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  1. With apologies to those under the murk and gloom just a few miles to the north and west of here, I've just returned from another splendid afternoon at the seafront enjoying blue skies and warm sunshine. Same as the last 3 days, from Hastings I could see the cloud sheet which has been evident on Sat24 but which has fortunately continued to skirt around the far south eastern tip of East Sussex and Kent. Temperatures locally again nudging 20.0c. Long may it continue.
  2. Here in the South Eastern extremeties it's been another glorious mid October day with almost unbroken sunshine, azure blue skies and just a light breeze. I spent all afternoon down on the seafront and beach in Hastings and despite now being 'out of season' there are still a lot of folk out and about making the most of the weather. I'm pretty certain we've managed to eke out yet another 20c day locally. Great for local businesses and lifting the spirits.
  3. Meanwhile down here on the South Coast........ It's been a cracking day here in the Hastings area with an abundance of sunshine and blue skies lifting the temperature to a very respectable 20.1c locally. Not bad at all for mid October
  4. It seems we've got off lightly rain and temperature wise today here in the Hastings area. Tmax of 18.9c locally and what little rain we've had so far has been in occasional short lived 5 minute bursts since around 6pm bst Even now the heavier showers crossing the Channel seem to be staying just a few miles to our west.
  5. It feels more like a summers evening than an autumn one here in St Leonards on Sea, not complaining though. Currently 19.1c with a southerly breeze. If this weather holds out it should be near perfect for Saturday's Hastings Bonfire event.
  6. Some great storms in Majorca at the moment, live webcams here : https://livecam-pro.com/en/majorca.html
  7. I've just got home from a very pleasant drive and occasional stroll around in the warm Autumn sunshine taking in some of the many delights on offer here in East Sussex. I Set off from home in St Leonards on Sea, ending up at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, via Normans Bay, Pevensey Castle, Eastbourne, Beachy Head and Belle Toute. Great to see so many smiling faces out and about making the most of the good weather, 20.8c locally
  8. Cloudless skies, a gentle breeze and 20.6c here in St Leonards on Sea today, a perfect autumn day.
  9. Great photo BW but no idea why it keeps appearing as a quote when I try and post !!
  10. It was a good day for driving up to a hospital appointment in Sidcup. Set off at 6.30am with the car thermometer reading 7c, but that dropped down to 3c further up the A21. The drive home this afternoon was very pleasant indeed, clear roads, blue skies and back home in time to enjoy a couple of hours in warm sunshine....20.0c locally.
  11. A welcome return to blue skies and warmish sunshine here in the Hastings area after a pretty dismal weekend. I spent a couple of hours sitting up on the West Cliff enjoying the views across the Old Town, harbour and English Channel and with barely a breeze it felt warmer than the 15.3c max. Saturday & Sunday rainfall total was 26.8mm and the weekend Tmax locally was 13.7c. Some late afternoon sunshine on Sunday just about rescued it from being a total gloomfest. An overnight low of 4.5c was enough for me to put the heating on for an hour this morning, first time since early May.
  12. It's certainly still mild here, currently 19.4c. Wind gusting around 30mph, much as it has been for the last 2 or 3 days. May get windier in the next few hours though.
  13. Thanks Tom, It is indeed QM although it's a seperate department where I'm taking part in a study to test new COPD medication. If the weather or road conditions are that bad in the morning I won't risk the drive, I can always re-schedule for sometime next week. No point in taking chances. Best wishes to you and yours Tom.
  14. The rain and accompanying strong winds are still some way off although it has been quite breezy here today, gusting up to 30mph for a few hours. Tmax of 20.6c locally. I have a hospital appointment in Sidcup early tomorrow morning and have to set off 6.00-6.30am so not particularly looking forward to the drive given the overnight forecast for this area. The A21 from Hastings as far as Pembury can be a pig of a road at the best of times.
  15. It's been another glorious day here with cloudless skies and a Tmax of 22.8c locally. A noticeable warm up again in the last hour or so with Herstmonceux reporting 14.9c at 21.00 hours and 18.5c at 22.00 hours