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  1. I’m just sitting at my window in awe, Scotland maybe gets a storm like this once every 5 years. Not going to bed until it’s over.
  2. Edinburgh is getting absolutely obliterated. Lightning every second right now.
  3. Will be coming into Denver on the 27th. Not gonna make you guys wait until after 6 on change over day like last year especially if conditions are looking favourable haha
  4. Yeah Nick, hopefully see something a bit more exciting than a funnel cloud but as long as I see some great lightning and storm structure I’m pretty satisfied either way.
  5. Damn it’s been a quick year, can’t wait to get back out there again. Haven’t seen a single lightning strike since last years tour 3 so you could say I’m currently suffering with withdrawal.
  6. Well it was a tad warm out there today, Edinburgh reached an amazing 28C even with the cooler sea breeze from the east. Very unpleasant to be out in. And now it appears as though tomorrow will have a maximum of 15 or 16C which is honestly a bit too cold for my liking ?
  7. Not to bothered about the haar keeping the temperature down, this is perfect ?
  8. Arriving in Dallas a few weeks back, it was over 37C. Now for a scot who has only ever been subjected to 30C a couple of times in his life walking out of that airport was the biggest shock to the system I’ve ever had, absolutely horrendous. I’ll take 25C any day, next week should hopefully provide that.
  9. some of my photos, just unfortunate I have a street light right in front of my house.
  10. Fantastic, that’s another cloud off the list, not sure what’s left at this point. Saw Nacreous clouds last year, supercell thunderstorms a couple of weeks ago. Ill look at my met office pocket cloud book tomorrow haha
  11. Anyone seeing noctilucent clouds at the moment or am I just being really dumb
  12. 500 CAPE seems so insignificant after the 5000+ CAPE I was seeing while in the states haha but hey I’m in the likely area for thunderstorms today so can’t complain.
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