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  1. Heavy rain in the Hastings area again this evening accompanied by winds gusting 30+ mph. Mainly drizzle through the middle of the day following heavy rain this morning. 15.4mm today up to 7pm. High tide at Rye Harbour this afternoon :
  2. Some footage taken at high tide, not the worst I've seen in that spot in recent years: Recorded rainfall so far from nearby Herstmonceux : October 1st-10.8mm, 2nd- 20.6mm, 3rd- 29.8mm, 4th- 7.0 mm up to 8am. Total so far this month 68.2mm compared to an average for the whole month of 71.3mm. A dry spell would be welcome.
  3. Winds really started picking up here in the Hastings area around 3-4am this morning, accompanied by some hefty downpours. I'll be heading down to Rock-a-Nore later for high tide just after midday.
  4. What's died down in Hastings ? I'm 2 miles inland and apart from some ocassional lightning flashes this has been a non event as far as I can see.
  5. It's really quite odd having seen the photo's of that shelf approaching Bexhill earlier. Since then all I'm seeing from my garden 2 miles inland in St Leonards on Sea is just a few distant sporadic flashes of lightning which are out in The Channel. Same thing I've been seeing for the last few days. Disappointing so far in our neck of the woods.
  6. It's really quite odd isn't it ? We've been absolutely sweltering for days, some local stations were reporting temperatures of 35c today. Storms just across The Channel in northern France die out as soon as they try and make the crossing yet further north in the UK it's a storm fest.
  7. As much as I like seeing the reports of some spectacular thunderstorms elsewhere across the country please spare a thought for those of us here in the storm starved South East who have been sweltering for days in this heat and apart from the occasional distant flicker of lightning out in The Channel, have nothing to show for it.😕
  8. Sitting in my back garden here in St Leonards on Sea and watching the lightning currently out in The Channel. Just one distant rumble of thunder heard so far but it's a start.
  9. Despite a lot more cloud cover today the temperatures maxed out higher than yesterday locally. Nearby Herstmonceux recorded 32.8c yesterday with barely a cloud in the sky. Today it reported 33.6c with just weak sunshine occasionally breaking through mostly overcast skies. For about the fourth or fifth time in the last couple of weeks here it's tried to rain this evening. Each time has seen barely a dozen raindrops reaching the ground.
  10. It's been a long wait and watching the distant flashes of lightning to my west for much of the night my patience finally paid off around 5am. At long last a decent thunderstorm right overhead here in St Leaonards on Sea.
  11. 16 weeks of shielding today apart from an enforced 3 day break a couple of weeks ago. Spent the afternoon enjoying the sun in a friends garden (support bubble) but had a brief stop off at the seafront in St Leonards on Sea on the way home. Still plenty of people on the beach where the temperature was still 28c at 7.30pm. It felt good to be out again, just hoping for the breakdown to be a thundery one here in storm starved coastal East Sussex
  12. If you're driving be aware that the 3 Camber Sands car parks are closed. The only one open in the vicinity is at Broomhill where the kite surfing centre is. Camber Sands – East Sussex County Council WWW.EASTSUSSEX.GOV.UK Visiting Camber Sands.
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