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  1. I have no idea where the figures are sourced from to be honest, just a website I stumbled across whilst trying to get some more information.
  2. It's been another pleasant and useable day here but still feeling quite chilly despite the sunshine with a max of 12c. The forecasted cold spell this week seems to be nothing much more than a couple of chilly nights for many of us here in the south east. Still no signs of any useful rainfall though. On that subject I found some interesting statistics which seem to confirm my thoughts that London, the South East and East Anglia are in fact not as wet as some folk think when compared to the rest of Europe.
  3. It's been another glorious day here in St Leonards-on-Sea with nigh on unbroken sunshine, a light breeze and a max of 15.4c. It may be boring to some but I'm more than happy with this current spell of very settled weather.
  4. It's been a cracking weekend here and no mistake, completely at odds with some of the forecasts I saw earlier in the week. Sunshine was in abundance despite the very visible clouds just a few miles to the west and north of my location. Winds were mostly light throughout and it was nice to see so many folk out and about enjoying the weather.
  5. The difference in weather conditions here today was very noticable. Clear blue skies and sunshine from the start in my location 2 miles inland, but the thick fog and much cooler temperatures persisted throughout the day on the seafront. Very localised.
  6. What's not to like about this weather ? Blue skies and sunshine, temperature touching 16c and lot's of happy smiling folk strolling along the seafront here today. It almost made me forget about the fabulous month I just had in Mallorca.
  7. A very pleasant 16.6c on the seafront here today with mostly blue skies from late morning, this is more like it. Even so I was more than a little surprised to see folk swimming in the sea, 1 wearing a wetsuit but 3 others wearing just trunks. That is madness with the current sea temperature just 7.9c.
  8. That probably explains the turbulence for a while on my flight from Mallorca to Gatwick this afternoon, we were in that vicinity at the time. Lightning also seen whilst driving home on the A21 this evening, around the Tunbridge Wells area.
  9. I have mixed feelings about this forecast. Flying into Gatwick later this afternoon so it could be a bumpy ride.
  10. I hope you all came through Storm Doris unscathed back in the UK. Meanwhile over here in Mallorca my holiday has been made complete by a cracking little thunderstorm just before dawn this morning. That about completes my weather experience over here during my stay. Sun ( lots of it ), snow ( on the mountain peaks for several days ), gales and now a thunderstorm.
  11. I took a ride on the very scenic Palma-Soller vintage railway yesterday and there are still patches of snow on the peaks from Tuesday nights rain/snow event here in Mallorca. Far more than I've seen back home in East Sussex that's for sure !
  12. How ironic that my first sighting of lying snow this winter is right here in Mallorca ! Tuesday was a glorious day with long sunny spells, a max of 21.2c and the wind which has been such a feature here for the last week finally dropped to a light breeze. Rain arrived late in the evening and continued overnight right up until Wednesday lunchtime. With the temperature struggling around 9-10c and winds gusting to 30mph it was a most unpleasnt surprise. The nearby mountain peaks (approx 1200-1300m asl) had a covering of snow late into the afternoon, despite strong sunshine and temperatures eventually climbing to 13c. Thoroughly enjoying my first visit to this island. Edit: A rather nippy 4.5c recorded at nearby Sa Pobla weather station this morning....brrrr.
  13. So glad I escaped the damp grey murk of the Uk yesterday, and now enjoying the warm sunshine ( 19c ) here in Alcudia, Mallorca.
  14. Absolutely. Weather news, it's a bit nippy here currently 1.6c but a beautiful clear starlit sky.
  15. Thanks for sharing that fantastic photo Bluebell. On a side note how great it is to see Hastings pier rebuilt and open for business again.