton, what a [email protected], hopefully thats the end of his playing career. Not something I would usually wish on any player but he's an exception to that rule.