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  1. Ahead of Storm Hannah it was a very pleasant afternoon here in the Hastings area on Friday afternoon. Almost cloudless skies right on the coast and although quite breezy it was still warm enough to sit in the sun for a couple of hours. Far better than I was expecting but who knows what the next few hours will bring ? Winds picking up here now.
  2. It's been a cracking good start to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend here in the Hastings area with light winds, wall to wall sunshine and temperatures locally around 22.7c. It's great news for local businesses but unfortunately there is a downside. Local infrastructure has failed to keep up with the demand in recent years, and it's really beginning to show. Sadly another example of lack of forward planning which is so prevalent in this country.
  3. I just wish this easterly feed would do one. 11 of the last 15 days have seen winds from a predominatley easterly direction here and dragged temperatures down despite the occasional sunshine in recent days.
  4. A decent amount of sunshine here in the Hastings area today but with a temperature of just 11.0c locally and a stiff breeze it didn't feel too warm. Still an improvement on the last few days though.
  5. No complaints from me today in this neck of the woods. I spent the whole afternoon on the seafront under cloudless skies, soaking up the warm sunshine. Temperatures locally reached 17.1c. Tomorrows forecast looks promising but sadly going downhill from there.
  6. Here in this part of East Sussex we've been blighted with a blanket of cloud for the last couple of days, only clearing around 4pm this afernoon. I'm hoping for some better weather over the weekend before the predicted colder spell arrives next week.
  7. I'm enjoying this current spell of relativly warm and sunny weather. Whilst down at the seafront this afternoon, there were 2 members of the St Leonards Sea Swimming Club, I was shivering my timbers just watching them swimming in the briney. Air temperature was 12.2c and the sea temperature a bone chilling 7.4c. I can just about manage a dip in the sea at the end of summer when the sea temperature is usually around 17-18c here.
  8. Just had a very brief shower of small hail here in St Leonards on Sea. It's still quite breezy down here on the south coast but nowhere near as bad as the last few days. At least the sun is shining.
  9. Hopefully once it arrives ( very shortly now ) it will be a short lived event. Squall lines tend to sweep through in 5-10 minutes. Quite impressive when they happen though.
  10. It certainly looks as though the worst is yet to come for us here in the south east.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-47595902
  12. Whilst the windspeed in isolation down here on the south coast is not particularly exceptional, I think the sheer persistance of it is. I live approximately 11 miles from Herstmonceux and the official site there has been reporting hourly gusts in excess of 30mph for the last 38 hours. Prior to that there has been little or no respite for almost a week now. It seems relentless. Worth mentioning that Herstmonceux is also several miles inland. I'm 2 miles inland and from my frequent visits to the seafront this week I can confirm it's been a very stormy spell of weather.
  13. I'm thoroughly fed up with this unsettled spell now, with the wind in particular getting on my nerves. Currently gusting around 40mph locally ( Hastings area ) and so far this month there have only been 2 days where the winds haven't gusted between 30-50mph locally at some point in the day. It's not too bad on the occasional days when the sun has made a welcome appearance, but days like today where the winds are accompanied by sullen grey skies and sporadic drizzle really are quite depressing.
  14. A quite remarkable day here on the South Coast with temperatures locally of 17.1c. It wasn't just the temperature itself which made it such an unusual day, it was the absence of even a slight breeze and the pure clear blue clarity of the sky. Fantastic day. 0
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