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  1. It's been a decent enough summers day here in St Leonards on Sea so far with a lightish breeze and some good sunny spells, temperatures locally 20.0c. Certainly a big improvement on the last couple of days but sadly due to take a turn for the worse tomorrow it seems. According to Weathercast, Herstmonceux recorded a total of 49.8mm yesterday, making it the wettest day of the year at that site if my records are correct. My entirely unscientific measurements here in my back garden indicate precipitation totals in the range of 30-35mm during the 24 hours on Friday, the vast majority of which fell within a 3 hour period between 4 and 7pm.
  2. Winds gusting to near 40mph at times here in St Leonards on Sea this afternoon and some torrential downpours here since around 5pm. Not at all surprised that Herstmonceux just 12 miles away is reporting 46.8mm so far today. 40.0mm of which fell in the last 2 hours. Just one rumble of thunder heard so far today.
  3. Hello Debby, welcome to Hastings/ St Leonards on Sea. I've been a regular visitor to the area but moved down here permanently just over 3 years ago and like you love it down here. Back on track, the car park at Rock-a-Nore is a good spot for watching any incoming weather from across The Channel but for more elevated views I would recommend the West Cliff and the Firehills in Fairlight.
  4. Skies now clearing here in St Leonards on Sea after a day of sullen skies and fairly persistent rain. Nearby Herstmonceux has recorded 9mm so far today and the temperature there has just reached 16.2c, making it the coolest day since May 24th. Edit: now up to 17.8c at Herstmoneceux and it's clouding over again here. Re the Persieds, if the weather plays ball I would suggest The Firehills in Hastings Country Park or the West Cliff in Hastings as good viewing locations.
  5. Much fresher here in Hastings but apart from some dark threatening skies around midday it's been a pleasant enough day with plenty of sunshine either side of lunchtime. With a Tmax locally of 20.6c it's been the coolest day since July 29th. The moderate breeze led to the sea being choppier than it's been for some time, so curtailing the spectacle of shoals of mackerel chasing whitebait right up to the shoreline that's been an attraction for the last few days. The evening showers yesterday were hit and miss, with nearby Herstmonceux reporting 8.2mm, but about half of that here in my garden in St Leonards on Sea. Summer is not over yet
  6. To be honest I really don't see any prospects at all for our area tonight.
  7. What a fantastic day it's been for watching the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Red Arrows on Hastings seafront. Mostly clear skies, a light breeze and 24c. The town was packed all day and will no doubt be the same for tomorrows repeat display. BBMF at 12.30pm and Red Arrows at 6.00pm for anyone interested. On the downside I could see the smoke from the Friston grass fire on the South Downs , seems to have been dealt with though.
  8. Here in the Hastings area we've had the first rainfall for 50 days. It started around 9am and continued until around 5pm. Very light rain for much of that time but rain nonetheless. Just started raining again as I type. A total of 6.4mm so far. I'm hoping it clears in time for tomorrows Hastings Raf100 flypast : https://www.lovehastings.com/hastings-raf-100/
  9. Greetings from the bordering region and thanks for allowing me to post here. My first post of what is generally recognised as being the start of the meteorological summer. It was a year ago today that saw the beginning of what turned out to be the best spell of weather for the whole summer of 2017 here in St Leonards-on-Sea( East Sussex ). No repeat of that today though and this week we seem to have paid the price for last weekends fantastic Bank Holiday weather. It's been gloomy pretty much since then with varying degrees of mist, murk and muck with a bit of rain thrown in for good measure. Oh and not a storm in sight despite all the warnings. On a positive note we did get around 3 hours of decent sunshine on Wednesday afternoon here. Today saw a continuation of the low cloud and mist, with temperatures struggling up to 17.8c. Hoping for an improvement this weekend with the Hastings Jazz and Blues Festival and Hastings Town and Country Show taking place.
  10. I always thought 12am was Midday, not Midnight ?
  11. It's great to see and read all these reports but it really would be helpful if everyone could put their location in their profile, or better still a location of where they are actually posting from at the time. Posts saying it's doing this or that 'here' are pretty meaningless if we don't know where 'here' is !!
  12. It's nothing like last nights spectacular lightning display here but it certainly seems to be perking up as it heads my way.
  13. That storm in the Channel is certainly trying to reach us here !
  14. It's been a fantastic weekend of weather here in St Leonards-on-Sea. (East Sussex ). Saturday saw the mercury rise to 26.1c under near cloudless skies but with immaculate timing, around 9.30pm the storm clouds arrived and delivered a spectacular display of night time strobe lightning for over 4 hours. Just a few drops of rain and occasional barely audible thunder though. Usually with storms like this the following day is a mess of cloud and clag but today ( Sunday ) has been another cracker with near cloudless skies and a max of 24.5c locally.
  15. This was right overhead and unbelievably I slept right through it. I can only assume it was elevated in nature and quiet in terms of thunder.