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  1. Thunderstorm here now, some very loud thunder and torrential rain.
  2. Just got home from the beach and unusually not a breath of wind there but a nice light breeze in my garden 2.2 miles inland. Currently 27.2c
  3. Funny you should mention 1976 because the more I see and read the more I think we might just be in with a chance of repeating that epic early summer spell.
  4. Obviously it's based on personal preferences but at this time of year my preference is for sunshine and warmth, and on that basis I give today a perfect 10/10. An absolute cracker of a day. I'm hoping to score every day of the meteorological summer on a scale of 1-10 and since I began on June 1st this is the 4th 10/10 so far. Only 2 days have fallen below 5/10 ( 6th and 11th ).
  5. Odd you should have thunder, the nearest sferics appear to be in Italy and Austria ? Are you sure it's not a stray wheely bin;r=0;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;n=0;z=5;y=49.7522;x=-3.5791;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;
  6. A much better day than I was expecting here to be honest. I was sitting on the beach in warm sunshine, albeit breezy, until it finally clouded over at 4pm this afternoon. Just sporadic light rain here since then but feeling quite humid.
  7. Just back from a very pleasant afternoon enjoying the sunshine and music at Day 2 of the Hastings free Jazz and Blues Festival. Although quite breezy it felt warm enough at around 19c under mostly clear skies. Going back for more of the same tomorrow hopefully.
  8. I'm quite surprised that last nights thunderstorm has been quite often reported both here and elsewhere as a 'Kent Clipper'. Whilst the main body of the storm appeared to track eastwards through the English Channel it was quite widely observed from locations as far apart as Dorset to the west, the London area to the north and Essex to the east. Here in St Leonards-on-Sea it produced some of the most spectacular lightning I have witnessed in the Uk for many a year. It first became visible as distant flashes around 10.30pm but within half an hour it was apparent this was going to be something quite special in this neck of the woods. The lightning was almost constant at times, some of it practically overhead and whilst most of the thunder was just a long rumble we had several shotgun blasts that had me running for cover at the time. All in all I would rate this a 9/10 for a brilliant lightshow and longevity.
  9. Kent Clipper ? It's been a constant strobing light show here in East Sussex for at least an hour with some very close c/g strikes and shotgun thunder.
  10. This is a cracking good storm. Hastings Pier webcam link:
  11. Well this is perfect so far. Sitting in the garden having a beer and watching the light show. No rain and only a couple of distant rumbles of thunder but my word, lightning every few seconds.
  12. Continuous sferics heard on my trusty old am radio here now and frequent flashes of lightning visible. Edit: Spelling
  13. Yes indeed. Sitting in my back garden here on the south coast as I type and barely a cloud in the sky. It's an ever changing situation though and I certainly won't be ruling anything out for the next few hours.
  14. I can confirm that we recently had a brief elevated thunderstorm in the Hastings/St Leonards-on-Sea area. Only lasted about 20 minutes but produced some vivid lightning and deep rumbles, first one of the year here.
  15. Cheers Mapantz, I will give it a try later.