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  1. Today got off to a slow start with cloud cover for most of the morning but no complaints once it cleared, leading to a bright and mostly sunny afternoon and evening. Tmax here 21.1c. The last few days have scored quite well here on my personal and totally unscientific index and a definate improvement on the first 10 days of August. Rating today as a 7/10, thats three 7's and three 8's out of 10 in the last 6 days. To cap it off a Spitfire gave a low fly past over the seafront today, the 2nd time this week, so assuming it's preparation for The Eastbourne Airshow which begins tomorrow and runs through until Sunday. Fingers crossed the weather plays ball.
  2. Absolutely gutted, despite leaving the bedroom window and curtains open I slept right through this
  3. I did wonder about that Alexis but I've since heard several first hand reports from folk in my local area and reports from further along the coast in Eastbourne which all seem to confirm that storm made it ashore here in East Sussex at least. Still annoyed I slept right through it ! It turned out to be a very pleasant summer day here once it moved through. Nothing special temperature wise with a max of 21.9c but clear blue skies right on the seafront with some impressive looking convective clouds bubbling up just inland all afternoon.
  4. My next door neighbour has just confirmed we had a thunderstorm here around 4am this morning. Knowing it was a possibility from the forecast I left the bedroom window and curtains open overnight, but still slept right through it.
  5. Watching the athletics on tv now and reading the reports here and elsewhere it seems i've been incredibly lucky so far today. It was bright sunshine all morning and up until around 2pm this afternoon when the skies really did look threatening, but delivered just light rain for half an hour. Tmax of 18.6c so not particularly warm for the time of year but it could have been far worse by all accounts.
  6. Stifling .....are you in a hot tub by any chance ? It's only 16c across most of East Anglia at the moment
  7. Now that I'm all but retired and have time to spare I thought I would put some of it to use and conduct my own totally unscientific take on the weather for my local area here on the south coast for what is generally accepted as being the 'meteorological summer.' I have been scoring each day out of 10 since June 1st based on nothing more than local obs and my own eyes and ears and of course weather is subjective so these are just my own thoughts. My scores are based on 5 being an average for the region and take into consideration maximum temperatures, sunshine hours and rainfall. This is just a way of passing the time for me so please don't take it too seriously but I would be interested to know how it compares with your own thoughts of this summer. JUNE 1st - 7th......... 6.29/10 JUNE 8th - 14th........7.07/10 JUNE 15th - 21st......9.57/10 ( What a week that was ) JUNE 22nd - 30th.....4.16/10 ( After the lord mayors show ) JULY 1st - 7th...........7.78/10 JULY 8th - 14th.........6.29/10 JULY 15th - 21st.......5.21/10 JULY 22nd - 31st......3.60/10 AUG 1st - 7th............3.05/10 My personal ratings do seem to reflect the general view that here in the south east at least , a summer which got off to such a promising start has deteriorated quite noticably since mid to late July. Very dissapointing.
  8. Indeed, what appears to be a confirmed sighting just reported on UKww by a regular poster there. Meanwhile sunny and warm here just along the coast.
  9. Some breaks in the cloud pushing the temperature up to 19.5c here, looking and feeling quite sultry out.
  10. Premier League Discussion

    He is joining Talksport as a presenter. What could possibly go wrong ?
  11. You are surely joking, that said I see you aren't actualy in the South East ?! We have had plenty of rain in my neck of the woods in the last few weeks and an absolute soaking at peak holiday time down here on the South Coast is the last thing that is needed. The summer which started off so well here has deteriorated into a soggy wet cloud covered mess of tepid temperatures and many an outdoor event ruined.
  12. Hello Mike.

    Just 2 years ago I had my doubts about the EU and our membership of it but I took the time and trouble to dig deeper and research. As a result I went from undecided to a firm 'remainer'  I share your passion and belief in the EU and want the UK to remain a part of it.

    It's far from perfect but only by being a member can we improve it from within. I truly despair when I read some of the posts from the Brexit brigade on the Netweather forum and elsewhere on other forums.

    I have yet to see or hear any sound arguments as to how this country might benefit from leaving. I am sick and tired of soundbites from career politicians who care nothing for this country or its citizens.

    Best wishes and keep up the fight. SenlacJack (aka Martin ).

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  13. It's been raining more or less non stop here since 2pm and 17.1mm recorded locally so far. Currently tipping it down again so that total will rise. Nearby Herstmonceux reported a temp of just 14.8c at 1pm this afternoon. I cannot find the words to adequately describe how much I despise this weather.
  14. Never mind this evening, it's been like that for much of the last 2 weeks here and no end in sight. It seems we really are being punished for that decent start to summer.
  15. Complete and utter dross down here on this part of the south coast today. A dull grey blanket of cloud throughout, frequent drizzle and light rain which was often blown sideways by gusty winds and a max of 17.6c. The decent start to summer is just a dim and distant memory now.